Introductory Logic: The Fundamentals of Thinking Well Homeschool Package (with DVD Set)

Introductory Logic: The Fundamentals of Thinking Well Homeschool Package (with DVD Set)


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Grades: 7-12

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Studying formal logic can be intimidating without the right help, but knowing how to think logically isn't just for "experts."

Our easy-to-read layout comes with summaries, key points, definitions, and cautions so you learn and keep an understanding of logic.

It's the tool for learning how to use other tools.

I t's the bones that give a clenched fist its structure (and knuckles).

Introductory Logic is perfect for Grade 7+ students, teachers, and parents who've never tackled syllogisms or fallacies before. It provides a semester or year's worth of logic to help you detect and deflect flawed or deceitful arguments and to think, debate, and argue well.

  • Student Edition
    • 40 lessons covering formal and informal logic
    • sidebars with definitions, key points, cautions, further study, activities for thinking deeper, and historical information
    • perforated pages with practice exercises
  • Teacher's Edition
    • a daily lesson schedule for completing Introductory Logic in a semester or a year-long course.
    • answers to all exercises, review questions, review exercises, quizzes, and tests in the order they are taught.
    • contains the entire Student Edition text—with the same page numbers as the Student Edition! No more flipping back and forth between answer keys and textbook.
    • daily lesson plans with step-by-step teaching advice, objectives, and assignments
  • Video Courses
    • expanded lessons and examples for independent students or a teacher's prep
    • animations and visual cues
    • veteran teacher Brian Kohl teaches through every lesson and practice test to help independent students or teachers who need to prepare
  • Tests & Quizzes
    • quizzes every two or three lessons (not just tests)
    • two versions of each test for extra practice
    • answers in 5th Ed. Intro Teacher
    • looseleaf, hole-punched, resealable packets to prevent copying

Every person should have a course in logic at some point. It is important for children to be prepared to argue logically, defend their positions, and spot fallacies. The only thing more frustrating than knowing your opponent is wrong is to have to combat a well-constructed, logical argument when you are unable. There is no real defense against sound logic and thinking. Many logic books are written at too high a level for younger students to comprehend. Canon Press says this course is written for primary and secondary students. Cathy Duffy, however, says the content is beyond typical high-school-level material. I have looked through this book and found it simpler to use and understand than the course I had in high school. I would hope that my 12 year olds could handle it without much difficulty. It is a complete and fairly rigorous course, and is from a Christian perspective. The course builds from basic to more complex, giving students the tools they need, with good examples along the way. Exercises teach logical statements, truth and validity, universals and particulars, categorized relationships, syllogism, logical fallacy, symbolic logic, and much more. The newest version of the course includes 36 lessons (with 39 consumable exercises). Definitions of important terms, key points, and caution signs regarding common errors are set apart in the margins of the text. The Student Text begins with a section on defining terms, which lays the foundation for the lessons that follow. The book has a new cover, perfect binding, and has perforated exercise pages for easy removal. The Teacher Edition includes both full-year and semester lesson schedules; answers to all exercises, review exercises, quizzes and tests; the entire content of the Student Text; and detailed daily lesson plans with teacher's notes. The DVD Set includes lessons from Brian Kohl who has taught at the high school and college levels. The Homeschool Package contains the Student Text, Teacher Edition, Test & Quiz Packet, and DVD Set. Make Introductory Logic one of their required courses and arm them for battle!

