Math Mammoth Light Blue Series Grade 4 Set

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series Grade 4 Set


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This Grade 4 set includes student Workbook A and student Workbook B, the Answer Key and the Tests with Cumulative Review.

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Category Description for Math Mammoth:

Theres a whole lot to like about this well-conceived and inexpensive math program. The main features of this program, according to author Maria Miller, are:

  • Focus is on conceptual understanding rather than rote problem-solving
  • Teacher instructions are right in the book; no need to buy a separate teacher book
  • Clear explanations are written for the student, so the lessons are virtually self-teaching
  • Lessons use lots of visual and pattern exercises
  • Mastery oriented:concentrates on each topic for a long time studying fewer topics per grade than with spiral
  • Emphasis is on mental math and number sense
  • Very little teacher preparation is required
  • Content aligned to Common Core Standards

These are all valid claims and sum up this approach nicely. Its linear approach is similar to that of the MCP Math program. Topics are introduced, studied in depth, then the student proceeds to the next topic. Visually, it reminds me of Developmental Math because of the extensive use of pictorial representations. Users posting online have compared the course to Singapore Math, but I don't really see much similarity. While they both emphasize conceptual learning and mental computation skills, Math Mammoth has a much more traditional feel. A distinguishing feature of this program is the authors amazing ability to simplify and clarify math processes so children can understand them easily. Even in printed form, this course is the easiest on the budget using a strictly by-grade comparison. And for those purchasing the complete program on CD (or download), the savings are even greater. Imagine getting a complete, masterfully taught math curriculum for grades 1-7 for less than $150. I would call that frugal and smart.

Each Grade Level Set consists of four components: Student Workbooks A & B, an (optional) set of Tests and Cumulative Reviews, and an Answer Key containing answers to both workbooks and tests. Currently, we carry the curriculum in print format or CD format by the grade level, Grades 1-3 and 4-7 combined on CD, and the entire course on CD. The course is also available as a download (go to site) for slightly less than the CD price. Both download and CD have colored student pages. All grade levels of printed materials are now available in your choice of black and white or color. Currently, the CDs also include bonus software, Soft-Pak - for Windows only (math, language arts and testing).

Student Workbooks A and B for each level have varying numbers of chapters, each focusing on a math topic. These are sometimes very broad. For example, one very large chapter (68 pages!) in Worktext 4-B is simply titled, “Division”. It reviews division, and then covers every facet of fourth grade division. Since division skills are being built step-by-step throughout the chapter, there’s really no need for review or testing until the end; but it does make for a long teaching unit. Each chapter begins with a short introduction. This is where you will find any teacher instruction for the chapter, including background information, strategies and ideas for teaching lesson concepts, a summary of lessons by title (including number of pages for each), and a list of Helpful Internet Resources for further exploration, practice and enrichment. If the chapter is on a skill introduced in a previous grade, the skill is reviewed before the new material is introduced. Lessons each include a complete explanation of each skill being taught, numerous examples and models (many visual) to help students understand the concepts behind the math, and a reasonable number of problems for students to work to ensure comprehension.

The lessons vary from 1-5 pages each. For planning, the author suggests simply dividing the number of pages in each book by the teaching days rather than planning to teach a lesson a day. This would generally mean covering 1-2 pages a day depending on grade level. After the last lesson in each chapter there are one or two reviews. Chapter tests are contained in the separate Tests and Cumulative Reviews Book, as are cumulative reviews (taken upon completion of each worktext chapter) and a comprehensive test for the grade level. A nice feature is the inclusion of grading instructions and scales. If remediation is indicated, the author provides a website (www. for additional math worksheets by grade level and skill. Worksheets are randomly generated within your provided parameters, so each is different.

Use the Skills Review Workbooks books alongside the Math Mammoth curriculum to review concepts that are being taught. Each book is divided into chapters that correspond with the curriculum chapters. These workbooks are optional, and are intended for those who want a spiral review. Each review in the workbook is one page in length and includes a variety of math exercises. Students might write math equations, color pictures, or solve puzzles to put their math skills to the test. Some children require more practice than others, so use only the review pages you need. Skills Review Workbooks are printed with color for a little more visual appeal, and the number of reviews vary from book to book. Answer Keys are a separate book and are also printed in color.

