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Latin for Children Primer A Mastery Bundle


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Designed, revised, and continually sharpened since 2001, the award-winning Latin for Children curriculum continues to be a strong, inviting, and creative program designed to introduce students as young as fourth graders to Latin. It incorporates elements that will engage students of every learning style. When used as a whole, this series trains students in grammar, vocabulary, and English derivatives in a lively, interactive way that is perfectly suited to students in the grammar stage. The Latin for Children series is taught directly to the child and is a perfect choice for teachers and parents, including those who will be learning along with their students.

Full program includes:

  • Latin for Children Primer A (consumable student edition and workbook) Each workbook is easy to use, incremental, and filled with clear grammatical explanations written expressly for the student. Exercises, quizzes, and a useful reference section are also included. Lessons teach mnemonic aids (songs, chants) that enable students to learn vocabulary and grammar with ease and delight. There are clear explanations of grammar in every chapter, written at the student’s level. Guidance is given for both classical and/or ecclesiastical pronunciations.
  • Latin for Children Primer A Answer Key This teacher’s tool features actual, full-size pages from the primer, with answers to quizzes, exercises, and worksheets in bold print. This key corresponds with the newly revised edition of the primer and also includes a suggested weekly schedule.
  • Latin for Children Primer A Video & Audio (8-DVD & 2-CD Set) The Primer A video, now in high definition, offers chapter-by-chapter teaching by author Dr. Christopher Perrin. Clear, engaging grammar lessons are given from his cozy classroom, and the memory page is chanted with motions and songs/chants led by students. Each lesson is 20–25 minutes and corresponds to the weekly chapter in Latin for Children Primer A. It features the chanting and singing of vocabulary, including noun declensions and verb conjugations, and clear grammatical explanations. The video can be used to prep the teacher for the lesson, to help a student catch up on a missed lesson, to help a student maintain or catch up over the summer, or as a substitute when the teacher is absent. The audio CDs capture the teacher and students pronouncing and rhythmically repeating each grammar chart and vocabulary word in the primer—first the Latin, then the English equivalent. These chants are an incredible tool to use for fun memorization and contain all 240 vocabulary words chanted and sung in both the classical and ecclesiastical pronunciations.
  • Latin for Children Primer A Activity Book! (consumable) With over 100 pages of games, puzzles, and fun, this book makes mastery of a classical language anything but boring! Students will love learning Latin and look forward to class.
  • Latin for Children Primer A History Reader (consumable) Now young Latin scholars can begin to translate and read a selection of simple Latin stories at their own level. The stories are integrated with the grammar and vocabulary of Latin for Children Primer A, correspond with the Veritas Press History Card series, and feature stories of Ancient Greece and Rome. The History Reader contains glosses for new words in each chapter and a full glossary at the end of the book.
  • Note: The old editions of the primer and answer key are not compatible with this newly revised edition (though the grammar is taught in the same sequence). The DVD, however, will still work with previous editions of the text. The Activity Book and History Reader are also still compatible with either version.

Category Description for Latin for Children Primer A:

Category Description for Latin for Children (Gr. 3-5+):

As the books state, "Caveat emptor - let the buyer beware - this series has made Latin the favorite subject of many homeschoolers...." Hard to believe? This thorough program can help you teach your children Latin effectively, even if you have no background in or experience with Latin.

Primers (texts) are divided into a handful of different units, with a total of 32 lessons per book. Primer A starts right at the beginning. Each lesson introduces new vocabulary words alongside a Latin concept, starting with verbs and nouns in the first unit and moving on to linking verbs, adjectives, more verb forms, predicates and nominatives, and a bunch of other concepts. The lessons are short at four pages each, except for the periodic reviews which generally have a couple more pages. The lessons begin with a vocabulary list, a chant, and then a discussion/explanation of the target concept. The last two pages hold a variety of short exercises practicing the grammar concept using the vocabulary words. Primers B and C build on the skills learned in Primer A, progressing through more vocabulary words and more advanced grammatical concepts. All levels are integrated with Shurley English as well, so it correlates nicely if you are using that program.