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Classical Conversations
Lindi P on Jul 18, 2023
I learned logic with this curriculum when I was being homeschooled around 20 years ago. Now it's been updated several times, but I know what we're getting into, something that saves me a lot of mental work as we learn together as a family. I love the syllogisms and informal fallacies sections.
Chelsey on Aug 30, 2022
Classical Conversations
Lindi P on Jul 18, 2023
Engaging teacher on the DVD, excited to go through this class with my middle schooler.
Chelsea B on Jun 16, 2023
I learned logic with this curriculum when I was being homeschooled around 20 years ago. Now it's been updated several times, but I know what we're getting into, something that saves me a lot of mental work as we learn together as a family. I love the syllogisms and informal fallacies sections.
Chelsey on Aug 30, 2022
Required curicuulum for classical conversations.
Gary L on Jul 24, 2022
It appears to be a very approachable (easy for mom), thorough introduction to logic.
Penny T on Jul 24, 2022
I'm a new Classical Conversation director and need this set with DVD to facilitate our community lesson.
Heather C on Jul 18, 2022
We will be using it for Challenge B for Classical Conversations.
User on Jun 28, 2022
Needed for homeschool program
Julie W on Jun 25, 2022
Heard great things, we can always use some Logic!
Jenna B on Jun 16, 2022
challenge b
Erin C on Aug 11, 2021
Great price! Needed for the Classical Conversations, Challenge B program.
Jacqueline F on Aug 9, 2021
for homeschool program
Laura K on Aug 4, 2021
To introduce our middle schooler to the elements of Logic, which will provide a basis for future studies in making logical arguments.
Susan C on Jul 14, 2021
classical conversations challenge b
Sarah R on Jul 5, 2021
I felt this was important for my child beginning high school. A firm foundation in making logical arguments and identifying the illogical ones swirling around our society will be invaluable.
Cynthia S on Jul 1, 2021
required for Classical Conversations co-Op homeschool group
Cathryne H on Jun 22, 2021
We believe a course in logic can only improve one's life.
Thuan N on May 29, 2021
Logic curriculum for class.
Genevie D on Apr 2, 2021
It's required for Classical Conversations Challenge B. I'm also interested in purchasing it early to review the teacher guide ahead of time.
Jason R on Mar 12, 2021
this is a requirement for classical conversations
Sunista S on Jan 24, 2021
It is so important for our children to be critical thinkers; I purchased this to help my children improve their logic and thinking skills. They'll need it in the world they're headed into in a few years.
Seth H on Sep 22, 2020
assigned from classical conversations
Tara O on Aug 14, 2020
required for a course
Sarah G on Aug 8, 2020
It is critical that our children learn how to think for themselves, and not just be easily lead to believe everything they are told.
Ben M on Jul 27, 2020
We are members of Classical Conversations
Heidi M on Jul 24, 2020
Required curriculum for Challenge B in the Classical Conversations program
Jenna W on Jul 13, 2020
Classical Conversations Ch B
Cezanne P on Jun 23, 2020
It goes with out classical conversations curriculum for Challenge B
Leslie S on Jun 16, 2020
What my son’s school used. Now I’m using for my homeschooled daughter. Looks engaging.
Cheryl C on Jun 6, 2020
Looking for something for my high schooler that uses logic. Reviews are really important and this one had great reviews! I chose it over other logic curriculum because of it's Biblical worldview.
Kristin H on May 28, 2020
for use in Classical Conversations.
William S on Apr 2, 2020
Recommended by a friend. RR had the best price of course.
Mary W on Mar 21, 2020
My son is going to take this course for a high school credit and we appreciate Doug Wilson.
Denise G on Jan 26, 2020
COOP curriculum
Debra L on Sep 6, 2019
This is part of our Challenge B Classical Conversations curriculum.
Leila C on Aug 7, 2019
part of curriculum
Melineh G on Aug 5, 2019
Seth M on Aug 4, 2019
It is required for Classical Conversations Challenge B
Jon A on Jul 29, 2019
classical conversations
Samantha A on Jul 29, 2019
Needed for Classical Conversations Challenge B and was considerably less expensive on this web-site.
Stephanie H on Jul 22, 2019
Classical Conversations CH B
Lennette L on Jul 19, 2019
Homeschool Curriculum
Mary on Jul 11, 2019
Wanted to DVD also to help us work through the books.
User on Jul 9, 2019
Ginger M on Jul 9, 2019
Challenge B
Stacey S on Jul 1, 2019
Eunice T on Jun 29, 2019
Classical Conversations materials
Clark C on Jun 26, 2019
Required for Classical Conversations Challenge B
Keith D on Jun 22, 2019
Best service and great prices, thank you!
Cheryl Lynn N on Jun 17, 2019
Required for Classical Conversations Challenge B. Best price was from you.
Susan P on Jun 13, 2019
Engaging teacher on the DVD, excited to go through this class with my middle schooler.
Chelsea B on Jun 16, 2023
Required curicuulum for classical conversations.
Gary L on Jul 24, 2022
Which edition is included in the homeschool bundle?
A shopper on Jun 27, 2020
BEST ANSWER: All items in the homeschool bundle are the 5th Edition.
Does this set contain the newest version of the DVD? 2019 with instructor Brian Kohl?
A shopper on May 16, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this package includes the DVD set with Brian Kohl. Please note the back of the DVD package at this link:
Does this contain sectarian content?
A shopper on Oct 22, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it is absolutely written with a Christian worldview.
I purchased this set but it didn't include the answers to the tests & quizzes! Are they available?
A shopper on Aug 28, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The answers to all the quizzes, tests, and exams are in the Teacher Edition.
How necessary are the DVDs if I am doing the course with him? Can he read the same information in the text as in the video lecture?
Tavianna on Aug 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I was a Classical Conversations Challenge B Director last year. Students can read the same info in the text, but the DVDs are very helpful. The author does more explaining in the DVDs and he works sample problems. I found that most of my students greatly benefited from the DVDs.
Is this the 5th edition?
User on Apr 18, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this is the 5th edition. We bought ours in 09/2015, so I'm not sure if they've come out with a new edition since then.
Is this the set that was updated in 2014? Thank you!
A shopper on Jul 30, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes this is the current version, in use at Classical Convervsations.
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Rated 5 out of 5
Meeting My Expectations
I purchased Introductory Logic for my 12th Grade dyslexic son who dislikes everything to do with school but who is very argumentative. I figured as long as he was going to argue every point with everyone throughout life, he at least better have good logic. When the curriculum arrived, he took half a glance at the workbook and said, "Uh. No!"

