Key to Fractions Complete Set Workbooks + Keys

Key to Fractions Complete Set Workbooks + Keys


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Grades: 4-8

Category Description for PROGRAMS - OTHER:

While offering some instruction, these programs include less teaching material or do not cover the full range of grade-level skills that the comprehensive programs offer.

Category Description for Key To Math (Gr. 4-12):

The Key To... series is a very self-instructional, unintimidating, programmed learning series. Covering seven basic topics, students can work through these horizontally or vertically. They are ideal for "homework" or a more topical approach to the subject. Presentation is done in a simple, friendly manner, incrementally, and with examples to follow as needed. Workbooks are thin and consumable. Answer keys are recommended. Order by the book or in sets.

We like this series because it encourages children to tackle these subject areas in as much depth as they can, rather than working strictly within the confines of an age-graded math program. Starting in 4th or 5th grade, I purchased a complete set of student workbooks for each child. Book 1 in each topic was put on the school book shelf. When Key to... was assigned, my children were free to work on whatever topic they chose, and they worked as much as they wanted. As soon as Book 1 in any subject was completed, it was replaced by Book 2. My oldest daughter sometimes got so involved that she just kept going!

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Hands down the best resource for teaching fractions I have ever encountered. Intricate progression of concepts that keeps an appropriate pace to build knowledge and fluency.
Julie S on Oct 8, 2019
We used Miquon for elementary math. This is recommended as a natural progression.
Velta T on Aug 14, 2019
Hands down the best resource for teaching fractions I have ever encountered. Intricate progression of concepts that keeps an appropriate pace to build knowledge and fluency.
Julie S on Oct 8, 2019
Keys to Algebra is a great product. Key to Fractions, Percents, and decimals came highly recommended by my administrator.
Julie A on Sep 10, 2019
We used Miquon for elementary math. This is recommended as a natural progression.
Velta T on Aug 14, 2019
My daughter does not feel that she has a strong grasp on fractions.
Emma H on Jun 29, 2019
It was suggested for continued work and help by my Education Advisor
Mellisa W on Jun 5, 2019
My daughter needs extra practice in math.
Deborah C on May 27, 2019
recommendation by teacher
evan d on May 17, 2019
Need extra work on fractions
Carrie S on Mar 29, 2019
I love that this focuses on one area. And we can go at our own pace.
User on Mar 26, 2019
I have used this before and love it!
Jane P on Jan 31, 2019
Was able to see inside the books and I don't think I've ever seen more simplified explanations. Lots of practice provided.
Andrea L on Jan 25, 2019
I have used these before with my older kids. They actually used them!
Carrie B on Jan 3, 2019
Great to help struggling learners or fast learners. For struggling learners, this curriculum gives repetition and focus on single math concept of fractions, decimals or percentages without new things put into each days lesson. For fast learners it gives the basic concept and allows quick learning to advance to Algebra without spending a whole year in a math book.
Theresa S on Dec 2, 2018
Supplement daughters math comprehension
Cynthia S on Sep 16, 2018
Shelley A on Sep 11, 2018
My child is struggling with mastery of fractions and decimals, have used these in the past with another student for review and was happy with it, hoping this will help again!
Heather C on Jul 11, 2018
My son struggles with math and has taken longer than average to complete basic math. He seems to respond well to mastery based programs. I want to do topical studies to help prepare him for high school. These books seem highly recommended and have a simple layout. We enjoyed CLE math but it became too spirally for us. We enjoy being able to reach small goals and complete a workbook.
KARI P on Jul 9, 2018
Great reinforcement, not fancy, but makes the concepts come to life with lots of simple illustrations.
Kimberly C on Jun 19, 2018
Recommended for 'filling in the holes' or the weak areas in 7th graders competency
Tarese H on May 30, 2018
This series is going along with LoF. The plan is to do the Key to Fractions, Decimals and Percents along with Life of Fred. Then we will start VideoText. We shall see.
Fonda D on May 18, 2018
Looking for some targeted remedial help for my child
Jaime G on Apr 27, 2018
The absolute best way to teach fractions, no matter what your regular curriculum is.
Tiffany M on Apr 25, 2018
Recommended by friends
Crystal H on Apr 13, 2018
Marcy M on Apr 11, 2018
Priced right and there is no material comparable to Key Material. I have never had very math challenged students unable to learn fractions with Key . It is a quality product and one in which the students are excited to engage because they see themselves learning!! In addition, the spacing, typing, print size, and number of problems on each page support ease in acquiring new concepts.
Mari Lou H on Mar 21, 2018
I've used these workbooks with several struggling students over the years and had great success. They remain my go-to choice for decimals and fractions, probably because they were the books that finally helped me understand them, way back when I was being homeschooled!
Sarah A on Mar 12, 2018
I know this is a great resource for students who need math concepts introduced a little more slowly to build their confidence and ability.
Lisa B on Feb 27, 2018
My son is struggling in math and I am hoping a more focused approach will help.
Jana L C on Feb 21, 2018
This really helps to provide extra practice to solidify these concepts.
Rachel M on Feb 17, 2018
My sister is in college and these will help her with math
Kathleen T on Feb 5, 2018