The lessons become longer in the later levels, but they follow the same straight-forward format. Each level introduces students to 240 of the most frequently occurring words in an engaging, easy manner with plenty of practice to help them retain what they've learned. Helpful glossaries are included in the back of each primer.

Paperback answer keys contain copies of the student exercises from the Primers, but with answers provided in bold font (includes only the pages with answers). A suggested weekly teaching schedule is also included at the beginning.

To further enhance the program, there are DVD/CD sets for each level, which show the author teaching the lessons to young students, explaining the grammatical concepts in a clear, easy to understand manner. Boys and girls in the elementary and middle grades perform the chants, while the text from the book is displayed on the screen. This helps your child learn them as well as the correct pronunciation. Each DVD set holds five or more hours of instruction, on 2-3 DVDs. We've heard a lot of positive feedback on the DVDs, which kids find entertaining as well as educational.

Audio CDs are included in the DVD/CD sets and are also available separately. The audio CDs feature Dr. Perrin and students pronouncing and repeating each grammar chant and vocabulary words, in both Latin and English. All 240 vocabulary words at each level are chanted and sung. Both the classical and ecclesiastical are included in the DVD/CD set, but you can now buy just the classical or ecclesiastical pronunciations separately.

NEW FOR 2023: Chants are available in mp3 files. You will receive an email with access code and instructions to redeem these files on the Classical Academic Press website.

These audio files capture the teacher and students pronouncing and rhythmically repeating each grammar chant and vocabulary word from Latin for Children Primer A—first the Latin, then the English equivalent. These chants are an incredible tool to use for fun memorization and contain all 240 vocabulary words chanted and sung in the ecclesiastical pronunciation. Listen wherever you go! You choose the Classical or Ecclesiastical pronunciation you prefer.

Activity Books and History Readers are also available for each level. The Activity Books provide additional practice for each chapter through fun activities like crosswords, puzzles, word searches, codes, mazes and other fun puzzles. These will supplement and enhance Latin practice while adding a dash of fun for students. The History Readers each offer a selection of stories about history, which are keyed to the vocabulary and grammar learned at each level. The stories are written in Latin, and each story includes a glossary, notes, and follow-up questions (in Latin). Reader A shares stories from Greek and Roman history, while Reader B covers Medieval history and Reader C covers the Age of Exploration through 1815. If you are using Veritas History, you will be pleased to know that the content in the readers parallels that from Veritas History for each period covered, and that the readers share history in a Protestant-friendly way.

Test Packets are available as a PDF download. The complete answer keys for the tests are also included. This includes weekly chapter tests, unit tests, and even unit study guides. This license is for 1-3 students and is valid for 1 year.

While this program is certainly flexible, it was designed so that each level can be completed in one year at the rate of one lesson a week, split up into at least two days of assignments. While the program is suggested for use with grades 3-5, with Primer A being taught in 3rd grade, it can also be used with older children. If you want to start in 5th grade, you should still begin with Primer A before moving on to Levels B and C.

We offer the materials separately, in Packs, or in Mastery Bundles. Packs include the student text, answer key, and DVD/CD set at that level, while Mastery Bundles include a Pack (student text, answer key, and DVD/CD set) as well as the Activity Book and History Reader.