We are currently two chapters in, and he is actively engaged in the class. The videos are well filmed with appropriate animation and summary screens and provide all the information necessary to complete the workbook, no textbook reading is necessary. My son completes the workbook orally. I do not see that the information on the quizzes and tests always correlates with what was emphasized in the workbook, but we have remedied that by having a review day beforehand, using the quiz or test.

I'm finding that the focus on definitions and usage in a practical context (rather than in isolated grammar exercises) is helpful for my son with dyslexia.
September 4, 2023
1 month ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Clear, manageable bites of logic
We sorely need to teach our children how to think, and just as important, how to think things through. They are bombarded with choices on a regular manifests as peer pressure, media influence, and (welp) adult guidance. The video lessons are clear and engaging. The speaker does not mince words and highlights all the key points. The book reinforces the concepts and has a clean layout. The language is grade appropriate. The concepts may be difficult to grasp at first, but stick with's absolutely worth it! I'm learning right alongside my 7th graders. Highly recommend!!!
September 15, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Thinking Well
We got this for my 11th grader because logical thinking is so necessary for survival in this post modern world. We really enjoy the DVD's and watch each lesson as a family. It's a great resource at a great price.
February 26, 2020
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Excellent Value
I loved the convenience of ordering the package and appreciated the discount. It is really going to help out with our curriculum goals this year.
July 10, 2018
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
The Logic package is definitely worth buying, especially the DVD set! I highly recommend it!
June 4, 2017
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Introductory Logic purchase
After completing some research on price comparisons, rainbow resource was the least expensive option for the introductory logic curriculum. I am excited about my students going through this material this semester. Thank you rainbow resource, for making it more affordable.
August 25, 2016
over 7 years ago

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