Miquon Book Set - 6 Workbooks + Annotations

Miquon Book Set - 6 Workbooks + Annotations


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Category Description for Miquon Math Labs:

Math is not just numbers! Using Cuisenaire rods, Miquon Math Labs allows children to model numbers and operations concretely. It uses a hands-on, pattern-building, discovery method that fosters independence and creativity in problem solving. The unique page-numbering format of the program allows for flexibility - use each book straight through, covering a variety of topics, or use only the pages in each book relating to a specific topic (easily identified by the alpha-numeric page numbering system).

Instead of holding off on more difficult math topics until later grades, the Miquon approach is unique in teaching all four basic math operations in Grade 1 - plus fractions, clock arithmetic, area, volume and factoring. This builds confidence in children as they see how the basic operations are intterrelated and takes the "mystery" out of these otherwise-delayed topics. By Grade 3, children understand different base systems and graph algebraic equations!

These are not typical workbooks that test what a child already has learned, but lab sheets - teaching pages. Children are shown that, while there is only one correct solution, there are different ways to arrive at it, and it encourages them to develop their own techniques. The "standard" approach is not always the best. For example, which is easier, to teach borrowing and carrying for a problem like 400 - 298 or to teach the the child to restate the problem as 398 - 298 + 2 or 400 - 300 + 2? Techniques like these really help to develop mental dexterity in problme solving. After using Miquon with our seven children, we can attest that this program has promoted flexibility in problem solving and teaches them to find the best technique for the situation. Ours students now tackle new or difficult problems creatively, even fearlessly!

Altogether, the six student workbooks contain over 650 lab sheets. Concepts covered include: counting, odd-even, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, equalities, place value, number line and functions, factoring, squaring, simultaneous equations, graphing equations, geometric recognition, length, area, volume, series and progressions, grid and arrow games, mapping, clock arithmetic, sets, and word problems.

We recommend purchasing the Lab Sheet Annotations. This is the teacher's guide for all six workbooks. Because the approach taken in the program is so different, it explains the reasoning behind the presentation and provides several suggestions on how to present each topic. It also provides preliminary activities for a concrete understanding of the math concepts as well as more detailed explanations for many of the workbook pages. While answers are supplied for some of the more "tricky" sheets, most worksheets are shown sans answers, so take the time to fill in the answers as you correct work for your first Miquon student - then you'll have a completed key to use with the next!

The Miquon Math program would be an excellent start in math to move into any other program, but it would lend itself particularly well to those intending to use the Singapore approach to math in the future.


