Life of Fred Language Arts Bundle

Life of Fred Language Arts Bundle


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Category Description for Life of Fred Language Arts:

There's a bit of a disconnect as you first look through these books, expecting high school language arts. Unlike anything you've seen before in that category, your first thought will likely be that there has been some mistake. The font size is mostly 16 pt. (or thereabouts), and there are zillions (to coin a "Fred" term) of fonts within the text of these books. They look like a 2nd grade reader. In typical Fred fashion the story line is quirky, and through it the reader encounters all sorts of miscellaneous information along with grammar, etc. So really? High School Language Arts? I was not a believer as I started reading these language arts episodes of Fred's adventures. Adventures that started in Sunday School, took him to Australia to "teach" with a mission board, and finally brought him back home to KITTENS university, learning he has been fired. When the first "Your Turn to Play" segment covered indenting paragraphs and sentence end marks, I was shaking my head and concluding that author Stanley Schmidt should have stuck with math. However, I had to write this description, so I followed Fred's inter-continental journey a little longer and found myself realizing a few things that surprised me. 1) I was understanding some grammar concepts that I had never really "gotten" before, 2) there was broad and comprehensive coverage of all things pertaining to English grammar as well as other aspects of language arts, 3) the Your Turn to Play segments provided consistent and continual review, and 4) I was very likely going to remember the grammar from this course because of the quirky Fred connection.

The smallish (125 pgs, hc) books titled Australia, Begin Teaching, Classes, and Dreams are meant to be used in that order – and you’re helped in remembering that by the alphabetical order of the titles. There are 19 chapters in each book; each chapter is a daily four-page lesson ending with a short collection of questions – Your Turn to Play. Perhaps this series should be subtitled “The Texter’s Guide to English Grammar.” At the very least, it will give you understandable reasons for why the texting shortcuts should not be incorporated into all of your writing.

So exactly how do these books fit into a high school education? The author suggests that all four books (done in one year) should be covered each high school year. I presume this is for the review and repetition but I’m not entirely sure how well Fred’s story will wear after several years. I do see value, though, in going through them at least once. In addition to thorough grammar coverage, there is also vocabulary, spelling rules, literary analysis terms and a jumble of miscellaneous and interesting educational tidbits. Partnered with a good literature program that included composition, they would nicely round out a high school English credit. That being said, I really don’t see why these would not also be very usable – and enjoyable - at the middle school level.

Those to whom it matters have probably noted the mention of Sunday School and mission boards. There are enough references to church-related activities that our charter school friends will not be comfortable with the purchase, but I wouldn’t consider these books to actually have religious instruction – it’s more like cultural references. There is, of course, the author’s standard book dedication [for Goodness’ sake or as J.S. Bach often expressed it – Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (to the greater glory of God)]. ~ Janice

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Language arts programs listed in this section cover some combination of reading/literature, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, handwriting or typing but do not attempt to cover all of those skill areas.

