Mystery of History Vol. 1 Creation-Resurrection

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Item #: 013314
ISBN: 9781892427298
Grades: 4-8
Author: Linda Lacour Hobar

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Publisher: Bright Ideas
Pages: 636
Dimensions: 11 X 8.5 inches
Language: English
Series Title: Mystery of History
Age Range: 10-14

About Mystery of History Vol. 1 Creation-Resurrection

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I like it.
History text written with a Biblical view in mind. Ot has 3 levels of activities to do for each lesson: young students, middle students, older students.
September 11, 2018
4 months ago
We have only gotten into the first lesson, but we love it!
August 6, 2018
3 months ago
can't say enough good about this. Love the writing style, the accuracy, the interest level, the quizzes.
May 14, 2018
over 2 years ago
Thumbs down
I'm all for giving consideration to different viewpoints and I understand this is a Christian curriculum. We are only a few chapters in but I am already looking for alternatives that focus more on the history and less on the (controversial) science and advancing a specific agenda.
August 25, 2017
1 year ago
Fun and informative
The readings are short but informative and the activities are easy to throw together with supplies around the house. I love that it presents history from a Christian point of view. We've only completed the first few lessons but my kids keep begging to do more!
June 29, 2017
1 year ago
My kids (9yo & 6yo) love this. They enjoy it, and lessons are quick, but meaty. The kids love doing the memory cards.
October 12, 2016
over 2 years ago
Loving History!
I have two children (both doing third grade work). I got this history book after reading reviews about it. I wanted something with more hands on but couldn't find anything I liked. This is wonderful because it is layout well. The kids enjoy doing their timeline. I find coloring pages to go with some of the lessons. Pinterest has many ideas on activities for lessons but the books has activities too. We also make our own memory card, which we review often so they don't forget what we have already learned. I am learning things as we go along too. History isn't boring to them anymore!
October 3, 2016
over 2 years ago
Used for homeschooling
This is the first year using this curriculum, and both my son and I love it. The time we spend reading, writing, doing the activities and tests are well spent. For the first time in two years, my son feels motivated to study history. Although I may not necessarily agree with the dates used for the timeline, I use the information as a springboard to discuss the differing views in the Christian community. Also, even though it may not be an in depth study, it's enough to whet our appetite to investigate further. Furthermore, the reason why I chose this curriculum, is because I feel, as a Christian, it is vital to build a strong biblical foundation for our children. Exposing them to different views, such as a young or old earth theory, et al, is a crucial part of becoming a well informed Christian. We will continue to use this curriculum for the next two years, i.e. using the next two volumes (Volume 2 and 3), one for each year.
September 30, 2016
over 2 years ago
Endless study topics
We are using Mystery of History for the first time. We are enjoying studying from creation to crucifixion. It is interesting to learn how it all fits together in world history. There are endless possibilities with this curriculum. We spin of the daily lesson and can add videos, crafts, vocabulary words, math problems. It is a great fit for us.
August 26, 2016
over 2 years ago
Mystery of History, Vol I - Great!
I bought this to use alongside our Bible Geography class at co op. I have not found any other resource that gives the teacher so much great background info. A great book for upper level students, or to teach from for lower grades.

Gives approximate dates, like a study Bible, but it is all 'right here, arranged by historical events through the BC time periods, and beyond. As in Assyrian captivity (Ninevah) to Babylon - (Daniel), then later on to Persia (Esther). So, Ancient History made understandable!

The student Bible atlas that is also available through Rainbow Resources gives the maps that correspond to the historical events.