I've been using this product for several years now in my field of tutoring kids at risk whom have had trouble in school. This is a simple but very strong tool in my ability to help these kids.
carol l on Jan 12, 2018
Needed an independent workbook for my 13 year old daughter to review fractions.
tammy w on Jan 2, 2018
"These were recommended by a math tutor friend for my struggling with math son. She likes using these with her pupils as they are simple and confidence inspiring yet adequately presents the topics."
Courtney P F on Dec 15, 2017
looking for an inexpensive way to review fractions
Yazbet Z on Nov 19, 2017
I like how this series introduces multiplying and dividing fractions before adding and subtracting which requires a common denominator.
User on Nov 14, 2017
I chose these items because my son needs to complete Key to Fractions and Key to Decimals before he starts Key to Percents. These were recommended by a trusted homeschool mom. She said this math helped her son boost his confidence.
Roxann H on Oct 25, 2017
I have used it before and the student I am currently teaching needs review in fractions
Jane S on Oct 23, 2017
Liked the Decimals booklets.
Christianw R on Oct 19, 2017
recommended by your staff
Roberta N on Oct 13, 2017
I have used them in the past and do not have them anymore.
sharon b on Sep 10, 2017
Advice from Waldorf curriculum
Nicola S on Sep 4, 2017
Recommended by a friend. It's affordable enough to give it a try to supplement Life of Fred.
Emily B on Aug 26, 2017
My son is struggling with Fractions and I have heard that Life of Fred Fractions is hard. I want him to use this curriculum first.
Monica K on Jun 26, 2017
My 6th grade daughter needs review in fractions, as well as support in decimals and percentages. I specifically wanted something published before the common core standards were introduced. This seems to fit the bill. I also like the small workbooks that can be completed quickly, giving her a sense of accomplishment.
Lori M on Jun 17, 2017
My son needs extra help with math. Saxon jumped around too much for him and concepts would get jumbled in his mind. The slow and steady progression of one area of study in math at a time will help him build confidence and understand what he is doing. I do not want him to fall behind.
Kristen D on Jun 1, 2017
My son needs additional help with fractions, and friend recommended this.
Kimberly D on May 31, 2017
My child needed a basic review of fractions he completed 4 years ago. The booklets were non-threatening, easy for him to understand and he figured out why he didn't understand fractions after the first booklet.
karen b on May 24, 2017
My student needs additional help with fractions.
Julie D on May 3, 2017
Have used Key to Decimals, loved this as a refresher for middle-highschooler's struggling with mathematics or 5-7th grade mathematics. Loved the simple and easy to use format.
Alena C on Apr 3, 2017
My son is struggling right now in these areas and I have used them in classes with students in the past and find they are easy to use.
Roberta W on Mar 22, 2017
Keys to Algebra is a great product. Key to Fractions, Percents, and decimals came highly recommended by my administrator.
Julie A on Sep 10, 2019
My daughter does not feel that she has a strong grasp on fractions.
Emma H on Jun 29, 2019
are the pages reproducible?
A shopper on Oct 20, 2019
BEST ANSWER: These are consumable worktexts. The copyright does not allow for copying.
Is this and the other Key To books ( like percentages, decimals, measurements, etc.) common core?
User on Mar 27, 2019
BEST ANSWER: No, they are not aligned to CC. In fact, their publication date was 1980, decades before CC.
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Excellent way to learn fractions step by step. I have used this in the past with my older kids. My daughter loves it.
August 23, 2018
1 year ago
perfect for getting over the hurdle
We hit a stumbling block with our main curriculum when we came to the fractions section in 7th grade Teaching Textbooks. I used these to refresh myself while I taught my child with them. Easy explanations! Now we can return to our regular curriculum since we finished the booklets in just a few weeks. We went a little faster in them, but we needed it for a supplement only to hit a few "key" areas that needed reinforcing. We were able to skip the 1st book since my child knew all of it from previous math lessons in our regular curriculum.
February 4, 2017
over 2 years ago
Breakthrough with this Key set..
One of my tutoring students was struggling horribly with fractions and had many gaps. I purchased the Key to Fractions set and started her at the very beginning. It is nothing less than amazing how well she has caught on and how thorough her understanding is! I highly recommend the "Key to" series!
January 9, 2017
over 2 years ago
Keys to Fractions
This is the best supplementary curriculum for fractions, decimals and measurment. Many math curriculums do not give enough practice and low level instruction. I use this every year to give my students the base knowledge.
December 3, 2016
over 3 years ago
Useful Tools
Excellent practice to solidify critical algebra skills. Clear and straightforward.
September 28, 2016
over 3 years ago
First I would like to say that I LOVE the Key to__ series We used the Key to Fractions the past school year for my 12 year old son He always did ok in math but he needed a little help on fractions For a mom that is not too great in math I liked that the books were easy to understand He just read the directions and went about his work needing little help from me There is no preparation to use the books Just open the workbook read the short directions and begin! I ordered the complete set and I did enjoy having the answer booklet for fast checking I have the Key to Percents we will start our year off with and then I plan on using the Key to Algebra as soon as we complete the percent booklets I would highly recommend the Key to books!
August 6, 2007

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