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fun and engaging way to learn grammer
Jeremy G on Aug 17, 2023
my high schooler is on the autism spectrum and the LOF series teaches in a way that is engaging and entertaining to him while solidifying concepts in his mind.
Deanna d on May 8, 2023
fun and engaging way to learn grammer
Jeremy G on Aug 17, 2023
We loved LOF Math. My 14 year old daughter wanted these for high school language arts as soon as she heard about them.
Charlene M on Jul 27, 2023
my high schooler is on the autism spectrum and the LOF series teaches in a way that is engaging and entertaining to him while solidifying concepts in his mind.
Deanna d on May 8, 2023
I like this series.
Jennifer W on Sep 7, 2022
My son loves Life of Fred math so we decided to give Life of Fred Language Arts a try.
Lindsey A on Jul 22, 2022
My son loves the math from Life of Fred, so decided to try the Language Arts.
KIRSTIE on Jul 13, 2022
We LOVE Life of Fred in our house!
Kristen C on May 17, 2022
I downloaded the free 1st chapter of each of these books and had my 12-year-old son review them first, he enjoyed them and we currently use life of Fred math, so that's why I purchased them. It's hard for me to find LA books that my boys find fun, and these books they find fun, making my job easier
Rosemary H on Nov 15, 2021
For kids homeschool
ZEBIN L on Aug 18, 2021
My daughter loves stories and reading, but we have never found a grammar curriculum that she really loves. I'm hoping that LOF will be perfect for her.
JENNIFER W on Aug 8, 2021
My rising 9th grader is not quite ready for the in-depth literature studies we normally start in high school. So, I hoped that this series (having already fallen in love with Fred through the Math series) will just solidify all the grammar he knows leaving us enough time to get our feet wet with some other novel unit studies. Here's hoping.
Tamie W on Jul 30, 2021
I need a language arts curriculum with a less academic feel for the summer.
Catherine R on May 11, 2021
I am looking for a gentler language arts for my son...we'll see if this fits the bill!
Tammy D on Apr 6, 2021
Learning Language arts in a new way
DR Stephan V on Mar 24, 2021
We love life of Fred here in our home. I use it as a reading curriculum that allows by kids to learn math techniques as well. My boys love to read this oldest is 13 yr youngest reads the early reading set is 6 yr. Actually all my boys laugh even to the young readers Eden series. These books all spectacular. The author is fun intriguing and we all learn things we didn't know before. Such a great curriculum.
Milissa R on Mar 16, 2021
great reviews
Daniel W on Jan 31, 2021
Learning with Fred makes learning easy and more natural to how real life happens.
Nakisha G on Jan 13, 2021
My girls love the math series and we have been looking for a language arts curriculum so we decided to try Fred.
Mamaleh on Dec 22, 2020
My girls love the Life of Fred math books and wanted these books. How can you say no to a student who wants to do more work?
Beth H on Sep 29, 2020
Recommended by a friend.
Kimberly L on Aug 3, 2020
I needed a language arts program for school, this is reasonably priced and I have used this math program before.
Jody W on Aug 3, 2020
There is always more to learn with Fred than just what you thought you were going to learn.
Siri Sunderta K on Jul 17, 2020
We love Fred math and wanted to check these out.
Tracy L on Jun 25, 2020
My daughter loved elementary math books, hope these books will get her exited about grammar .
Natalya E on Jun 4, 2020
We love the LOF Math Series and are hopeful that Language Arts with LOF will be equally as engaging and informative.
Heather H on May 7, 2020
We have loved the Life of Fred math books for elementary and middle school, and also the Life of Fred Financial Choices for older children...looking forward to trying out this series!
Jennifer D on Apr 20, 2020
We love Life of Fred books and hope this will be fun too!
Shannon P on Mar 20, 2020
I've tried so many other resources for Language Arts, with resistance from my children whom I homeschool. This approach with the Life of Fred Bundle seems to be a gentler approach with more depth.
Katie W on Jan 18, 2020
We like the math program & heard the language art books are great too!
Because my kids love Life of Fred Math!
Kristin H on Aug 6, 2019
Needed a program for 8th grade daughter
Michele H on Jun 19, 2019
New to homeschooling my junior in high school and wanted to cover an gaps in learning.
Karen R on May 23, 2019
Our daughter dreads grammar - hoping this will bring some fun to her studies!
Ellen S on Aug 3, 2018
We’ve enjoyed the Life Of Fred math series so we are hoping these are just as good.
Marylin R on Jun 7, 2018
I have a daughter who love the Math books and learns well with this style
Christina D on Dec 21, 2017
The kids love the math series. We are trying these for a language review for high school...
Lary D on Sep 9, 2017
We have really enjoyed the Life of Fred Math series, and heard good things about the LA from other users, so thought we would try it.
Kelly P on Aug 21, 2017
The description of the series sounded really entertaining.
Rebecca L M on Jun 26, 2017
We love life of fred around here. The review is quick without being over repetitive and the lessons are easily remembered. <br />This curriculum is ideal for my little ones that love to read. They love a good story.
Wendy D on Jun 13, 2017
We have used "Life of Fred" at several different times. Since I was looking for a good solid overview for my high schooler, "Life of Fred" was a good choice. We have done lots of "real" grammar, but a review is in order.
Laurie B on May 29, 2017
We started Life of Fred math and my two older kids are fighting over it - they both want to keep working on it. They even do it in their free time. I'm hoping they enjoy the Language Arts just as much!
Lisa H on Mar 30, 2017
My family enjoyed the math series and we are hoping to enjoy this one as well.
Lorria B on Nov 2, 2016
I love the Life of Fred math series. And I thought his approach would be great for Language Arts. I'm sure Fred will bring our LA studies to life!
Penny H on Sep 22, 2016
my kids love life of Fred - I love that they'll pick up grammar while reading it.
April C on Sep 8, 2016
My son loves the Math series and I think he will enjoy this also.
Loren G on Aug 19, 2016
I heard good reviews about this language arts curriculum, and we have loved Life of Fred.
Chad C on Jul 26, 2016
I know my children will be delighted with these Life of Fred language arts books. They already love the math books and I see the positive effect they are having, making learning joyful and fun.
Jennifer C on Feb 25, 2016
Me and my daughter(10 years old) love working on Math with Life of Fred and we thought Language Arts Life of Fred would be just as fun!
Marvin M on Feb 21, 2016
My 12 year old loves Life of Fred math, so I thought we'd try Language Arts as well.
Christina F on Dec 2, 2015
The review on Rainbow sounded very interesting. My 9th grader did a couple of different grammar programs in elementary, but is really focusing on writing now. However, a review of grammar would help improve her writing now, I hope.
Candace W on Nov 27, 2015
We loved LOF Math. My 14 year old daughter wanted these for high school language arts as soon as she heard about them.
Charlene M on Jul 27, 2023
I like this series.
Jennifer W on Sep 7, 2022
4.0 / 5.0
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Rated 4 out of 5
Good start and broad coverage
Same silliness and sweetness of the math series but language arts focused. I like the suggested repetition. Starts basic and moves to advanced. Only 4 stars as we have not finished it yet.
October 9, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Launguage arts and math
Good curriculum. Even though the curriculum is intended for high school, our 4th and 7th graders were able to use it with some extra guidance. We also use Life of Fred math and it has been a hit.
June 1, 2017
over 6 years ago

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