Starline 8th Grade Curriculum Packge

Starline 8th Grade Curriculum Packge


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Grades: 8

Product Description:

English: Grammar, spelling and work presentation skills continue to be mastered. Students will read and write responses to literature, as well as learn how to prepare friendly and business letters. Eighth grade students learn the meaning of consumer documents (warranties, contracts, and product information) and problem-solving consumer materials. They are introduced to technical directions (operating instructions). Students also learn to prepare, practice, and present speeches using visual aids. They learn beginning persuasive writing, arguments and counter arguments, and will write a research paper and two speeches.

Math: ALGEBRA I: Eighth grade students continue the study of algebraic concepts. A high school level graphing calculator is recommended. Students will study the properties and operations of real numbers, adding positive and negative numbers, and adding decimals and percent. They will also study mathematical operations of fractions, linear equations, exponents, absolute value and scientific notation. They solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division equations as well as solving two-step equations and equations involving parenthesis. Students learn to solve equations and rate problems with variables on both sides. Inequalities, compound inequalities, and inequalities with absolute values are learned. Students will also study the Cartesian coordinate system, verifying solutions, slope, graphing lines, and writing equations of lines in slope intercept form and transforming to standard form. Exponents, square roots, polynomials and quadratic equations are taught. Students will learn simplifying rational expressions and solving rational equations as well as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing radicals. Note: this course may be used to meet requirements for High School Algebra.

Science: Physical Science: Students study living organisms and their responses to the environment. They also study population growth, food chains, and ecological succession. Students learn to read a weather map and study weather instruments, fronts and masses, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning and clouds. The curriculum includes hands-on laboratory experiences, research projects, textbook information acquisition and note taking techniques. Students also study speed, velocity, acceleration and gravity. Through experiments they evaluate chemical reactions. They study air, water, and chemical pollution as well as fossil fuels, solar energy, and energy conservation. Also studied are: electric currents, fields and circuits along with magnetic fields and electromagnetism. Special lab items are necessary at this level and include beakers, safety goggles, gram scale, copper sulfate, 0.5 M acetic acid, crucible tongs, and zinc (mossy).

Social Studies: US history is the focus of this year. Students will study the Constitution, Bill of Rights, requirements for citizenship, how to use the ballot and political parties. They learn about city, state and federal government powers and procedures. Early presidents are studied including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. The War of 1812, Mexican American War 1845, and the last Indian wars are studied. Students will also learn about the origins of slavery, the lives of black Americans who gained freedom, the characteristics of white southern society and the women's suffrage movement. Students will do presentations, research topics online and write a research paper on a famous person in American history. ~Sara

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Category Description for Starline Press Grade Level Packages:

We grouped the Starline subjects into grade level bundles for our parents who need a clear and tidy option for independent homeschooling content. They do not have religious content and are purchasable by a charter school. Each Starline subject includes 10-12 consumable worktexts and an answer key, with units averaging 24-60 pages each. We grouped the 4 core subjects by grade level for you in these bundles – English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Each bundle is for one traditional school year. Starline is a popular choice in California where they meet state standards. Each high school course in these bundles is commonly awarded one high school credit. Grades 11 and 12 have too many electives to choose from to create a suitable bundle. You can search “Starline 11” and “Starline 12” to see those options. ~Sara

Category Description for Starline Press Curriculum:

We have received many customer requests for Starline Press Curriculum and after taking time to review it is easy to see why! Self-directed with character quality traits infused, this independent learning curriculum allows students to learn at their own pace (which may vary subject to subject) while maintaining alignment to California state standards. Please see publisher website for CA state standards correlation. Both objective and subjective assessment methods are used to ensure mastery of material. Challenging activities are included in each unit to help develop critical thinking skills. Each subject area is complete and easy to use. Each grade level subject contains 10-12 units (booklets) per year, with units averaging 24-60 pgs each.

Consumable worktexts are colorfully illustrated soft covers, although newer printings are more like booklets and do not have the perfect binding and glossy covers. Available only in complete sets which include answer and test keys. Each unit focuses on one character quality, for example: being flexible, ambitious, creative, vigilant, or self-controlled. ~ Deanne

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