Art of Problem Solving Introduction to Algebra Set

Art of Problem Solving Introduction to Algebra Set


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This is an outstanding math program for the math-gifted student. It is rigorous and oriented to the independent problem-solver. The texts are based on the premise that students learn math best by solving problems - lots of problems - and preferably difficult problems that they don't already know how to solve. Most sections, therefore, begin by presenting problems and letting students intuit solutions BEFORE explaining ways to solve them. Even if they find ways to answer the problems, they should read the rest of the section to see if their answer is correct and if theirs is the best or most efficient way to solve that type of problem. Textual instruction, then, is given in the context of these problems, explaining how to best approach and solve them.

Throughout the text there are also special, blue-shaded boxes highlighting key concepts, important things to retain (like formulas), warnings for potential problem-solving pitfalls, side notes, and bogus solutions (these demonstrate misapplications). There are exercises at the end of most sections to see if the student can apply what's been learned. Review problems at the end of each chapter test understanding for that chapter. If a student has trouble with these, he should go back and re-read the chapter. Each chapter ends with a set of Challenge Problems that go beyond the learned material. Successful completion of these sets demonstrates a high degree of mastery.

A unique feature in this series is the hints section at the back of the book. These are intended to give a little help to selected problems, usually the very difficult ones (marked with stars). In this way, students can get a little push in the right direction, but still have to figure out the solution for themselves. The solution manuals do contain complete solutions and explanations to all the exercises, review problems and challenge problems. It is best for students not to access these until they have made several attempts to solve the problems first. I particularly like one of the motivating boxes in the text that coaches, "If at first you don't know how to solve a problem, don't just stare at it. Experiment!". That pretty much sums up the philosophy of the course, encouraging children to take chances, become aggressive problem solvers, and attack problems with confidence. I wonder how far some children would go if they were encouraged this way instead of being spoon fed?

Though this course is used in classroom settings, the texts are student-directed, making them perfect for the independent learner or homeschooler. Students should start the introductory sequence with the Prealgebra book. Afterwards, begin the Introduction to Algebra. Students will be prepared for both the Introduction to Counting and Probability and Introduction to Number Theory courses after completing the first 11 chapters of Algebra. It won't matter whether they do these along with Algebra, put aside Algebra and complete the other two or finish Algebra first and then do them. All of them should be completed prior to the Introduction to Geometry book. If you are coming into this course from another curriculum, you will probably want to take a placement test to decide where to enter this program. Even if your student has finished Algebra 2 elsewhere, you will want to make sure that all of the material from this series has been covered before continuing on to the Intermediate series.

Taken together, these constitute a complete curriculum for outstanding math students in grades 6-10 and one that prepares them for competitions such as MATHCOUNTS and the American Mathematics Competitions. The material is challenging and in-depth; this is not a course for the mathematically faint of heart. If your child loves math, is genuinely math-gifted, or is interested in participating in math competitions, you definitely need to give this one serious consideration.