I give it a 5 star and am anxious to give the next volumes a try!
January 21, 2016
over 2 years ago
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Recommended for homeschool curriculum
Jodi G on Sep 26, 2018
I've heard from other home school mom's that this is an excellent choice for History.
Julie M on Sep 13, 2018
Recommended for homeschool curriculum
Jodi G on Sep 26, 2018
Needed for a class
Ernette J on Sep 20, 2018
I've heard from other home school mom's that this is an excellent choice for History.
Julie M on Sep 13, 2018
My daughter needed something more than story of the world as she's older now.
Melissa H on Aug 23, 2018
This item is a gift requested by my daughter who is home schooling her children.
Steven B on Aug 21, 2018
Christian based and came as a recommendation.
Tammy P on Aug 21, 2018
Co-op asked for it
Cassie P on Aug 7, 2018
This is a required curriculum item for our homeschool co-op.
User on Aug 6, 2018
To learn History
Annelize O on Jul 31, 2018
Was looking for a biblical worldview curriculum and this looks like fun and educational!
Tonya P on Jul 28, 2018
New history to try for 5th grade
Monica F on Jul 22, 2018
Wanted to try it out. It looks well organized and easy to follow (key to homeschooling 5 while prego with another!) I appreciate the consideration for multi-level grade teaching simultaneously.
amy p on Jul 19, 2018
needed this for part of social studies curriculum.
Gina B on Jul 6, 2018
Many of my friends have commented that this is great. We're taking a break from Story of the World and starting over with this.
Shelbie H on Jul 4, 2018
my wife decided this would be the best history curriculum that reinforces what is being covered in Classical Conversations for our three children
Brent J on Jun 18, 2018
classical christian. COMBINES story OF world AND truth Quest APPROACH
Merri W on Jun 6, 2018
Vanessa L on Apr 27, 2018
I wanted a book to teach my daughters history, when I found this book I knew this was it. The book covers both biblical and worldly history all in one.
Alison H on Apr 20, 2018
Time for us to Ancients. Have read SOTW and we're missing the Bible/ Christian influence on the timeline.
Stephen S on Mar 14, 2018
Great reviews. I'm hoping my son likes it!
Sarah O on Mar 13, 2018
It meets the needs of my children's educaiton.
Brent D on Mar 1, 2018
I wanted a Christian history curriculum to combine with Story of the World to show my kids how the Bible fits into the rest of history.
Jessica M on Feb 28, 2018
Homeschooling 5th grade, 3rd grade, 1st grade and Kindergartner. We needed a over all curriculum for the whole family, and we have heard great reviews.
Jay S on Feb 28, 2018
referred by a rainbow resource curriculum specialist;-)
erika r on Jan 24, 2018
Friend and Cathy Duffy Reviews recommendation
Melissa P on Dec 29, 2017
Recommendation and I liked the description on the website.
Mindy B on Oct 27, 2017
My Friend recommended them.
Kwi Young K on Oct 9, 2017
Still looking for a perfect history book. This one looks like it's very good, not perfect, but perfectly useable.
Katrea C on Sep 30, 2017
good reviews
Beth C on Sep 17, 2017
I chose this product because up until now I have been weaving secular history, as it were, and biblical history together on my own while teaching my children. It was very stressful. When I found a product in which someone had done that part for me I was so happy and grateful.
Julia S on Sep 9, 2017
I've used Mystery of History in the past, and I really like it's world/biblical view.
Mary Pat O on Sep 1, 2017
I was looking for a Christian view of history. I like how it relates time periods to what is happening on a worldwide basis.
Lori O on Aug 30, 2017
Class requirement
Lisa J on Aug 30, 2017
I chose this curriculum because the Bible is indeed an accurate and historic book. As a Christian, it is a disservice to our children, if the History we teach them does not include Biblical History. After all, God IS the Author of History.
Sandra J on Aug 22, 2017
Required text for class
Yvonne M on Aug 22, 2017
used it before with my older kids
Tiffany S on Aug 15, 2017
Best price
Galina D on Jul 31, 2017
Used Mystery of History in the past and love it
Gabriela W on Jul 24, 2017
We love Mystery of History and have used volumes 3 and 4 with the older children (and younger ones participated as well) . Now my younger children are needing to cycle around to ancient history, so this was our choice!
Dennis W on Jul 18, 2017
I chose this because there are lots of activities.
Katrina S on Jul 8, 2017
required text
Barbara G on Jul 6, 2017
My children, 3rd and 7th grade, are doing World History this year. I wanted a chronological history that told the history of the world, while including which Biblical events were going on. I have always wanted to learn what was going on all over the world at the same time, as opposed to what was going on in one place over all of time.
