Basic Studies Course with 112 color art cards

Basic Studies Course with 112 color art cards

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Item #: BM-068582
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Product Description:

Designed like a unit study, this program primarily focuses on phonics but also brings in the study of literature, creative writing, and storytelling, drawing and painting, and the study of art history. Also intermingled throughout are history, geography, science and discovery lessons. The full color art cards are the core of the program. I fell in love with the beautiful art cards the moment I saw them! These cards (measuring 6 x 9 inches) reveal paintings from the 19th and early 20th centuries and portray the love of family and its values, the love of children, of country, and of Gods creation. The cards are the core of the entire program and Internet links are used heavily throughout. The teacher manual, Basic Studies in Phonics, Literature, Art, Creative Writing, Drawing, and History explains the programs premise and gives complete instructions on how to use it with detailed lesson plans.

The 112 lessons follow the same daily format. Each lesson begins with a short artist summary followed by thoughts and questions to discuss with your children. Next is the phonics instruction (which is based on the 112 art cards depicting fundamental sounds of letters, or groups of letters, associated with the English language). The courses goal is to learn the phonetic sounds by connecting a sound of a letter, or combination of letters, with a word using that sound associated with the painting. The letter appears on the front of the art card and the back has a word associated with the sound and the painting. For example, the letter Cc is associated with a painting of cats. The back of the card will also include the word cats, the name of the painting, and the artist. Free internet links as well as short stories are provided to enhance the phonics lesson. Instructions on how to write the alphabet letters are also included with each letter as well as downloadable pages to practice writing the letters.

After the phonics lesson comes other instruction. The literature portion of the program encourages writing and using stories pertaining to a painting. There are links provided for stories to listen to and write down thoughts to discuss with children. Describe the painting, make up a story about a certain aspect of the painting, or use clustering (organizing thoughts that branch out from the main idea). Learn art history by exploring the links to other paintings by the same author. Science, Biology & Discovery links also provide interesting and informative bits of intelligence about the paintings subject matter. Drawing and painting instructions are given through free internet links and art supplies needed are listed in the teachers manual.

Using these inspiring paintings as a springboard for learning phonics and other subject areas is a wonderful mental hook to help retrieve abstract information. While designed to be a phonics program, the art and history can be enjoyed by the whole family. Together with the art cards and internet links, there is an enormous amount of creative learning for your young students.

Publisher Description:

This course focuses on the study of phonics, literature, creative writing and storytelling, drawing and painting, and the study of art and the history that it reveals. This course can be used with a wide variety of ages - from infants all the way through elementary school. This course includes: 112 phonics/art cards and a Teachers handbook.

The 112 phonics/art cards:
- These cards present 112 letters and letter combinations - phonetic pronunciation of the sounds and the correct pronunciation of these sounds of the English language.
- Each sound is accompanied by a beautiful painting that expresses a word
demonstrating that sound.
- These cards present 112 paintings from Western Art of the 19th and early 20th century. These paintings speak to the heart - to love of family and its values, to the love of children, of country, and of Gods creation. The beauty of painting that is found in Western Civilization from the Renaissance into the Protestant Reformation, and onward into the 19th and first part of the 20th century is unequaled in history. Mothers will love this tool and also be inspired! This is an attempt to help restore the appreciation for real art - not the modern twaddle that has been promoted in the West by the Marxists over the past 70 years. This is one reason we went back to the 19th century before the Marxists debased the art in the West by infiltrating the art schools in the West and promoting ugly art to undermine our values and destroy our culture. Western art as well as Russian art before the Marxists has been inspiring and holds up Christian values of love for family and home.

The Teacher's Handbook - The following information will be given in the handbook:
- Title of painting and facts about the artist.
- Thoughts and questions to help you discuss the painting with your children.

Extra Learning Activities:
- Literature: Over 225 selected stories with internet links to expressive reading of free audio books. These stories are meant to furnish your child with excellent expressive reading, good sentence structure, and good vocabulary. Literature selections include some of the great fairy tales, moral lessons from Aesops fables, excerpts of some of our great literature, fun adventure stories, stories to stimulate the imagination, and some animated stories and re-enacted Biblical texts.
- Creative Writing and Storytelling: Following each painting, your child is asked to write a story associated with the painting. Using the painting as a springboard will inspire imagination. Questions are given that you can use to help your children develop their story and their own adventure. Older children can write the story themselves. Younger children will tell you the story and you can write it down for them. At the end of the course your child will have written 112 different stories and will be on their way to becoming a very good writer and storyteller and a great communicator.
- Bits of Intelligence - history, geography, science and discovery: Following each painting using the internet links provided, videos of bits of intelligence are presented related to the painting, and when it can be applied, a study of geography, cynology (study of dogs) ornithology (the study of birds), zoology, art history, history, discovery, and science will be presented. These bits of intelligence will furnish your child with a broad knowledge of many things they might otherwise not think about or know, and this will help establish and encourage their love of learning and interest in many things.
- Learning How to Draw and Paint: Following each painting, video links are provided which give free step by step instruction on drawing and or painting certain aspects of the painting being studied. Here, again using free internet instruction, your child will have the opportunity to learn how to draw and paint. Try to encourage even the youngest children to try some of the exercises. These are easy instructions for kids and there are exercises to develop their motor skills. Some of the paintings are accompanied by more advanced instructions for older children, but even younger children should not hesitate to try to draw using these instructions. The video giving instructions can be paused or reviewed along the way to make sure they are following it correctly. By the end of the course your child will have completed 112 art lessons. Both you and your child will be encouraged at just how well anyone can draw when someone shows you how. These exercises help develop the right side - the creative side of the brain.

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