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Item #: 000687
ISBN: 9781580959230
Grade: 1

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Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications
Pub. Date: 2002
Binding: Trade Cloth
Pages: 178
Edition: Student Manual, Study Guide, etc.
Language: English
Age Range: 6 and up
Grade Range: 1 and up

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We love this math program!
We have been using Horizons math for 1 month now and we love it. My daughter was using Math U See alpha and she grasped concepts quickly but Mastering each concept was harder and required a repetitiveness that bored her. Horizons moved quickly, constantly introducing new while consistently reviewing past concepts. She loves it and is learning better with this method.
February 13, 2018
10 months ago
The pages are so colorful! I think that makes a huge difference for younger kids.
August 10, 2017
1 year ago
Excellent program
I haven't found any other program to be as good, and believe me I've looked at several, and have worked through a couple of the other top programs out there. Nothing is as good as Horizons to me and my kids. I have a girl and a boy who process differently, but they both do well.
October 1, 2016
over 2 years ago
I am currently using Horizons math 1 with our third and youngest child. I really love Horizons.
November 4, 2015
over 3 years ago
Love it
I love this program. My first grader finds this easy to follow. The worksheets that go with the book are a big help too. We have already ordered book 2.
November 2, 2015
over 3 years ago
So far I love using Horizons Math for my son He likes that there are a variety of exercises each day and the colorful pages keep him interested I like the idea of being able to switch to other Alpha Omega systems and be on the same scope and sequence later if he needs a different method My only criticism so far would be that the K workbook has the student learn to write a four with the triangle shape and the 1st grade book jumps in with a square-shaped four
August 4, 2011
Horizons is one of the best math programs for K-6 That's what Cathy Duffy saidIt is very easy to use for the teacher and student it's colorful the student likes it Not too many problems (only 2 pages/lesson) However the TM is not much help It says to teach the clock but doesn't explain or give you an idea how Also Horizons is not strong in conceptual math That's why I recommend to supplement MEP math which is free or Singapore We do 2 pages Horizons and one page Singapore I only buy the workbooks for all including HorizonsFor manipulatives which I think are essential especially for K-3 I use -base ten blocks for place value (see if you can find hundreds tens and ones in different colors if not you can make them yourself with cardboard )-abacus (must have for pre algebra like 4 + what makes 10)-unifix cubes-clock -pattern blocks
August 28, 2009
We started Horizons 1 with our 5 & 6 year olds for first grade in 2008 They are now 6 & 7 and over 2/3 of the way through the curriculum Horizons was a good fit for our five year old who has a "gift" for math We did not buy any of the manipulatives although we have many ourselves Our 6/7 yo son struggles a little bit He still gets 95-100% on each worksheet & test but it's a little bit harder for him than his brother Horizons is more of a "picture - abstract" traditional way of teaching math It's colorful and we love the repetition For a child who "gets" math easily it's a wonderful enriching program I did not follow every teacher's instruction in the book until we were about half way through Then we started our flashcards and a lot of personal review on areas where the boys were struggling a little bit like time money place valueAll-in-all Horizons 1 is excellent and offered at a great price It does not take much prep time at all and for our family worked well with various ages and two different learning styles (auditory & kinesthetic) However we did supplement A LOT with Mailbox Magazine Math Mammoth etc in trouble spots Horizons does have extra work and drills that you can copy but I can't say that I found them overly helpful I think that if a child doesn't understand why he's doing something drills don't necessarily help When he gets to Algebra he'll be lostI would suggest Horizons for the child who will easily understand math concepts without a lot of explanation For a teacher the program is a breeze and the teacher guides are invaluable I did not find it necessary for our first graders to know how to skip count by 6s 8s 9s etc so we just ignored those ideas for practice My oldest son needed a LOT more explanation and practice of place values that are so important and not heavily stressed in this program There is lot of practice of looking at bars and units but sometimes you really need them in your hands to help you "get" it
March 5, 2009
I love Horizons Math! We are using level K for my kindergartner and my 1st grader is using level 1 I love the review and my older daughter really does well with it It is broken down into small sections which makes her feel more successful and not overwhelmed by large numbers of problems My younger daughter with a smaller attention span also does well with the small sections as it allows her to not linger on any one topic for too long We plan to continue on with Horizons next year as well I believe it is an excellent value for the quality of instruction received
December 23, 2008
I have used Horizon math since I began homeschooling 10 years ago My children enjoy the colorful workbook pages The workbook format is convenient for grading and work sample submission Horizon 1 provides a solid foundation for further success in math At this level the TM does provide some direction and support but for my family I usually do math with the child and correct while we do the lesson This program is well worth the minimal cost I have found my children have greatly benefited from the foundation set in Horizon 1
August 17, 2008
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Very thorough and colorful. Not boring.
Stephanie V on Nov 14, 2018
Because my wife told me to.
Johnathan H on Sep 28, 2018
Very thorough and colorful. Not boring.
Stephanie V on Nov 14, 2018
We have used Horizons Math as a foundation for all of our kids, so continuing with this tried and true method!
Michelle E on Oct 11, 2018
Because my wife told me to.
Johnathan H on Sep 28, 2018
I used their downloaded sample sheets and I really like the structure, spiraling method and beautiful colors. Also, I called the company and they stated that they are not common core.