Heather on Jul 5, 2017
Heard good things of Mystery of History. This will be our first year incorporating MOH in our studies.
Genevie D on Jul 1, 2017
Because it is a great resource for Christian homeschoolers.
Adele S on Jun 30, 2017
I am homeschooling and as I researched history, this stood out to me. I am really looking forward to using this as our text.
Kelly B on Jun 21, 2017
I heard this history is written from a biblical perspective and that it covers history during the same time periods from all over the globe, showing how God is working in all of history at the same time!
Meredith B on Jun 20, 2017
Instead of the Sonlight text
Mary P on May 27, 2017
After using it with my oldest daughter, I wanted the updated copy for my littles.
Ann Y on Apr 23, 2017
This curriulum comes highly recommended and is from a Christian perspective. It's well presented, organized, fun, and places history in chronological order. Excited about using our timeline! I bought some beautifully drawn, corresponding timeline figures. Rainbow has the timeline figures for Vol. 1, but I had to search for them. They can be found on the rainbow resorce site by this name: History Through the Ages Timeline Set - Creation to Christ
Shane W on Mar 30, 2017
have wanted to do it and heard great reviews.
Sayuri L on Mar 24, 2017
Needed for a class
Ernette J on Sep 20, 2018
My daughter needed something more than story of the world as she's older now.
Melissa H on Aug 23, 2018
What does this curriculum teach about Jesus?
A shopper on Jul 2, 2018
BEST ANSWER: This is a very Biblical curriculum. She does a great job of laying out events in interesting lessons and mixes Bible events with other things that happened all around the world in chronological order. We enjoyed this so much! She gives options to suit your needs as far as how many activities you want to do. We don't do many of the suggested activities but we do the quizzes/tests, memory cards and the timeline, they really enforce the lesson.
As far as what it teaches about Jesus, it's very Gospel oriented. Jesus is the savior of the world, fully God and fully man at the same time; dying for our sins and defeating death by his resurrection.
The author's purpose with this curriculum is to show how God has and is working through mankind in all the world throughout history to accomplish his purposes.
Could I use this with my six year old first grader this year or is there something else you recommend? The age recommendations on the book is 4-8th grade. Thanks!
A shopper on May 14, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I combined MOH for my 5th and 1st grader, so yes I think it can work. The book has activities for younger, older and oldest students which was helpful. Also, if your family likes learning through stories, MOH will appeal to them since the author narrates in a lively way. We didn't do so many of the activities but we enjoyed making the timeline cards - I would write for my 1st grader and she would illustrate what she remembered of that event.
Is the supplemental CD a good buy, or is all of that included in the book?
A shopper on Feb 5, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It depends on which supplemental CD you are referencing.
#001304 - Companion Guide - are student worksheets included (and reproducible) with the Volume 1 text. The Companion Guide CD is pdf files which allows you to print from the file rather than copying from the text.

The Volume 1 Craft Pack CD - #037864 - is material that is not included in the text.
How much illustrating and such would we miss out on if we did just the CD's?
A shopper on Sep 12, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Do you mean just listen to the story on the CD's? Or do you mean just buy the extra resources cd? I don't have the extra resources CD but I do have the book and the CDs of the readings. The CD is only the author reading the exact words printed in the lesson in the book. It's usually about 1 1/2 pages in the book. She does not explain further, or offer any activities, or anything extra. The book is what has the teacher info, mapwork, pictures, quizzes and tests, and the activities. There are activities for each lesson for younger students, middle students, and older students, and sometimes more than one for some age categories. We don't do all the activities but we do some, as many as I feel we can allow time for in a given week. I do the program 3x/week with my kids.
Is this the latest revision?
Marsha Q on Oct 18, 2015
BEST ANSWER: It's the Second Edition, which is the latest as far as I know. We borrowed the First Edition from our library before we bought this. The Second is a bit larger with some updates to earlier scholarship and a few other changes. Either is adequate, in my opinion.
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