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I am a learning support teacher who specializes in dyslexia and dyscalculia, so these materials are perfect
sarah f on Apr 6, 2023
I am purchasing for my daughter-in-law. I used Miquon Math with my own children when we were homeschooling and loved it!
Camille A on Mar 13, 2023
I am a learning support teacher who specializes in dyslexia and dyscalculia, so these materials are perfect
sarah f on Apr 6, 2023
I ordered the orange book for one of my boys. I really like the intuitive approach and think it's a great option for self guided work.
Candace F on Apr 3, 2023
I am purchasing for my daughter-in-law. I used Miquon Math with my own children when we were homeschooling and loved it!
Camille A on Mar 13, 2023
I wanted to try a different method to introduce some math concepts...
Purandhri P on Oct 30, 2022
I did the Miquon math workbooks myself as a child. Highly recommend!
Madeline S on Sep 25, 2022
I have a student who is struggling to conceptualize numbers using the math curriculum we currently use. When I was a child my mother used Miquon for me and my siblings, so I'm going to try and see if it will help my child!
Hannah S on Sep 17, 2022
It comes highly recommended by a friend!
Taryn B on Sep 7, 2022
I used these for my children and ordered them for my grandchildren.
Deborah R on Aug 18, 2022
I wanted a Math Curriculum that is hands on.
Kyera S on Apr 19, 2022
This looks like it is just the hands on math approach I've been looking for. It's very affordable too.
Jennifer P on Feb 10, 2022
I used it as a kid in homeschool and enjoyed this way of learning math.
Glitch01 G on Nov 30, 2021
A different approach to math! I've heard so many great things about Miquon and the reviews have been excellent so I wanted to try with my child.
Jessica D on Oct 9, 2021
This was recommended by our home school consultant as a good companion for Singapore Math, for math strong students.
Vicki G on Sep 3, 2021
This set of math books came highly recommended by a friend, and I am excited for my children to use them.
Krista W on Aug 13, 2021
Affordable hands on approach that teaches concepts and critical thinking
Mira A on Jul 10, 2021
I'm looking for a different approach to mathematics for my autistic son. Since we are homeschooling, and he is in the appropriate age range to be able to understand the Miquon concept, we chose this as the first attempt at mathematics. Bravery Institute.
A S on Jun 7, 2021
Wonderful math set - can't wait to get it!
Susan J on Jun 3, 2021
recommended by another mom for teaching my 1st grader
Jennifer S on Apr 30, 2021
I used Miquon math when I was elementary school, and I credit it with my solid numeracy and comfort with using fractions. When I started looking into a math curriculum for my daughter, I was very pleasantly surprised to see how well Miquon has held up compared to other foundational math options!
Anna S on Jan 5, 2021
MÔNICA MOURA W on Nov 27, 2020
Encourage mathematics for young child. Non reader
Lana S on Nov 13, 2020
I read good reviews
Yuliya M on Sep 14, 2020
My son has a mathematical mind. He's going into the first grade and already knows most of his multiplication and division facts. I wanted this curriculum to make sure he understands the "why" behind the equations he naturally recalls.
Angela M on Aug 14, 2020
Annotations appear necessary to understand the problems in the workbooks
martha s on Aug 12, 2020
outside of the box math sounds like a great way to revive the subject for my family
Christina N on Jul 23, 2020
To homeschool my 7 year old
Aubree N on Jul 22, 2020
Together with cuisenaire rods, Miquon Lab Book Set + Annotations gives the instruction I need to implement the Miquon program and the workbooks the student needs to grasp the math concepts taught. Miquon uses a wonderful hands-on approach that allows students to fully understand both basic and complex mathematical concepts.
Douglas R on Jul 16, 2020
my child is diagnosed with autism and adhd and he benefits from hands on learning. his sister does as well.
Angela S on Jul 13, 2020
Best Series I have ever used with primary students. Keeps math interesting and more like play, using a math lab approach.
Martie K on Jul 12, 2020
Ruth & Donna
Susan C on Jul 9, 2020
I grew up using Miquon Math and Cuisenaire Rods and LOVED THEM. Soooooo excited to share these for the first time with my own kids. :)
Stephanie E on Jun 24, 2020
to supplement Singapore math
Michelle A on Jun 21, 2020
Miquon with Cuisenaire Rods is an effective tool to help children learn the concepts of the value of numbers (what does it mean to be a "5," for instance).<br /><br />My children enjoyed manipulating the Rods, and now I get to share that wonder with my grandchildren!
Teresa W on Jun 6, 2020
I am sending these to my grandson--I used them for my kids (3 engineers!) when I homeschooled them. They are great!!!!
Walter G on Apr 16, 2020
I hear rec from facebook group Beast Academy
Hava S on Apr 1, 2020
My mother-in-law and husband swear by these books, so I wanted to actually see them.
Katherine D on Mar 26, 2020
Looking for a fun supplement/new approach for math with my children. This will supplement a Montessori based mathematics curriculum.
Kaycie L on Jan 31, 2020
we wanted to use a different curriculum for homeschooling our 2 children
Mike S on Oct 10, 2019
Have used Miquon for successfully for 7 kids now - going on 8.
Jennifer G on Sep 12, 2019
Homeschool recommendation
Dina B on Aug 2, 2019
I read the Unapologetic Homeschooler - the parents were engineers and successful homeschooled 7 children. They recommend this program
Mayme M on May 27, 2019
for my homeschool
Melanie K on May 21, 2019
It's a very thorough curriculum that keeps math concrete as long as possible. I used it in kindergarten 17 years ago, and now have both a math and electrical engineering degree. I attribute my love for all things math in part to Miquon's gentle and straightforward introduction of mathematical concepts. (The "Key to ..." series is a great follow up!)
Alex C on May 6, 2019
Because we love this way to teach.
Lucas O on Apr 23, 2019
Referral by multiple homeschool moms & online reviews
Ellie C on Apr 9, 2019
I ordered the orange book last year for my kindergartner. We used it as a supplement, but she enjoyed it greatly. We are now homeschooling full-time and I have decided to use this as one of two primary math programs.
Crystal D on Feb 5, 2019
I used these workbooks as a child and have loved math (and had a solid innate understanding of it) ever since, so now I am excited to use them with my own children.
Kristina B on Dec 13, 2018
These are the only books I have seen which use Cuisenaire rods as an integral learning tool. I consider the rods, the Numicon rod track, and Dienes Base ten blocks to be superb materials for modeling number concepts through grade eight. The Miquon math activity books have more flexible sequencing than any others I am familiar with. The program will complement the Singapore Primary Mathematics program.
KATHLEEN B on Oct 12, 2018
Used it before. Did a great job providing a good foundation
Donna W on Oct 11, 2018
i decided to try this out as a supplement to what we are doing now for math to see if he catches on better with this program as opposed to busy workbook work
Lara F on Oct 5, 2018
I ordered the orange book for one of my boys. I really like the intuitive approach and think it's a great option for self guided work.
Candace F on Apr 3, 2023
I wanted to try a different method to introduce some math concepts...
Purandhri P on Oct 30, 2022
I have Math U See manipulative already. Can we use those instead of the Quisinaire rods?
A shopper on Aug 15, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The length of the rods has to fit on top of the images in the worksheets. Could you print out a sample worksheet and check? Also the colors are different, but that may not matter too much. If the rods don't quite work the introductory set of Cuisenaire rods are sufficient.
What book would you start on for a 3rd grade student?
A shopper on Jul 16, 2018
BEST ANSWER: We did the entire series after leaving public school, one section/topic at a time. Because my child was older, we completed one section/topic for all books before moving onto the next, but we didn't do this in order. We started with the easier topics and worked our way to the more difficult ones (a few of the easiest topics were omitted). This way, my child had ample, continuous practice for each topic, which helped fill knowledge gaps and restored confidence.
What manipulatives do you need to purchase?
A shopper on Jul 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: http://www.rainbowresource.com/proddtl.php?id=024116