Leeanne M on Sep 27, 2018
My daughter is about to finish the Horizons K book 2, and Horizons has been great for us, so we're getting the next volume
Sarah E on Sep 5, 2018
1st grade daughter...I like the colorful and basic worksheets.
User on Aug 29, 2018
It was recommended to me.
Laura Y on Aug 20, 2018
We love horizons Math
Marie K on Aug 8, 2018
Decided to purchase Book 1 and Book 2 rather than the complete set from the teachers manual due to other's noting they didn't use the teacher's manual much for this age. This will be our first year with Horizons, but I like how colorful it is, and the spiral learning method will be a great fit for my child who gets easily bored and likes to have new concepts often.
A C on Aug 2, 2018
We've been using Horizon for 4 years now, and it's never disappointed. My kids are excelling at math, and the simple, fun, and colorful worksheets help them take ownership of their work.
User on Jul 21, 2018
My mother in law recommended this book
Burke M on Jun 20, 2018
I needed to complete a homeschool set! Horizons has been a favorite in my home for 4 years now !!
Caleb G on Jun 19, 2018
Sequential, challenging but not overwhelming
Michael V on Jun 8, 2018
Finished K this year, moving on to 1.
Amy R on Apr 30, 2018
Comprehensive math curriculum.
Jason H on Mar 6, 2018
Love the use of the number line for visual understanding of the placement of numbers, greater, less than and number sense in general. Not all math curricula do this.
Revae L on Feb 13, 2018
Was a winner for my four children, despite very different learning styles.
Joanna T on Dec 27, 2017
My kindergartner is almost done her Horizons K books and we love Horizons Math!
Julie T on Dec 4, 2017
My daughter does well with the approach of reviewing as you learn new skills. We definitely feel free to skip areas that we have mastered, as assignments can feel like busy work at times. Overall a good curriculum that we combine with another.
Sunny R on Nov 15, 2017
replacement of book 1 being used by older child
Kimberly W on Nov 9, 2017
We've had great success with Horizons Math K!
Julie C on Nov 7, 2017
Have used Horizons before and very happy with this curriculum, very colorful and uses a circular learning pattern rather than mastery of only one concept at a time
Heather D on Oct 4, 2017
I heard this is a great math program
Jill B on Sep 6, 2017
It is not too busy and seems to be a solid math program
Elise E on Aug 1, 2017
It's the cheapest price I've found for a new Horizon Math Grade 1 workbook
Tiffany L on Jul 4, 2017
We have been happy with Horizons K and would like to continue for first grade.
User on Apr 15, 2017
We currently use Horizons 1 for my first grader and we like it. So I'm ordering it again for my next child.
Jonathan M on Feb 14, 2017
Recommended by multiple friends for my daughter.
Erin C on Jan 6, 2017
I have been using Horizon Math workbooks for my younger children for many years. They are thorough, colorful and easy to use. I find that by the time my children have gone through the first two grades, they are ready to transition to Teaching Textbooks.
Kellyanne E on Nov 5, 2016
I like my son's math 3 horizons workbook and needed something for my grade 1 daughter so I decided to try it for her too.
Lucille M on Sep 27, 2016
We trust Horizons Math and have used it for our four children over the past nine years.
Timothy H on Sep 21, 2016
The kindergarten level worked well for my son.
Jamie C on Sep 19, 2016
we like Horizons program. Easy to use. Colorful worksheets.
Jennifer R on Sep 1, 2016
I had purchased the grade 1 book for my bright kindergarten girl, and she blew through the first part, but I didn't want to go on when she was needing some review, so I decided to purchase the same book so she can go through it again but will fly through until the more difficult portions come. My son has excelled in his grade 2 book, so we're purchasing the grade 3 for him.
User on Sep 1, 2016
My daughters needs a math curriculum and I think she will enjoy this one.
Amy J on Aug 22, 2016
My daughter loves these easy to follow lessons!
AdriElle H on Aug 21, 2016
My daughter did well with Horizons kindergarten so we will continue with the same for now. Have added in some other books for more depth of learning to complement this workbook.
Greta H on Aug 17, 2016
"loved adventures in phonics A so were keeping with this curriculum "
Jeremy N on Aug 13, 2016
Horizon Math is my one easy curriculum choice year after year.
Martha Q on Jul 31, 2016
I think it'll be a good fit for my son with learning math. It's colorful and has the spiral method which will be good for him.
Teri R on Jul 24, 2016
saw Horizons at a Homeschool fair, i liked it.
Lauren H on May 11, 2016
Love Horizons!
Alicia M on May 5, 2016
We did Horizons K last year and it worked for us.
Jennifer P on Apr 29, 2016
Used this for all the children so far!
Amy K on Dec 15, 2015
This is an excellent math curriculum. We had tried a different curriculum this year, But we're back. I ordered this set for second semester. The layout, colorful pages, workbook format, and teaching style are all wonderful.
Jennifer T on Dec 14, 2015
Megan H on Dec 4, 2015
My first grader likes this curriculum for math. Great colorful worksheets.
Thomas R on Dec 3, 2015
We love Horizons math, such colorful worksheets, plus they review previous learned concepts in later exercises for full mastery.
Sara J on Oct 2, 2015
We have used Horizons Math as a foundation for all of our kids, so continuing with this tried and true method!
Michelle E on Oct 11, 2018
I used their downloaded sample sheets and I really like the structure, spiraling method and beautiful colors. Also, I called the company and they stated that they are not common core.
Leeanne M on Sep 27, 2018
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