As mentioned briefly before, I find the author’s teaching methods very solid, efficient, and effective. Her goal is to imbue the student with an understanding of the concepts in math rather than just how to solve problems and this is evident in her instruction. She consistently shares strategies, “tricks” and revealing insights into the mysteries of math, essentially putting a teacher right on the page. An example is in teaching beginners to add numbers with sums greater than 10. She tells students that when adding 9 to a number, the 9 “really wants to be a ten”, so you should take one from the other number to make it a ten, and then add the rest. I have seen few other curriculums (see Miquon Math) that teach students alternate, flexible ways like this to approach operations. Another feature I liked in the book was using gridded workspaces for solving problems. Especially for students just starting to use multiple-digit operations, it’s helpful to get them in the habit of keeping answers neatly aligned in columns. I also like the scale problems in Grade 4’s multiplication and other chapters. These are much like the ones in CTP’s Balance Math program and very effective for understanding how equations work. There’s also a healthy balance of word problems in the lessons with realistic, practical contexts. The geometry sections are particularly good, too, with ample hands-on work. The author even includes printable manipulatives for constructing your own geometric solids.


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the reviews were good
Deanna G on Jul 18, 2022
Been using this curriculum for several years and it is working just fine.
Lindsey L on Apr 14, 2022
the reviews were good
Deanna G on Jul 18, 2022
I have been using Mammoth with my kids for six years. I like that there is no teacher guide, all the new information is right on the student pages, and it is mastery based with built-in review. My kids do great with it.
Sara D on Apr 19, 2022
Been using this curriculum for several years and it is working just fine.
Lindsey L on Apr 14, 2022
Math Mammoth is a great whole curriculum choice that i first found on K5 but i wanted bound books not PDF files
Kayla B on Nov 6, 2021
I have the 1-3 bundle and love it
Deanna C on Nov 2, 2021
Math Mammoth is easy to use and the kids seem to understand the concepts well with minimal help from me.
Kristen F on Oct 15, 2021
We love Math Mammoth! The books are written in an easy to understand way, and Maria Miller provides lots of resources at the beginning of each chapter for extra help, tips, or even just fun games.<br />My child really enjoys the "Puzzle Corner" problems!
Paula G on Sep 20, 2021
We've been using Math Mammoth since second grade and it has been a super fit for our son. Easy to understand directions, he can go at his own pace, clear and direct teaching. Has simplified homeschool math immensely. Thank you!
Claire N on Aug 30, 2021
My child is autistic and has a hard time learning math
Kelly N on Aug 13, 2021
It was highly recommended.
KIM W on Jul 13, 2021
have heard good things, seems like it will be a good fit, some spiraling but mainly mastery based, also a great value with online helps included
Larae G on Mar 26, 2021
Grandson is understanding math facts like never before. The instructions are easy to understand, the format is clear, the questions and puzzles are entertaining, and all of the math needed at each grade level is taught systematically so you, the teacher, don't have to make lesson plans yourself. Great videos for further explanation, and access to lots of worksheets and teaching tips through Maria's website.
Carol V on Mar 25, 2021
This program comes highly recommended by my homeschool peers.
Rebecca D on Dec 18, 2020
Recommended by a friend who has been using this curriculum. Maria Miller was helpful in guiding me to choose the appropriate starting point for my student.
Kelly L on Sep 21, 2020
Instructions written out in a way students can understand. Very little parent involvement needed. Keeps up with state standards but made in a simple and creative way. We love MM!
meghan k on Sep 18, 2020
Marie F on Sep 13, 2020
Mammoth offers many additional resources and the lessons are thorough.
TERRI R on Aug 27, 2020
Math is not my strong suit as a homeschooling parent. I didn't want to split up the curriculum or dip my toe into the water. I wanted the whole shabang!
Tiana G on Aug 25, 2020
It has good reviews and it's affordable.
Gwendolyn A on Aug 8, 2020
It aligns with common core standards and a friend of mine highly recommended the series.
Anissa R on Aug 4, 2020
Highly recommended for homeschooling
Tracey E on Aug 3, 2020
Needed for class.
Riannon M on Jul 31, 2020
Math Mammoth is a thorough, math program for that is easy to teach, and easy for parents to follow through with. This math keeps a students attention, and also encourages mental math.
