Lightning Literature Grade 4 Full Year Teacher/Student Set

Lightning Literature Grade 4 Full Year Teacher/Student Set


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Grades: 4

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This package includes the following items:

Publisher Description:

Formerly published as Grade-4 Semester 1 and Grade-4 Semester 2. The author's goal in writing this series is to "instill a love of great literature in children, expand their ability to read intelligently and deeply, improve their communication abilities, and prepare them for more advanced language arts concepts." The three key components to this series are literature, grammar and mechanics, and composition. This year, students read a variety of great children's literature, classic and modern. Two books written in verse encourage students to explore poetry in different ways than they may have previously. An inspiring nonfiction story of a boy's quest in Africa to bring electric power to his home provides lessons on expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative writing.

The consumable four-color Student Worktext contains comprehension questions, discussion questions, instruction on grammar (including sentence diagramming), workbook pages, and a reading journal. Workbook answers are in the Teacher's Guide. The Workbook and Guide can be purchased separately, in a set together, or in a pack with the readers (See Related Items below). You'll need something else for teaching spelling, learning to read, and penmanship.

Formerly published as Grade-4 Semester 1 and Grade-4 Semester 2. The Teacher's Guide contains the answers to the comprehension questions and the grammar pages, instructions for daily composition, a discussion guide for each book, and suggestions for additional activities. The Workbook and Guide can be purchased separately, in a set together, or in a pack with the readers (See Related Items below). You'll need something else for teaching spelling, learning to read, and penmanship.The books are listed in the order they are read for the course in the description of the Student Workbook.

The books read (in the order they are introduced) are:

  • Morning Girl by Michael Dorris
  • The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate
  • Gone Fishing by Tamera Will Wissinger
  • Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin
  • The Family Under the Bridgeby Natalie Savage Carlson
  • Nim's Island by Wendy Orr
  • The Dreamer by Pam Muoz Ryan
  • Love That Dog by Sharon Creech
  • The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer
  • Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt
  • The Borrowers by Mary Norton

Category Description for 4th Grade Lightning Literature:

While there is a decided emphasis in Lightning Literature on enjoying and understanding the literature, the program is also decidedly comprehensive in its grammar and usage coverage and just plain expectant in its composition assignments. A Teacher Guide, a Student Workbook, and lots of classic (along with some contemporary) children's literature are the components for the program.

Literature selections for Grade 4 include: Tuck Everlasting,Borrowers, Family Under the Bridge, Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, Dreamer, Morning Girl, Love That Dog, One and Only Ivan, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, Earth Dragon Awakes, Gone Fishing: Novel in Verse, and Nim's Island.

The Teacher Guide is the heart of the program and is necessary. It's here that the general flavor of the program is most obvious including its orientation toward teacher-student interaction rather than independent student work. Detailed daily instructions are written in first person to the parent/teacher. The flexibility built into the program is reiterated often with examples of how to adapt the teaching instructions for students who are sluggish or need extra challenge. Weekly schedules have a basic structure. Each day includes literature study, grammar/mechanics study, and work on the weekly composition assignment. All workbook answers are provided in the Teacher Guide

The Student Workbooks include some instructional material but are essentially consumable worktexts. Most of the grammar exercises are included here along with space to write thoughts about the reading selection (i.e. Reading Journal Pages: What this Story is About, What I Think of this Story, and My Favorite Sentence). The books are colorful and appealing. Literature Only Packages include all the literature selections needed for the course. The Grade 4 Full Year Package includes all the literature plus the Teacher Guide and Student Workbook.

Category Description for Lightning Literature Elementary:

Lightning Literature & Composition utilizes a “read-through-books-multiple-times-a-week” methodology in the lowest grades. It continues through the grade levels with a focus on literature appreciation as well as a loving, gentle introduction to language arts. The goal throughout the series is developing a love of great literature. Maturing to solid, literature-based grammar and writing lessons, this series is excellent on all fronts.

Literature selections are varied and inspired, including classic, contemporary, and award-winning options. Grammar instruction presents, reviews, and builds through the grade levels, incorporating diagramming after 1st grade. Students are encouraged to write a wide variety of compositions with instruction in the writing process and forms of writing always weaving in the grammar applications. But, this never gets in the way of enjoying the story. There is, in fact, an amazing amount of seamless interweaving of the literature, grammar, and composition threads.