Connecting Cuisenaire Rods Small Group Set - 155 Plastic Rods
Buy two sets if you can
What do you use after Miquon Math (4th grade+)?
A shopper on May 4, 2017
Miquon Book Set - 6 Workbooks + Annotations
Miquon Book Set - 6 Workbooks + Annotations
Miquon Blue Book Level 3
Miquon Blue Book Level 3
Miquon Set of all 6 Student Workbooks
Miquon Set of all 6 Student Workbooks
Miquon Purple Book Level 6
Miquon Purple Book Level 6
BEST ANSWER: Here are several to consider. ShillerMath (a Montesorri program) continues in a strong hands on/exploratory approach to math. Beast Academy couples strong concept development and instruction with graphic novel type of illustrations. Finally, Saxon Math is a solid math option with lots of review and repetition. Manipulative options are available for Saxon Math Intermediate 3, 4, and 5. There are placement tests available on our website - search for "math placement tests".
Are the books consumable? Would this set be able to be used through multiple children or would each child need his own set?
User on Mar 15, 2017
BEST ANSWER: They are meant to be consumable. You could photocopy the pages. They are perforated. I tore them all out of the workbooks and organized them in a 3 inch binder with a-z dividers and we use them with page protectors and wipe off markers.
Are there prerequisites to the program that my kindergartner needs to master before beginning Miquon?
A shopper on May 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I think it would depend on your teaching style. I'm new to homeschooling and have only started this year although I have many years of teaching experience. I have a just turned five year old who sits in on lessons with my 3rd grader. The cuisinare rods are very helpful. I also don't follow the book all the way through, but skip around to what I think my son needs to work on. Definitely get the teacher guide. It's a different way to teach math, but not hard to do. It's great for kids who need to connect abstract numbers to more concrete concepts.
4.8 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
Inexpensive, Basic Curriculum
First, I like that this curriculum is so inexpensive. It does require a bit of skill on the teacher/parent though. I like the color approach vs. grade level. I like that it is more hands on activities instead of just writing answers. I also like that there is no answer-key so the focus is on learning, not getting the right answer.
March 14, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great Foundational Math!
So far we are loving these! My kids have really enjoyed them, I love the visual and tactile of the rods especially for my 5yr old. It works on a spiral concept which is what caught my interest initially, and there are lots of insights and help for the parent included with the annotations books.
September 22, 2020
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
This is a great system for math
Miquon was recommended to me in the late 1990's by leading math authority Suzanne Kuntz, Miquon helped my children and helped me as well. The intuitive nature of the rods not divided into sections helps communicate the relationships. My times tables were memorized garbage to me as an adult until I was working with my children building square with four "six blocks" and six "four" blocks and then seeing that they are equivalent. I highly recommend them. I think just playing with them is helpful.
September 25, 2019
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
A true exploration/discovery math curriculum for K-3!
This math curriculum gets at the heart of what people need to know to understand (not just be able to do) math. It lets the kids explore concepts and come up with their own way of solving math challenges and finding patterns. The annotations has so much (great) information to aid in using the lab sheets. As a former algebra math teacher, now homeschool mom of a K, 1st and 3rd grader, I highly recommend miquion math. I have fun seeing how much my kids discover just on one lab sheet.