Barbara H on Jul 30, 2020
I've read great reviews. After looking over the samples, I think this is going to fit perfectly into our first year of homeschool!
Adrienne A on Jul 13, 2020
common core
Penney B on Jul 12, 2020
We have used Math Mammoth for the past few years for our kids. I like the workbook format and how the lessons are presented. It's easy to use (open and go!) and the lessons are varied in style and progressively build math skills, so kids aren't stuck doing a whole page of the same type of problem like I had to when I was young. They're also reasonably priced!
Natalie C on Apr 30, 2020
I've been using this for 4 years. I taught high school math for 8 years and Algebra at a local community college for 8 years. I have used Singapore Math as well as Math Mammoth. Singapore seems to be created for a math educator where Math Mammoth could be for anyone because the learning is built in to the student workbooks. I prefer the mastery model. I love how MM shows multiple ways to do a problem so that the child is exposed to more than one method and can choose which they prefer.
Bonnie H on Apr 27, 2020
Straight forward math without gimmicks. I hope no common core too.
Tina K on Mar 23, 2020
I love this curriculum. It is very thorough.
Brandie A on Mar 1, 2020
We used grade 3 and love Math Mammoth!
Kate A on Feb 29, 2020
This is a superior math program that we used to remediate gaps after our prior program didn't deliver the proficiency. It advances quickly but has enough repetition to secure the new skills.
Angela L on Feb 4, 2020
I used the Math Mammoth Light Blue Series Grade 3 Set, and it went really well, so I have chosen to stick with Math Mammoth for grade 4. I liked that the pages were "clean" and not packed with a lot of unnecessary images and words. I also liked the emphasis on helping students to understand why math works, not just how it works.
SHANNON M on Jan 3, 2020
I like the amount of supplemental work provided. I like that there are worksheet generators that provide my child with ongoing practice in the concepts that are taught. I found this curriculum in a search on Bing. It was nice to be able to access free worksheets so we could sample the program prior to purchasing.
Deborah F on Oct 17, 2019
This is an amazing company with a comprehensive program (light blue) as well as a topical set of books. Maria Miller is so generous!
Gretchen O on Sep 12, 2019
I researched other math curricula and found that Marie Miller, the creator, after watching her videos, has a very calm way of explaining how to do each math problem. I needed that for our first year homeschooling since one of my daughter's is very anxious when it comes to math. I'm excited to see how it goes this year!
Naomi B on Aug 21, 2019
My daughter did level 4 Singapore Math last year, but I feel like she could use another year at this level to really solidify the concepts. I have heard that Math Mammoth is similar to Singapore Math and so we'll give it a go.
Claire N on Jul 30, 2019
Nice layout, excellent teaching method. Student enjoys
Ruth M on Jul 18, 2019
secular, comprehensive, great supplementary resources
Sarah H on Jun 7, 2019
We really enjoy this math curriculum. It is step by step instructions for each chapter, yet there is a review for all the previous skills learned. We also enjoy the tests at the end of each chapter so we can determine what our son has learned and what he is retaining. There is also a year end review which is helpful as well.
Rebecca M on May 9, 2019
Recommended by another homeschool parent
Katrina H on Jan 4, 2019
We have used Math Mammoth for years and love it.
Jennifer M on Nov 30, 2018
home school math application not working for my son at this time
Nicole B on Oct 16, 2018
look like a good math program
Avis L on Oct 3, 2018
I have heard great things about this series and am excited to try it with my 4th grade son who I am homeschooling this year.
Heidi M on Sep 29, 2018
I needed something different for my oldes as singapore was getting too difficult.
Amelia B on Sep 19, 2018
I chose this product not only because of it's top rated math instruction, but because the owner of the company took the time to counsel me directly via email to help me with my child's placement. This company really puts it's money where it's mouth is. They care about people, and it shows. Helping children is their #1 priority.
Tiffiney H on Sep 15, 2018
I bought this for my 5th grader, because we started out with level 5 math mammoth and it was too advanced coming from mathmatical reasoning level 4book from last year.
Monica R on Sep 7, 2018
great deal on set!
Huzefa G on Sep 4, 2018
I wanted the whole kit so that we could go at our own pace and not have to worry about reordering.
Dana E on Aug 30, 2018