You might be wondering about the role of phonics/reading instruction in this program. To put it simply, it's not included. There seems to be an underlying assumption that the student is reading at grade level and that phonics instruction is underway (or completed).

The basic components of the program are a user-friendly Teacher Guide, a colorful and appealing Student Workbook and lots of well-loved literature. The early grades include extra read-aloud stories/books. (i.e. Aesop's Fables in Grade 1; Winnie the Pooh and Just So Stories in Grade 2). Poetry is included (after 1st grade) drawn from the Random House Book of Poetry for Children in grades 2-3 and included in the Student Workbook in grades 4-6.

The Teacher Guide is the heart of the program even though much of the instruction comes through the Student Workbook. While there is little teacher prep that is necessary, the courses are based on teacher-student interaction and the Teacher Guide is absolutely necessary. It provides weekly overviews, daily lesson plans, and answers to workbook pages.

There are 36 weekly lessons; each with daily instruction for Monday through Thursday (Friday is a day off). Lessons in Grade 1 are each based on a well-loved children's picture book. In Grade 2, the lessons start with picture books but in the last third of the year move into chapter books which are studied over a multi-week schedule. Upper levels cover chapter books over several weeks (anywhere from 2 to 6).

Daily instruction includes three segments: literature, grammar & mechanics, and composition. Compositions are assigned weekly with daily guidance towards completion. Daily composition segments lead the student through the writing process including brainstorming, ordering, rough drafts, and final drafts. The variety of writing assignments includes creative writing, essays of all sorts (description, personal, opinion, etc.), research paper, and poems. There is a constant emphasis on remembering that the goal is to love literature and language arts with suggestions for adapting the lessons to the needs of your student. Each week ends with suggestions for extending the lesson. Handwriting instruction and practice can be incorporated into each lesson as desired/needed.

The Student Workbooks include instruction and serve as a consumable worktext. Artwork, illustrations, and graphics are all related to the week’s literature assignments. Appendices vary with the grade level books but tend to include helpful reference and resource information.

Category Description for Lightning Literature & Composition:

"Reading should be fun, and writing should be satisfying." The author of this series believes this, and she has produced courses that try to keep that goal ever present. She WANTS students to enjoy themselves! Accordingly, reading assignments are comfortable - two novels, two non-fiction books, two short stories and several poems for the 7th grade course, for instance. Lessons are well-constructed and the excellent and thorough coverage includes vocabulary, comprehension, literary elements, composition, grammar, and mechanics.

The three components of this program are designed to be complementary and to be used together. The Student Workbook is the student's textual companion as they study the literature selections. This consumable book is the place for the student to "do" their work. It provides worktext space for all the essential exercises as well as some optional fun/reinforcement exercises.

The Teacher Guide is the "glue" that holds the whole program together providing a philosophical and methodical overview of the program and a weekly planning schedule (lesson plans) as well as chapter-by-chapter answers and teaching helps.

The last component is the excellent Literature Selections that are the heart of the program. Classics, familiar, non-familiar, poetry, and, occasionally, surprising choices all find their way onto the book lists for each grade level. While you may be able to locate some or all of the books at a library, we also offer Literature Packages for each guide that include the necessary books. You and your student are encouraged to read, enjoy, and profit from the year's literature studies. ~ Janice


Language arts programs listed in this section cover most areas of language arts (reading/literature, writing, grammar, spelling and handwriting) in one curriculum, although some skill areas may be covered with less intensity than a focused, stand-alone course.

Category Description for LANGUAGE ARTS:

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Language Arts
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Hewitt Research Foundation
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Charter school teacher suggested it.
Elizabeth R on Dec 17, 2022
Looking for a literature based curriculum. I was impressed with the color workbook and book choices.
AMY B on Jul 6, 2022
Charter school teacher suggested it.
Elizabeth R on Dec 17, 2022
Love this curriculum
Vanessa R on Nov 28, 2022
Looking for a literature based curriculum. I was impressed with the color workbook and book choices.
AMY B on Jul 6, 2022
Exceptional and easy to use program for Secular Literature & Poetry, Comprehension, Parts of a Story, and Grammar, we don't utilize the composition component.
Nicole D on Sep 11, 2021
I hear was book good
Beronica R on Apr 9, 2021
I wanted a complete Language Arts program that encouraged reading and critical thinking.
Shakia F on Mar 22, 2021
Same as above
Jessica T on Jan 10, 2021
The layout is easy to follow both student and parent. The collection of books are age appropriate and will keep my student's attention.
Jill T on Aug 24, 2020
I am new to home school and my friend shared her curriculum with me. I am excited to use this.
Victoria D on Aug 19, 2020
I heard about this program through a few homeschool blogs and youtube reviews. can't wait to try
Michelle H on Jun 21, 2020
Friend recommendation
Lindsey B on Aug 21, 2019
I enjoy literature based curriculum.
Victoria S on Aug 9, 2019
Excited to try this new curriculum after completing All About Reading.
Lindsay Z on Apr 25, 2019
Read about this literature curriculum on a blog post. It was exactly what we were looking for. My daughter is very excited about all the books to be read this year. We are looking forward to diving into this curriculum!
Marlene W on Jul 22, 2018
Using literature to teach grammar, comprehension, and composition all in one curriculum is ideal.
Rebecca B on Jul 20, 2018
Love this curriculum
Vanessa R on Nov 28, 2022
Exceptional and easy to use program for Secular Literature & Poetry, Comprehension, Parts of a Story, and Grammar, we don't utilize the composition component.
Nicole D on Sep 11, 2021
Does Teacher's guide give composition tips, such as steps to building research report, how to write summaries, etc? It seems as though the samples I'm seeing here & on Hewitt site simply tell the teacher WHAT the assignment is, not HOW to teach the student to write.
User on Feb 1, 2021
BEST ANSWER: What you see under the "composition" heading in the teacher guide samples is pretty indicative of the extent of "how to" that they give you. You might check out Jump In Middle School Composition by Sharon Watson or Fun Foundations in Writing/Hands-On Essays by Bonita Lillie depending on your student's level for step by step approaches to how to write.
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Rated 5 out of 5
Cohesive and with detailed writing instruction
It’s an exceptional curriculum. I love the cohesive aspect of teaching grammar and writing based on reading great children’s book.
The choice of literature is a mix of classic and modern.
We are a Christian family and the books are very much Christian-friendly without them being completely Bible based.
I’m not a natural writer or a writing teacher so I especially appreciate how the author leads the students to create a variety of writing products.
April 29, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 1 out of 5
Not impressed
Overall, I think that you could read a bunch of books and talk about them together and you incorporate the Easy Grammar program, still accomplish everything this program does for a lot cheaper. There is composition but there is NO guidance in HOW to write so it's not very valuable. I wouldn't waste your money was I did. I won't ever invest in this program again. And here are some other major drawbacks:

Aside from the lack of writing instruction, there's no set copywork. There is a copywork option at a lower level but not one that is repeated throughout the week or that highlights sentence structure or spelling, and there is no dictation involved. LLATL does a better job with that. In a nutshell, there's no spelling taught and it lacks a clear presentation of Charlotte Mason structure that I was hoping for. It should have given a sentence or passage per week to be analyzed for grammar, copied, and dictated at the end of the week.

This program seems more up to grade level than LLATL, but there is one irredeemable flaw with this program for which I will not buy again: Though the author is Christian, some of her literature choices have demonic content or take the Lord's name in vain. Eg, in this set (4th grade) she recommends a book (I believe it's called Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.) In this book, the main character's grandmother tosses sticks on the floor to see the future. Now I understand that this book writes to another culture but there are other books that do so without divination which is an evil clearly condemned in the Bible!! Why would I bring demonic influence- treated so flippantly- into my house and into my children's growing minds in such an "entertaining" capacity? I only let them read about such things in books where the demonic influence is clearly understood as evil so that they do not treat these things lightly or think them fun and entertaining. (That book went into the recycling bin.)

I have not read through all of the literature for this course yet and, instead of letting my son read it to himself, I will have to read it all aloud so I can edit or stop when necessary. My kids and I were very excited about all the new and diverse literature that this program recommended but we have all been disappointed by the content and for them, that includes the lack of engaging content in many of the books which were deemed, boring.
September 4, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Love that this curriculum is comprehensive. And at this level encourages independent learning. Excellent book list. I just wish it included nonfiction reading and more detailed writing prompts, but will probably continue to use this curriculum and supplement.
February 2, 2021
over 2 years ago

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