Prima Latina Complete Set

Prima Latina Complete Set


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Grades: K-3

Product Description:

All course components in one handy package: Student Book, Teacher Manual, DVD set, Pronunciation CD and Latina Christiana 4th Ed. flashcards (which contain all of the vocabulary for the Prima Latina course as well).

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Publisher Description:

The Prima Latina Complete Set includes the Student Book, Teacher Manual, Flashcards (which can be used the following year with Latina Christiana), Instructional DVDs and an audio pronunciation guide.

Category Description for Prima Latina (Gr. K-3):

This course is aimed towards young Latin scholars. Designed to precede Latina Christiana I, it introduces students to beginning Latin. 25 lessons cover seven parts of speech, two tenses, 125 vocabulary words, numbers 1 through 10, basic constellations, and introductions to conjugations, declensions and derivatives. The lessons are broken down into grammar skills, five vocabulary words, a practical Latin phrase, and a line of prayer that is completely learned by the end of the chapter. Also included are five review lessons, five tests, and an appendix and answer key. The CD (available in hard copy or streaming) includes an introduction, pronunciation guide, prayer instructions, the sanctus, the doxology, the table blessing, the pater noster, and pronunciation helps for the lessons. We offer the individual components separately, or in sets for convenience. The Text Set includes the student book, teacher manual, and CD. The Complete Set also includes the flashcards (designed to be used with both Prima Latina and Latina Christiana I) and DVDs.

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Foreign Language
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Memoria Press
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Mary H on Jul 7, 2023
I figured why not start at a younger age with latin
Jennifer M on Jul 25, 2022
Mary H on Jul 7, 2023
Recommended in The Well Trained Mind
Amanda C on Feb 1, 2023
I figured why not start at a younger age with latin
Jennifer M on Jul 25, 2022
My 5 older children have used this book to learn the basics of Latin. It's a great book that makes it easy and not overwhelming for young ones to learn Latin even while they're still getting the basics of English. It's not too confusing for them. I love it!!
Anne R on Mar 5, 2022
We want to supplement the Latin we are learning in our Classical Conversations curriculum. A friend recommended this curriculum!
Heidi L on Aug 26, 2021
Teaching my 4 children Latin
Sara G on Jun 16, 2021
amazing bargain for great subject
Yolanda G on Jun 8, 2021
Recommended by a friend who homeschooled her 3 children. I'm very excited to be able to learn this alongside my kids. My friend loved it since she could just show her kids the DVDs and did not need to learn Latin herself.
Darlene G on Apr 28, 2021
Memoria Press's latin program was recommended by a friend of mine who is a patristic scholar and a teacher of Latin in a private, Catholic school.
Jennifer C on Mar 8, 2021
Latin is so helpful to learn, and Memoria press curriculum breaks Latin down into small lessons that children love.
Andrea V on Feb 9, 2021
Yes, I love Latin. and you are a great recourse for this.<br /><br /> Gerald McClean.
Gerald M on Dec 2, 2020
Family that homeschools recommended because it is a great program.
Cheryl S on Aug 21, 2020
Cathy Duffy reviews.
OLIVIA H. on May 28, 2020
I have heard wonderful things about this curriculum!
Kelly P on May 15, 2020
Needing to complete a foreign language, and also wanting to increase vocabulary we decided on this program to help with that study.
Jason K on May 13, 2020
To teach my kids Latin
Danielle T on Feb 17, 2020
recommended by a friend
Caroline K on Oct 12, 2019
Memoria Press has solid foundation in all its products.
Monica D on Sep 4, 2019
good reviews
Maliq on May 1, 2019
I wanted my daughter to start Latin to help with her English grammar.
Nadia O on Mar 27, 2019
doing latin for first time
Arcola M on Nov 9, 2018
Excellent foundational program for Latin
Douglas I on Aug 11, 2018
I want to introduce latin language to my elementary students.
Eduviges D on Jul 30, 2018
The lady at the CC Practicum recommended it.
Sarah P on Jul 18, 2018
recommended by a friend
Elisa O on Jan 29, 2018
It is the first course in the series that I have already purchased.
DENISE on Oct 3, 2017
Because in Classical Conversations, students use Henle Latin, and I want my students to be prepared! This curriculum looked the most thorough, and Memoria Press also uses Henle in the upper grades. This looks like it is a great foundation for Latin study.
Michaela C on Sep 1, 2017
Use as a supplement to our Classical Conversations program
Amanda M on Aug 23, 2017
Based on the recommendations of "The Well-Trained Mind".
Chenchen M on Jul 5, 2017
We have had 2 years of Classical Conversations Foundations and this curriculum was highly recommended to me by other CC parents to take their Latin to the next level.
Brett D on May 12, 2017
This set is the perfect preparation for Latin lessons presented in the Challenge courses through Classical Conversations.
Sarah B on Jan 13, 2017
Classical conversations
James J on Aug 19, 2016
I chose this because it is offered as a set for the lowest price.
Michelle T on Jul 28, 2016
because I loved Latina Christiana I and II for my older children.
Joel R on Jan 10, 2016
highly recommend for non speakers wanting to teach
Kimberly A on Jan 2, 2016
Recommended in The Well Trained Mind
Amanda C on Feb 1, 2023
My 5 older children have used this book to learn the basics of Latin. It's a great book that makes it easy and not overwhelming for young ones to learn Latin even while they're still getting the basics of English. It's not too confusing for them. I love it!!
Anne R on Mar 5, 2022
Does it include online streaming?
Kamila on May 26, 2022
BEST ANSWER: YES! This bundle now has the online streaming in place of the DVDs.
If I purchase the dvd instruction set, do I need to purchase the PL complete set?
Debbie on Jun 9, 2021
BEST ANSWER: Speaking personally I would definitely say "Yes".