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Taking the course
Jing Qiong H on Apr 5, 2021
my daughter loved their Beast Academy. after doing a different prealgebra program for a year she wants to go back to AOPS for algebra.
Jennifer S on Feb 10, 2021
Taking the course
Jing Qiong H on Apr 5, 2021
I have one child using Beast Academy and loving it, so I'm hopeful her older sister will respond similarly to Art of Problem Solving
Angelique A on Mar 18, 2021
my daughter loved their Beast Academy. after doing a different prealgebra program for a year she wants to go back to AOPS for algebra.
Jennifer S on Feb 10, 2021
good book
elena l on Jan 24, 2021
My son loves math. This is the first math program we found that was a challenge for him.
User on Oct 13, 2020
I like Beast Academy
Kavita S. on Oct 12, 2020
Solid curriculum. Great for teaching math at a deeper level of understanding.
Yan Z on Sep 14, 2020
Beast Academy and PreAlgebra have been amazing. We are excited to continue with the same authors.
Julie S on Jun 22, 2020
It was the next series after the one we've used before.
Dean on Jun 3, 2020
For a math summer camp.
Corey S on May 26, 2020
For my son's math program at school
Sandra K on May 18, 2020
It is a highly regarded math series.
Teial D on May 10, 2020
We loved the Prealgebra set.
Terrence S on May 2, 2020
My son loved AoPS Pre Algebra which includes the book, solutions manual, and online videos and online game-ish extra practice problems. When I told him that I got him Elementary Algebra by Harold Jacobs he asked for this instead.
Helen P on Apr 29, 2020
My math-loving kid has gone through Beast Academy 3-5 and is nearly done with AoPS Prealgebra. He continues to love the level of challenge offered by this company, so I'm happily purchasing the next set of books for him to work through. I sure am glad for the detailed explanations offered in the answer key; it's been a very long time since I've done algebra, and I've forgotten many of the finer points!
Shereen V on Sep 15, 2019
MURTHY V on Aug 19, 2019
I've heard this is a program for gifted math students and am planning on having my daughter do this on her own.
Melanie H on Aug 14, 2019
My daughter used the pre-algebra textbook. She found it very interesting and helpful
Eric L on Sep 27, 2018
We just finished the AOPS PreAlgebra book and it really made my son think about math more than any other curriculum we have used. I'm hoping the Algebra book will be the perfect next step.
Derek H on Aug 1, 2018
The most rigerous algebra program on the market.
Julie F on Jul 31, 2018
This is an excellent series for "mathy" kids.
Rebecca H on Jul 10, 2018
Recommended by a math teacher. For my child who is planning on taking algebra 1 in the fall.
Jennifer G on Jun 18, 2018
I was searching for a good Algebra 1 textbook for my 8th grader, and I really like how this book explains the concepts.
Irena J on Jun 4, 2018
from friends
Yongjun Z on Apr 10, 2018
my son need improve his algebra knowledge
greece c on Apr 10, 2018
These books do a great job of explaining math concepts and provide excellent problem sets. I hope to use it for a math enrichment working group for middle schoolers.
Maria K on Apr 4, 2018
My son had a great experience with AoPS Pre-Algebra. He grasps math easily, and I was very happy with their depth and the challenge of the problems. Looking forward to another great year of math with this set.
Meredith F on Apr 2, 2018
I have a student that finds math easy. The Art of Problem Solving series gives him the deeper and more difficult challenge he needs.
Jude on Feb 27, 2018
My son has been enjoying their Pre-Algebra book.
Brenda on Jan 28, 2018
Per my son's teacher
Nagaraju C on Jan 17, 2018
Sanjay G on Oct 7, 2017
Same as above
HYEJONG K on Sep 29, 2017
We had good experiences with the Pre-Algebra set and decided to continue with their Intro to Algebra set.
Ann Marie T on Sep 18, 2017
good deal
shashikant t on Sep 13, 2017
Best price offered here.
Ritu R on Sep 13, 2017
Laura S on Sep 12, 2017
need to use it
xiang l on Sep 12, 2017
Best optimal pricing
Niraj A on Sep 4, 2017
Many people recommend these books, and the price here is quite good.
Wei W on Aug 29, 2017
this was recommended to me by many parents
Hang n on Aug 15, 2017
My son is very good at math. I purchased this to give him a challenge.
Rebecca L M on Jun 26, 2017
Ship to Canada with reasonable rate
Alice W on Jun 23, 2017
I need it.
Jie T on Jun 19, 2017
We were looking for a challenging math curriculum
Kimberly H on Jun 4, 2017
suggested by others
Mengyu Z on Jun 3, 2017
My kid has completed the concepts in Algebra and thought this book will be useful for her.
SUJATHA S on Apr 26, 2017
We've done AoPS Pre-Algebra this year with success. Next year we are moving to their Into to Algebra.
Stefani M on Apr 22, 2017
just trying
Huawen L on Apr 13, 2017
High recommendation from friends and family.
Sundeep M on Feb 14, 2017
I wanted the best math curriculum available. This program doesn't encourage memorizing formulas but understanding concepts.
Chaundra B on Jan 31, 2017
I have one child using Beast Academy and loving it, so I'm hopeful her older sister will respond similarly to Art of Problem Solving
Angelique A on Mar 18, 2021
good book
elena l on Jan 24, 2021
Why the title is Cursive Handwriting Charts?
A shopper on Jun 7, 2021
BEST ANSWER: We purchased the Introduction to Algebra Set last year and it was a wonderful, challenging text. I highly recommend it!
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Rated 4 out of 5
Great book
The book is great. I give it 5 stars. Will start to use it this summer. Just wanted to mention that the package may need to be improved. The wrap was damaged and parts of the book was also worn out. The 1 missing star is for the packaging. Thank you.
June 4, 2021
2 months ago
Response from Rainbow Resource Center
Hello Wenli, your books should have arrived in new condition unless you purchased them as bargain items. Please contact our customer service dept regarding the damage. or 888.841.3456
June 4, 2021
Sara C.
Rated 5 out of 5
love this curriculum
I love this curriculum. It's literally the only math curriculum I've used where I have not felt the need to supplement the problems with other activities. The book focuses on thinking and teaches by letting kids figure out how math works. It is a very challenging (in a good way) curriculum, and but because of that it may not be the best for all students. (The placement tests and sample pages on the AOPS site are a great resource to determine if it's a good fit for your family.)
April 23, 2021
4 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Nice and fast
October 29, 2018
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great approach to math, for the one who loves math OR the one who picks it up easily
This is our second set of AoPS (we used PreAlgebra as well). AoPS is a great approach for the person who loves math, as it walks the student through the "why". The student is first presented with problems to solve or figure out why something works before they are presented with the math "rule" that they could use to solve the problem. My nephew loves this approach (as he loves math). However, while my son picks up math quickly, he most certainly doesn't LOVE math or even like it much), so he doesn't care about the "why". For him, the chapters are too tedious because he doesn't want to try and solve/discover principles on his own before being presented with the relevant math rule. What has worked for us is for me to just teach him the concepts (essentially highlighting the "math rules" or concepts within each section), work through some of the sample problems with him, then let him work through the exercises on his own. I would agree with another reviewer that it might be nice to have just a few more exercises for them to work through, but all in all it's a great approach. My son wouldn't like other curricula with much more "math drill" because it would feel like busy work to him. I think the layout of the books are good, too, unlike others that look like extremely dry textbooks.
May 13, 2018
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
A great option for advanced students!
Art of Problem Solving is a great option for advanced students. I don't recommend it for those that don't like math or those that get very upset when math is hard or tricky, but for kids that love math and love problem solving, then Art of Problem Solving is a wonderful option!
April 26, 2018
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Wonderful, challenging curriclum
There are excellent youtube videos that go along with each section.
April 6, 2018
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Not for everyone, but worth a try
This is a different approach to math. We tried out the samples at AoPS website before jumping into this book. My dd had already completed Foerster Algebra 1, so the first half of the book is mostly review for her. It is very much for a student who wants to know "why" when they do math.
December 16, 2017
over 3 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Good approach with a more narrative way of explaining concepts, logical sequencing of topics, comprehensive, with lots of good problems which are worked through for the student.
What could make this program even better would be that there are more problems and exercises to be solved by the student.
September 19, 2016
over 4 years ago

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