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Writers in Residence Volume 1 Set


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Category Description for Writers in Residence:

"A treasured record of your child(ren)s intellectual growth. The stories, essays, and reports your children create as they grow will become archives of their childhood. Have you ever thought of composition assignments that way?" I hadn't, but Debra Bell, author of Apologia's new writing program, Writers in Residence, considers this the underlying benefit of a well-structured, comprehensive writing program. She has provided a user-friendly, attractive, writing-based language arts program that you will be eager to incorporate into the memory-fabric of your homeschool.

I don't think I had ever thought of my children's compositions as anything other than something to get done: something to cover because it was important to have good writing/communication skills. My children were blessed with dedicated writing teachers at co-ops, but there was still a hit-and-miss aspect to their writing skill development. A program like this one makes me want a "do-over." I'm realizing now that writing is something more than just checking off requirements: at each step of the way, writing is a glimpse into my child's heart, mind, and soul.

Writers in Residence (such a great name!) is a multi-volume writing-based language arts program. Providing a traditional approach to writing (i.e. writing process, forms of writing, traits of good writing) and integrated language arts in truly homeschool-friendly packaging, this program is well-structured and organized, with progressive, systematic, and thorough instruction. Written directly to the student (parent's role is mentor and audience), assignments are easy to follow and interesting. Grammar is covered systematically and thoroughly, integrated carefully with writing expectations. The appearance is colorful and attractive although I will admit to not being a big fan of the HUGE (over a ream of paper) spiral-bound format. [I would be tempted to have the spiral cut off and each of the six units re-bound into smaller spiral-bound segments.]

The course is divided into Units, each of which have, at its heart, a writing project. The four modules in each unit break that writing project down into manageable chunks incorporating illustrative and skill-building exercises along with correlating grammar instruction (sentence structure, parts of speech, usage, and mechanics). The modules weave writing process instruction and practice (planning, drafting, revising, editing, and polishing) with traits of good writing instruction and practice (ideas, organization, sentence structure, word choice, voice, and conventions) while the assignments provide experience with different forms of writing. Student and professional examples are plentiful. Systematic review is included throughout. Interspersed between the Units are biographical/interview segments, Spotlight on Christian Writers, that focus on defining aspects of his or her writer's craft.

The heart of this program is the Student Text, a colorful, consumable worktext. Everything is here except the answers which are helpfully provided in the Answer Key. Students can work somewhat independently but need parents as an audience, for feedback, and to respond as an interested reader. Lots of questions that can be used for discussion are included. Writing tasks (I Remember, I Imagine, I Investigate, and I think, help keep writing authentic and purposeful. The instruction recognizes that while risk-taking and experimentation are required, at the same time much of writing is cyclical, repetitious, maddening, and sometimes inspired.

Each volume will typically be completed in a year (32 weeks with at least 3 days per week) but can be spread over a year and a half. To start as an Apprentice with Volume 1, a student should be reading chapter books independently and expect instruction in introductory writing (usually 4th - 6th grade but this volume could be used with older students who have not yet had comprehensive writing experience and practice).

Modules break the assignments down into manageable chunks. To give you an idea, here is the progression from Volume 1, Module 15, the third module in the opinion essay assignment: Rubric (checklist), Writers Questions (get your brain working), Sneak Peak (overview of module), Review Your Progress, Language of the Trade, Modify with Adverbs, A Handy-Dandy List of Adverbs, Work Those Adverbs, Connect with Adverbs, What's Your Style, More than one part of Speech, Mastery Test, Word Sleuth (identifying words for spelling practice), and Re-visit: Writers Questions. Obviously, the grammar target of this module is adverbs and integrating them with the writing project.

The Student Text is consumable and is meant to show the personal progression toward the goal of finished writing assignments that will ultimately find a place in the student's Writing Portfolio. This portfolio is a record of writing progress and gives your child a sense of accomplishment. You can and should share this keepsake with others. The Appendices in the Student Text are plentiful. An Apprentice Log includes module checklists, rubrics, a unit review and follow-up reports. Also included are Reviewer's Rubrics featuring the Traits of Writing, a Memory Chart, and Follow-Up Reports.