Why is this one a different color - is this the same 2nd edition as the green one?
Amanda Greif on Jun 6, 2021
BEST ANSWER: These items have recently been updated by the publisher. We have all updated items in the warehouse but our website graphics for the DVD and for the Complete Set are outdated and still show the old covers.
Is this teaching classical or Ecclesiastical Latin?
A shopper on Sep 9, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this Prima Latina and Latina Christiana teach Ecclesiastical Latin.
I'm considering adding this to our homeschool subjects. However, my 7 yr old son is already learning Spanish. I'm worried that it might be overwhelming and/or confusing to him to try to learn both Latin and Spanish. Can anyone offer advice on teaching Spanish and Latin simultaneously?
User on Jul 19, 2019
BEST ANSWER: We haven't tried Latin and Spanish at the same time. However I do think learning Latin is making English grammar a little easier.
Is this appropriate for my 3-5th graders who have zero Latin experience or should we jump right to latina christiana?
A shopper on Nov 28, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes. I am using it with my second and sixth graders. It doesn't teach an overwhelming amount of Latin. It exposes them to it slowly and they actually do most of it themselves. They quiz each other and seem to enjoy it. I am very happy with it.
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Rated 5 out of 5
Me thinks there is great wisdom in his sayings.
I've haunted for years to find a site like yours, glad to say my search is over. As to what I think of "Prima Latina" well I'm lost for words, sufficeth it to say it's fantastic. It's everything I imagined.

I'm looking forward to all my future purchases. One happy client.
All's well that ends well. The Bard.
Gerald McClean.
January 2, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I personally had no experience with Latin My eldest son and I sat down one day and started the first lesson of Prima Latina and by the end of it we were both excited about Latin and looking forward to continue My son enjoyed it to the point that he was using some expressions during the day For example before starting a prayer he would sometimes use the term for Let Us Pray which is Oremus We learned that the Latin alphabet has only 25 letters (I will let you search for which letter is missing) and the pronunciation of the letters are sometimes different than the English alphabetSo �Why Latin?� Latin is the base of many languages in the World � French English Spanish Portuguese and Italian to name only a few I think it would be nice to learn this language and have a good base for other languages as well Did you know that in the English language over half of the words come from Latin? I didn�t know this and I think it is pretty impressive Latin also helps to learn English grammar I am a French Canadian and I am finding that I am learning a lot in both English and French with these lessons Besides Latin is used a lot in science and understanding it would help to decipher the terms used for animals plants and other science terminologyThe DVDs are a must I highly recommend getting them as well It makes the lesson so much easier and you learn the proper pronunciation right away Leigh Lowe is just wonderful in her lessons The videos are professionally made and you can sense her passion for this language The lesson on DVD is very interactive as well Leigh takes the time to repeat multiple times to make sure the students understand and as some point she lets the students answer her in the video I think it is a great way to keep the attention of the students She also makes the lesson so easy to grasp and apply by explaining the meaning and giving the derivative You won�t look at an English word the same way anymore � I guarantee it! By combining the student book with the DVD lesson and the CD Leigh makes certain that she uses all senses to learn a complex language The student will see it on the TV and in the book hear it multiple times and also say it in response to the lessonFor younger students I strongly recommend you start with Prima Latina as it presents the basic vocabulary of the language As soon as your student is more comfortable in learning grammar and expanding his knowledge then I would recommend Latina Christiana I which can be followed by Latina Christiana II
June 3, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5
WOW! Prima Latina has taken the Latin "Monster" out of my Classical Homeschooling closet! I was TERRIFIED to teach Latin and therefore rejected the idea of a classical education for my children Leigh Lowe has changed all that with this easy-to-use Latin curriculum! The DVD's provide concise instruction from a master teacher in an easy to watch and listen to format The presentation of each lesson is around 10 minutes in length The student book and pronunciation CD are great for daily reinforcement of each lesson and the teacher guide couldn't be better! I purchased the complete set (the best price was here at Rainbow Resource) after watching Lesson 1 at a friend's house with my son He's just 6-years-old grasping Latin like a champ and I'm no longer afraid to teach classically!
July 19, 2008

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