Also available for Levels A and B are the Clash Cards: Latin, Level 1 and Level 2 Flash Cards. Each card contains two vocabulary words on each side of the card (divided into "day" and "night" words), with Latin on one side and the English translation on the other. The Latin side of the card contains the main word in Latin, with additional declensions, conjugations, or definitions listed below. The English side of the card contains the main word in English, with common derivatives listed below. Also listed on the English side is the word's classification (i.e. noun, verb), as well as the word's book and chapter references to match with the Classical Academic Press textbooks. This set contains 240 vocabulary words that students can use to quiz themselves, or they can practice their vocabulary skills with other students by playing different variations of the Clash Game (instructions for three levels of play are included). ~Melissa

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We all need to know the origin of our words and Latin is big with helping learn other languages.
LaTonya M on Jun 26, 2023
We decided on Latin for Children because we already know the format used from the previous two books -- Song School Latin 1 and Song School Latin 2 -- we liked how the books were laid out in a way that made it fun for our child.
Clarre B on Mar 9, 2022
We all need to know the origin of our words and Latin is big with helping learn other languages.
LaTonya M on Jun 26, 2023
Teach and learn Latin
Jennifer T on Sep 27, 2022
We decided on Latin for Children because we already know the format used from the previous two books -- Song School Latin 1 and Song School Latin 2 -- we liked how the books were laid out in a way that made it fun for our child.
Clarre B on Mar 9, 2022
I read excellent reviews on Cathy Duffy Reviews
Nina E on Aug 1, 2021
The companion DVD seemed interesting and a good fit for my son and I. I will be learning along with him!
Kathleen M on Jul 18, 2021
trying a new program for Latin, hope it's not too easy, but if it is we'll just move quickly to Latin for Children B
Sandra R on May 9, 2021
Because we've had sccuess with song school latin 1 & 2
MARNIE K on Mar 29, 2021
We had started with a different Latin program, but the grammar quickly became too advanced. This will hopefully help by incorporating grammar as well as vocabulary along the way!
Tracy B on Sep 30, 2020
Starting Latin with my boys this year.
Kelly T on Jun 5, 2020
To teach my middle school child.
William S on Apr 2, 2020
We have LOVED School Song Latin by CAP!
Tina L on Aug 10, 2019
Super simple way to teach Latin to children.
Jackie T on Aug 6, 2019
For my homeschool.
Lindsey C on Jul 27, 2019
We finished Song School Latin and this was the next suggested step.
Robert T on Jul 10, 2019
homeschooling our children
Cal . on Jul 7, 2019
Comprehensive curriculum. No previous Latin knowledge needed for student or teacher.
Shirley B on May 29, 2019
DVD instruction.
anna c on Jan 19, 2019
review looked good
Yuehong X on Oct 16, 2018
With no prior instruction in Latin myself, I needed a program that didn't require a prior knowledge to commence. I chose this program for its complete and comprehensive, yet fun and engaging approach for my children.
Tania C on Sep 1, 2018
Heard good things about this and decided to try it. Hope it works out for us.
Andrea Y on Aug 30, 2018
After much research and looking at samples of this product, it looks like a fun, engaging curriculum that will be mostly student-led. I don't need to have extensive Latin knowledge to teach this and my daughter was very excited to use this after looking at the samples.
Jessica S on Aug 25, 2018
I've wanted to learn Latin for years, but I've been intimidated to try to teach it to my child since I don't have a background in it. The reviews of this are so positive that I'm giving it a go. Everyone notes how much their children enjoy this and how fun it is. Other Latin curriculum looks kind of dry and not very approachable for a parent without a Latin background. My son is in fifth grade and I think a good age to try this out together. Looking forward!
Suzanna M on Aug 18, 2018
I liked that we could choose either pronunciation, and that it appears to attempt to make learning into a game that my kids would enjoy the challenge. Hopefully it works well.
Ariel S on Jul 8, 2018
Extensive reading, polling other homeschoolers, and my child's learning style along with a review on CathyDuffyReviews led me to choose this curricula.
Jeff C on Feb 6, 2018
We ditched this program. I hear they have redone it and it's a good thing - the video was 1980s home video quality, and the CD was worse. I hope it's better now.
Harper A on Dec 28, 2017
Less expensive then buying direct... I've been looking at this and wanted something more creative and enjoyable for my active boy. We tried First Form Latin last year and it just didn't "click" with him. I'm hoping this will be more engaging and help him to be excited about Latin.
