Hey, Andrew! Level 3 "Short" Set

Hey, Andrew! Level 3 "Short" Set


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Grades: 3-AD

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Building upon the previous level, Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! Level 3 introduces accusative, genitive, dative, vocative, and nominative cases (singular and plural), first, second, and third person, moods and voices of the Greek verb, masculine and neuter second declension nouns, present active indicative verbs, movable nu and more.

The workbook includes lots of practice opportunities ensure that lessons are retained and absorbed; students will trace and free-write letters as they practice the sound the letter makes and its name; match words with the translations; fill in missing Greek words within a sentence; adding the correct endings; identifying types of action; translating sentences; and more. Final Review included. Teaches Biblical (Koine) Greek. 180 pages, spiralbound, softcover.

The Quiz & Exam Book includes four quizzes, a comprehensive midterm, and a comprehensive final exam. Each test notes what material is covered and on what page. Tests are designed to be cut out by the parent, as the answer key is included in the back of the book.

The"Answer Only" key provides a line-list of answers that accompany the workbook. Answers are arranged by the workbook page number with the activity type given when needed. Paperback.

Keyed to the workbook level and page, the flashcards feature a word on the front, and the translation, conjugation, or appropriate cases on the back. These flashcards are printed on thin cardstock, and are the same as the cards that are printed on normal paper in the back of each workbook. Cut and hole-punched, a ring and plastic storage bag are included. 78 cards.

This kit includes:

  • Workbook
  • Quiz & Exam Book
  • "Answer Only" answer key
  • Flashcards on a keyring

    The difference between this "short workbook set" and the "full workbook set" is that this set includes the "answer only" answer key, while the full set includes the full-text answer key.

Category Description for Hey, Andrew Short Sets:

Each short set includes the Hey Andrew (Greek) Workbook, an Answers Only Answer Key, Quizzes & Exams, and Flashcards on a Ring.

Category Description for Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek:

This series of workbooks teaches koine Greek using a combination of deductive, inductive, and interactive methodology. Its main goal is to equip students to study the Greek New Testament for themselves, so they can identify inaccurate theology based on faulty exegesis. But it's also worthwhile to pursue for expanding vocabulary, since many English words have Greek roots. The Level One reader teaches the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet. Its companion workbook reinforces the learning, including a variety of activity pages (matching, dot-to-dot, puzzles). Students below fourth grade should start at this level. Level Two begins using the Greek alphabet to form words. Eleven vocabulary words lay the foundation for grammar to be introduced in Level Three. The workbook contains a review of the alphabet, Greek words to read and write, and a variety of puzzles and activity pages. Level Three begins to incorporate grammar, introducing noun and verb inflections, including second declension nouns and present active verbs. Students begin to translate Greek to English and English to Greek. The workbook reviews alphabet and vocabulary from previous levels, so upper senior high and adult students can begin here. Level Four continues with the first declension and the articles, incorporating these new skills into the translation of Greek sentences. The workbook reviews learning from previous levels, and teaches articles, accents, feminine nouns, and word order. As with other levels, it also contains activity pages to help make the learning fun. Level Five adds adjectives, prepositions, and adverbs. Level Six introduces imperfect and future indicative, middle/passive voice, personal pronouns, enclitics, deponents, and continues to expand vocabulry. In Level Seven, students perfect their Greek skills as they learn additional pronouns, work on language proficiency in all tenses and voices, expand their vocabulary, and work on translating the first two chapters of I John. According to the author, completing the first seven levels of the program is roughly equivalent to three credits of high school Greek. Just recently added, Level Eight covers subjunctive and imperative mood, irregular adjectives, comparison of adjectives and adverbs and more while continuing to translate and write Greek sentences and translating II John and III John.

Because of the gentle introduction and incremental learning, this series is excellent for teaching Biblical Greek without prior experience with the language. Although I have not personally undertaken the study of Greek, a good friend has found this series extremely helpful and easy to use as a first introduction to the language. She is very concerned about being able to correctly translate the New Testament from the original Greek herself so that she can understand more clearly the original meaning of the scripture, especially the words of Jesus.

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Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! is so fun and engaging, it makes learning a challenging language easy!
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Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! is so fun and engaging, it makes learning a challenging language easy!
User on Feb 19, 2020
Fun, student-directed Greek program that my boys have enjoyed.
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best price overall
Alicia M on Dec 15, 2017
Fun, student-directed Greek program that my boys have enjoyed.
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