My 3rd grader had different curriculum in previous years. If we stubble upon a concept he didn’t grasp, the annotations makes it easy for me to find something in a lower lab book that will help him.

Things some may think are cons;
- If you’re looking for drill or extra practice, you’ll have to find that elsewhere or make something. I have no problem with that with my background.
- Purchasing cuisenaire rods is a must. My kids love them.
- There are no directions on each lab sheet. The teacher must read the intro on each category (counting, odd/even, addition, etc...) then read suggested activities for each lab sheet.

Also, anyone in higher levels (and adults too) who seemed to miss some concept can learn a lot from reading the annotations. :)
October 5, 2018
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
As expected
Satisfied concerning quality, estimated time to delivery. The only thing more negative was the shipping taxe. But I understand and recommend to other Home schooling persons, because this is a special help, and an alternative to people that study is out of the official "box".
September 11, 2018
over 5 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Definitely recommend!
I am really enjoying this curriculum! The sheets are fun for kids to complete and engaging. Some sheets can feel a bit redundant for the topic my kids are learning but these would be helpful if your child needs the extra reinforcement. I like how the annotations book explains each concept rather than it just being an answer key. I’m refreshing my math as my kids are learning it. The games or object lessons are simple yet effective.
I will say that I’m fairly good at talking and explaining off the cuff so this may not be the best choice if you feel you need a script or prompts on what to say exactly. For this price you really are getting straight up math. No fluff! So if you like that, this is for you.
September 5, 2018
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Completely Satisfied
everything arrived in top shape and I'm a happy customer
March 15, 2018
over 5 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Great manipulative based program!
I am very impressed with this program! Cuisenaire rods are used as a manipulative which really helps my little one to quickly grasp the concepts. It does take some studying on the parent's part to learn the format of the books as no direct instructions are given.
April 17, 2017
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Love these books
Miquon is like a beautiful breath of fresh air in the Math world. I love the way it teaches math and encourages math exploration so that the child can figure out the concept mostly on their own. I love the use of cuisenaire rods to help the child physically see the concept/answer so it isn't just an abstract concept. I would highly recommend this program to everyone! I would also say it's more K-3 rather than 1-3. There are many sheets that Kindergartners can explore and learn with.
March 27, 2017
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Fantastic curriculum!
I would highly recommend miquon math! My daughter was very frustrated with math, but after using miquon, math is her favorite subject! It's so great to see her enjoying math!
February 28, 2017
over 6 years ago

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