The Answer Key and Teaching Notes provides answers to those exercises and questions that have an appropriately objective response (including reviews). This means there are answers when one correct answer is required and also where a set range of answers is acceptable. The Answer Key does not provide suggested answers for open-ended or creative writing assignments. In other instances, the student is given examples and samples to help gauge appropriate responses. Also included with the Answer Key are suggested daily schedules 32 weeks/four days a week. Other information, helpfully provided for the parent/mentor in the Answer Key, is also available to the student in the Student Text. There are grading rubrics for each writing project as well as checklists for each module. By the way, the author does not recommend that parent/mentors provide letter grades. She feels that evaluating strengths and weaknesses of each piece is more helpful.

It is exciting to have this new program available. Readers in Residence, a companion literature program, has shared elements with the Writers program. Student Text 576 pg, spiral-bound; Answer Key 144 pg, pb ~ Janice

Category Description for COMPLETE ENGLISH PROGRAMS:

These materials offer complete coverage of both writing and grammar.

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My children are learning well with The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts series but they really enjoy story writing and our current curriculum does not include enough- in my opinion. I feel they will learn loads about interviewing, communicating, and developing good writing skills from this curriculum.
April W on Apr 1, 2021
Going to try this curriculum out for the first time.
Tiffany H on Oct 8, 2020
My children are learning well with The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts series but they really enjoy story writing and our current curriculum does not include enough- in my opinion. I feel they will learn loads about interviewing, communicating, and developing good writing skills from this curriculum.
April W on Apr 1, 2021
I bought this because of the price. It was such a good deal, I just had to see what it's all about. If it doesn't end up working, I'm only out $15.
Stacey A on Mar 16, 2021
Going to try this curriculum out for the first time.
Tiffany H on Oct 8, 2020
To enhance my child's writing ability .
Angel K on Sep 24, 2020
My sister recommended Readers in Residence which I received to-day. I was very pleased so decided to also order Writers in Residence.
Gloria S on Sep 14, 2020
I've been looking at this curriculum for years and I can finally afford it. Thank you!
Millard Y on Aug 23, 2020
I have readers in residence and thought it would be a good supplement.
Itzel R on Aug 18, 2020
It was being sold at such a great price, I thought if we don't use it this year for my fourth grader, it might still be useful in future years for learning about writing mechanics and the writing process!
Kristin L on Aug 17, 2020
It looks like something my kids will enjoy to change things up this year.
Heidi P on Aug 16, 2020
I have never tried this before but since it was on sale I decided to give it a try.
Kade A on Aug 12, 2020
recommended by a friend
Julie P on Aug 11, 2020
Friend recommended
Tammie G on Aug 6, 2020
I've heard of this curriculum, and I'm excited to try this out. Good deal made it feasible.
Heidi L on Jul 29, 2020
great deal!!
Deborah W on Jul 29, 2020
Good reviews, liked the description on how the curriculum went.
AMANDA C on Jul 8, 2020
5th and 7th grade writing curriculum
User on May 30, 2020
I'm looking for a writing curriculum for my 4th grader who loves writing.
suzette m on May 23, 2020
thought it would be a nice change for my child for grade six - less structured like most english curriculums - reviews were good too
Michelle T on Jan 10, 2020
I heard about this from Debra Bell's interview on Homeschool Summits. I appreciate her perspective on every child having a unique voice to be used for the glory of God in communication. This is what I desire for my children!
Cheryl L on Jul 9, 2019
It seems like a great overall program
Christine P on Jan 22, 2019
It offered a systematic approach to writing that I thought would make sense to right brain learner. It also explain things in a simple but thoughtful and organized way.
jennifer b on Aug 21, 2018
our school chose this curriculum
Kimberly B on Aug 19, 2018
This product looks like the best fit for my 7th grader's writing & grammar curriculum.
Melinda W on Aug 10, 2018
I read several great reviews on this curriculum. It looks like a well rounded writing program.
Holly R on Jul 24, 2018
Saw at homeschooling conference and looked awesome!
jennifer s on Apr 28, 2018
Based on the favorable Cathy Duffy review
Melanie F on Mar 21, 2018
Looks to be a great writing program with that encourages kids to take pride in their work and growth. It works with multiple ages, incorporates several areas of Language Arts and has a great plan to follow; awesome for my four kids. Can't wait to get started.