I saw many good reviews on this math curriculum. It seems to be comprehensive, simple and mastery based.
Farheen S on Aug 29, 2018
I have been using Mammoth with my kids for six years. I like that there is no teacher guide, all the new information is right on the student pages, and it is mastery based with built-in review. My kids do great with it.
Sara D on Apr 19, 2022
Math Mammoth is a great whole curriculum choice that i first found on K5 but i wanted bound books not PDF files
Kayla B on Nov 6, 2021
Is this set in color?
User on Feb 29, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No the preprinted grade 4 books are black and white. I think you have to buy the cd if you want it printed in color. Some of the younger grades might be available preprinted in color though-I have only used 4th grade.
4.3 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
Just enough practice and directions to make my kids enjoy math again.
April 3, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
It's a Good Program with Some Minor Glitches
Overall, we like this curriculum. It isn't always easy to find corresponding videos of the lessons on the website which is a bummer and sends us looking elsewhere for explanations. Also, it's pretty confusing that instead of numbering problems 1, 2, 3 etc. they're numbered 1 a, b,c 2 a, b, c etc. It's hard to explain where you're at on the page and to easily find the answers in the key. It's a pretty thorough system though and you can tell it builds on itself. I feel like my kids understand the concepts when they're done witth each lesson. We'll stick with it but there are definitely some hiccups.
August 13, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Extremely difficult for my 4th grader!
This curriculum might be ok for students who enjoy thinking more abstractly, but it frustrated my daughter to the point of tears! After about 5 lessons of this curriculum we were done! I ended up going back to Horizons Math because it's much simpler for her to understand.
June 10, 2019
Rated 5 out of 5
Best math curriculum for those fairly good to great at math
I really like this set. It’s no frills, plenty of reviews, short tests, and pretty simple to navigate. The author has put at least 2 pages of online games at the start of each chapter, for anyone who needs extra practice. We use them for summer review and Fridays occasionally too. The only problem is there are a few misprints (an extra question in the teachers book that’s not in the WB on OCCASION), and the answer key is not super-easy to read. If I could, I’d give it 4 1/2 stars. Once you get used to it, it’s a lot easier. The other thing is, I tend to be a slave to the workbooks, trying to finish EVERY problem on every page. If you remember that the curriculum is your tool and not your master, you will really enjoy this. Sometimes I just mark thru every other problem, because there are so many. Some kids will benefit from the extra practice, and I often break up one lesson into two days. It’s also self-teaching for the most part. I read the directions to my son just to ease his understanding and sometimes I work the sample problems on paper for explaination, but much of it he can read and understand.
October 11, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Excellent format and content
As an educational therapist in private practice and a parent I love Mammoth. Math books that are filled with cartoon characters and other unnecessary elements distract learners, especially those who may struggle. Mammoth takes the learner, step by step through each concept with just the right amount of repetition for an effective spiral for retention and scaffolding of new concepts.
July 1, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Very easy to work through. Self explanatory. Great resource! Will be coming back for more as my kids go through school. Love the extra links the book gives as practice.
July 31, 2017
over 5 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
great program
We've only had the program a short time, but my son is finally liking doing his math work. He likes the self teaching and numerous examples shown. I am very happy that he is gaining confidence and feel this is a fantastic program for our needs.
November 28, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
After struggling through another math curriculum and a disappointing score on her first standardized test my daughter needed a different approach Math Mammoth was a perfect fit She caught up to her grade level improved her score substantially and more importantly she regained her confidence I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who is looking for clear simple straightforward math instruction at an affordable price
August 8, 2012

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