Truly on Aug 17, 2017
My daughter wants to learn a second language and this goes along with her Classical Conversations Studies.
Joshua L on Aug 2, 2017
Our homeschool co-op teacher recommended this program.
Heidi L V on Jan 3, 2017
I love and trust Dr. Perrin's approach to what can be an intimidating subject.
Katherine T on Aug 30, 2016
Have used Song School Latin for the last two years and my kids loved it!
Case T on Jul 20, 2016
We had used the online version of this program last year, but had a hard time reviewing and making it stick due to not having anything on paper to refer to (without going through a lot of printing ink). We liked the curriculum, so we plan to repeat it with this hardcopy version for the upcoming school year.
michael v on Jul 13, 2016
recommended by a friend and oldest child entering Challenge A with Classical Conversations
kelly t on Jun 10, 2016
Pack fit my teaching ability and style. Got good reviews.
Jaime B on Jun 2, 2016
We want to get a jump start on learning Latin before my daughter begins studying it in Challenge A of Classical Conversations.
User on Apr 14, 2016
Having had great success with Memoria Press Prima Latina, my daughter (8, going into 4th grade) wanted to try something different, and we chose Latin for Children.
Sara S on Mar 28, 2016
I chose this based on a recommendation from a friend
Tonya F on Mar 27, 2016
A friend of mine recommended this Latin program as fun to work with.
Jason D on Mar 11, 2016
A friend used it and liked it.
Kimberly L on Jan 7, 2016
We used Song Latin I and II with great success, so we decided to try the next level with the same company. :)
Caridad L on Dec 20, 2015
Teach and learn Latin
Jennifer T on Sep 27, 2022
I read excellent reviews on Cathy Duffy Reviews
Nina E on Aug 1, 2021
is the video lessons dvd included in primer a mastery bundle?
A shopper on Jan 1, 2023
BEST ANSWER: Yes, though can be tricky to play. It doesn't work on our dvd player, but does on our computer
Is this a secular resource? Song School Latin was not, so is this similar?
Heather on Apr 1, 2022
BEST ANSWER: There are a couple mentions of religious words here and there and the history reader mentions some(but you could skip). But I would not say it is slanted heavily towards religion but use of Roman historical reference/stories mostly. You have the option to pick Classical or Ecclesiastical pronunciations as well.
Which components of this set are consumable and will need to be purchased individually for use with more than one child?
Jaime on Jan 22, 2021
BEST ANSWER: I don't remember what came with the bundle and what I bought separately, but the consumable items we own are: the Primer A Workbook, the Activity Book, and the History Reader. You could use paper to write answers for the History Reader if you wanted to reuse it later, or you could use one copy with multiple kids working as a group and have them record their answers on paper, if needed. But each student will need their own Primer A workbook and activity book.
What is the edition of the Latin History Reader? Is it Edition 4 or Edition 5? I am in need of Edition 5 and would like to confirm before purchasing. Thanks
A shopper on Feb 6, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The version of the Latin History Reader that we are currently carrying is Version 5.0. It has a 2005 copyright and was printed in 2018.
What edition is this? Is this the revised 4.0 edition?
A shopper on Jun 24, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes. This is the bundle that I bought a little over 1 year ago, and it is the revised 4.0 edition. If you look at the Classical Academic Press website, you'll see that it was revised in 2017, so suppliers should only have the new revised edition available now. Also, the pictures also match on both Rainbow Resource website and Classical Academic Press.
I see that this is a revised edition. Has the dvd/cd set been improved/updated? Thanks!
User on May 21, 2018
BEST ANSWER: yes, it has been updated/revised. I have this set, and I bought it shortly after the revised edition came out. At that time, you could see samples of the old version on Youtube and the new version. They were different. Also, according to the Classical Academic Press website: "The new teaching video, now in high-definition, is available in streaming or DVD format. "
4.9 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
Exceptionally done resource. Highly recommend! As a world language teacher, I am very impressed with quailty, material and format.
December 7, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 4 out of 5
Great Latin program. Dr Perrin is great (Ie videos are very supportive). Activity book is not worth it but everything else is as expected and hoped.
April 23, 2020
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Wonderful Latin program
This curriculum is great! My 8 year old is the student, but his younger siblings are saying the chants too! The layout is great, the workbook interesting, and it has become my son's favorite subject. Definitely recommend it!