Roxanna W on Feb 11, 2018
My friend recommended this.
Mary T on Dec 25, 2017
I learned about and heard good reviews about this product via YouTube.
Casey D on Dec 6, 2017
It looks like a fun writing curriculum!
User on Nov 4, 2017
I've heard great things about this curriculum and am excited to get it.
Jody M on Oct 12, 2017
I heard good thing about the ease of kids learning writing through this program.
Sharon G on Jul 9, 2017
It sounded like a fun and easy way to teach writing.
Marjorie S on Jul 4, 2017
Because its awesome
Rebekah O on Jun 17, 2017
Attended conference talk about this program and liked it.
Jillian S on Jun 9, 2017
Looked like a creative way to teach writing.
Chastity G on Jun 4, 2017
I wanted to check out this new writing curriculum, and Rainbow Resource had the best price. I like that it is written to the student.
Tiffany R on May 30, 2017
Saw the author in an interview and the way this material helps the parent teach writing in a new a fresh way. I have a child that loves to write; however, he is reluctant to do it for school work due to not really understanding how to do it properly. I was able to see that this program has an interesting way of teaching those techniques without overwhelming the student or parent.
Annette K on May 21, 2017
I have an 8th grader that has struggled with writing AND grammar. This looks like the perfect Solution!
Joshua G on Mar 8, 2017
Needed something different than what we were using and seen this curriculum.
Cora H on Jan 3, 2017
Looking for something of multiple ages. Our worst subject.
Tanya W on Dec 29, 2016
Came very highly recommended.
Heather D on Dec 28, 2016
The book provides a very clear and easy step by step guide for learning writing. It was designed with self-learning in mind, which means promoting independent learning with minimal involvement from parent.
Rudy . on Nov 21, 2016
Having downloaded a sample to read, I think this seems like a wonderful program for my young writer. I'm excited about all that's included and can't wait to get started.
Kelly F on Sep 2, 2016
Writing programs are plenty, but you have to buy different types to hone in on your child's needs.
Dave D on Aug 30, 2016
This book approaches teaching language arts in a practical way. Instead of memorizing boring facts about grammar you are practicing the mechanics of writing through creativity.
Jennifer H on Aug 17, 2016
It looked like a good curriculum.
sheila w on Aug 13, 2016
As I looked as this curriculum, I felt it met the needs of my student in fun and engaging ways. I think she will enjoy the format very much.
Steph C on Aug 6, 2016
Heard good things about the program
User on Aug 4, 2016
I'm hoping this program will be a good fit for my high functioning ASD daughter, who is a reluctant writer.
ANNE on Aug 1, 2016
I bought this because of the price. It was such a good deal, I just had to see what it's all about. If it doesn't end up working, I'm only out $15.
Stacey A on Mar 16, 2021
To enhance my child's writing ability .
Angel K on Sep 24, 2020
4.0 / 5.0
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Rated 2 out of 5
Workbook is too big.
Too big and clumsy. The content was okay, but the spiral bound book is so huge it’s a detriment.
February 5, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Love it!
I love this curriculum! It really breaks done the definitions and examples in each lesson and shows a fun way to apply it in the student’s writing.
May 22, 2019
over 2 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Good entry level writing program
Overall I like this writing program for our aspiring writer. It is great at explaining the writing process directly to the student. I don’t care for the way it is organized however with the checklists at the end of the chapter as there seems to be too much flipping back and forth to make sure all the work was completed.
October 5, 2017
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I purchased this after reading about it in some of the blogs. I love how everything is right there for you.
July 11, 2017
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Has been a great addition!
This curriculum has been the perfect addition to our school year. I needed a literature-based writing program that taught the detailed mechanics within the context of the big picture of writing. It's also very colorful and engaging, it feels like writing in a personal journal. The rubric grading system is a great tool for both student and teacher to get a feel for strengths and weaknesses in the specific writing skills. The lesson plan schedule at the beginning of the book helps my student to be self motivated in her work. I highly recommend this curriculum, we look forward to using the later volumes as well.
November 27, 2016
over 4 years ago

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