August 24, 2019
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Latin is now our boys' favorite subject
We switched to Latin for Children from Prima Latina. Although they get some latin in Classical Conversations, we wanted to supplement with a more complete curriculum. I was concerned about having to start a new program at the beginning, but they really did not like Prima Latina so we took the plunge. The Activity Book and online games make this program a winner in our house. Our boys ASK to do latin now - and practice the chants on their own. Glad we switched!
August 15, 2016
over 7 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
really enjoy!
We all enjoying the chanting and learning this program offers! Workbook looks very interactive and will dive in more next month.
July 11, 2016
over 7 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
We are in the middle of the LFC Primer A and my child is in the 3rd grade She absolutely loves the DVDs and she is doing very well with chanting and memorizing her vocabulary The DVDs do an excellent job of teaching the grammer portion of Latin to the children But I am finding that we are going to probably do this first primer over 2 years instead of 1 It can be done over one year but I think some of the topics are difficult for a 3rd grader to do Plus I feel like we are rushing through it and I don't really want to do that I also have found that the extra workbook is not being done as much Some of the puzzles are little bit difficult for a 3rd grader So my daughter will do some but others she doesn't want to do and I don't make her I absolutely LOVE the website There are games my daughter can play on there that really help with memorizing vocabulary Also there are short video clips and her treat for getting through the different units is that she gets to watch a new video at the end of a unit (each unit has a clip that has a lot of vocabulary from that unit in it) There are also practice worksheets on there with declensions and conjugations We do a page of noun declensions and a page of verb conjugations about every week My daughter doesn't mind doing them and I think it has really helped her see how latin flows The only challenge I really see for my daughter in the future is going to be retention of all of this vocabulary over the long haul However while I am not a year round homeschooler I am thinking that I will have her get on the website at least 1 time per week to play games and maybe do a puzzle or two that she skipped during the year just to keep her memory fresh for the following year We are loving level A and plan to follow up with both level B and level C In addition the curriculum is written well to many types of learning styles and plan to be able to use this curriculum with my 2 younger kids as they get older
October 3, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5
We used Latin for Children as I wanted something that was easier than High School Latin with all the declining and conjugating but more than just a few phrases I liked how there were many review weeks The DVD and CD were terrific and I recommend that for anyone who doesn't know Latin well However I was confused at some of the words they used in the vocabulary For example out of all the words they could pick they used slave servant and master in some of the very first chapters Since this book is geared toward elementary school I think they could have picked different nouns On the other hand these are few and far between and I'm choosing to use their Level B
August 13, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5
My four five and eight year old BEG to see the new Latin chapter on the DVD each Monday morning The final portion of each chapter has a "surprise"--either a short comedic movie an interview with one of the kids in the vocabulary section or a "short" with one of the kids They pick up the Latin without knowing they are studying a classical language!
January 6, 2009
Rated 5 out of 5
When we researched Latin curricula for our classical home school co-op we appreciated the Latin for Children Primer "A" Bundle for a variety of reasons The entry-level lessons are designed for students 3rd grade and older (our Latin students range from 4th-12th grade) The deluxe bundle--which includes a student primer answer key history reader activity book chant CD and DVD instruction set--aims to equip students with a basic vocabulary and understanding of the grammar and logic of Latin The curriculum is appropriate for both a co-op and home school setting The writers wisely aligned their text with Shurley Grammar's format Thanks to the DVD lessons a parent or teacher can learn alongside students though ideally the instructor should stay several lessons ahead of the class Although academically challenging this package brings silliness and fun to the rigorous study of Latin through Dr Perrin's dry humor and whimsical wit as well as through goofy skits sprinkled throughout the DVD lessons (reminiscent of a family-friendly Monty Python) That playful spirit likewise romps through the pages of games and puzzles contained in the activity book Plan to visit the errata page on the Classical Academic Press website as there are corrections to the text noted there (These errors can be a burden to the novice teacher but fortunately the editors are quite responsive to user feedback and diligently post corrections and incorporate changes and corrections in updated editions) Once there you will also find many freebies including downloadable flashcards and worksheetsIn our opinion the greatest strength of this program is how strongly it appeals to kids--and that's a huge plus when seeking to capture and focus the attention of entry-level Latin students
June 4, 2008
Rated 5 out of 5
Our daughter who is in the third grade just finished using �Latin for Children: Primer A� We used Prima Latina in second grade and after completing that we realized that we needed to find a Latin program with a different teaching method that better suited her active learning style �Latin for Children� provided a nice change of pace and it taught our whole family a lot of Latin vocabulary using fun rhythmic chants and songs that we still go around singing and sometimes shouting��Clamo clamare clamavi clamatum I shout to shout I shouted shouted!� We purchased the mastery bundle which includes the DVDs CDs with chants the workbook activity book and the Latin history reader that corresponds with the �Veritas Press New Testament Ancient Greece and Rome� history program We have used the DVDs over and over They feature several children in a relaxed home environment chanting and singing Latin vocabulary and using hand motions to make it more fun! After the Latin vocabulary section for each chapter Dr Christopher Perrin teaches the Latin grammar part of the lesson from his home office This is done in an inviting and stress-free manner Following almost every grammar lesson there are entertaining interviews and hilarious old Western-type skits starring homemade puppets who tell their story using mostly English but with a bit of Latin thrown in to keep the students� minds engaged in the Latin lesson Sometimes we have paused the DVD at the spots where the puppets used Latin and we tried to figure out the words to see what they meant before the narrator told us This was very challenging and fun The DVDs and CDs now include both Ecclesiastical and Classical pronunciations of Latin (for the most part)�sometimes even the students and teachers in the DVDs/CDs seemed to mix the two pronunciations together Dr Perrin does mention in the DVD that it�s good to be exposed to both pronunciations The chants were enjoyable and effective (even our 4-year-old ran around the house singing �Amo amas amat amamus amatis amant!�) The activity book was very fun for me but my daughter was not too crazy about doing it I ended up doing most of the crossword puzzles to further my own Latin study For a child who loves challenging mazes word searches and crossword puzzles the activity book would be a wonderful bonus! The workbook contains typical fill in the blank exercises for Latin vocabulary grammar and derivatives�the lesson is explained thoroughly in the workbook but in my opinion it contained too much writing for a third-grader It is probably more suited to a fifth-grade or older student Many times we just did the workbook exercises orally which worked out better for us As far as the history reader goes I picked it up a couple of times and translated a couple of stories but that�s as far as we went with that little book�again it was way beyond a typical third-grader�s understanding and level of interestThe teacher�s manual is not a manual at all�just a book with the answers in it But no teacher prep is necessary anyway because the DVDs and CDs take care of the teaching for you It is recommended that you read the grammar lesson with the student from the student workbook�this is no problem at all and an older student could do it independently All of our children 4- 6- and 9-years-old enjoyed the chants songs and skits "Latin for Children" is terrific for teaching auditory visual and kinesthetic learners because of the chants DVDs and hand and body motions This program is a good value for the money not only do the DVDs do most of the teaching the publisher �Classical Academic Press � has a wonderful website where you can print out lots of extras to go with each level of the program�there are flashcards memory games tests and other additional aids They are also available to help if you have any problems or questions If I had it to do over again I would have taken two years instead of one to finish Primer A with my third-grader Doing it in one year was a bit overwhelming at times But all in all it was a fun and beneficial learning experience for us and we do plan to use "Latin for Children" again in the future
May 27, 2008

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