Essentials in Writing Level 10 Combo (DVD and Textbook/Workbook)

Essentials in Writing Level 10 Combo (DVD and Textbook/Workbook)

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* SENTENCE STRUCTURE Dependent and Independent Clause; Simple, Compound, Complex, and Compound-Complex Sentences; Address Sentence Errors (Fragment, Run On, and Comma Splice)

* FORMAL PARAGRAPH Structure; Expository, Persuasive, Compare/Contrast, Descriptive, Cause/Effect, and Narrative Paragraphs

* THE WRITING PROCESS In Depth Study of Each Part of the Writing Process; Practice the Writing Process with Each Multi-paragraph Composition

* ESSAYS (Formal and Informal) Detailed Instruction and Step by Step Process for Narrative, Personal Expository, Persuasive, and Compare/Contrast Essays

* RESEARCH PAPER (Project) Detailed Instruction and Step by Step Process to Conduct and Write a Research Paper (CAUSE/EFFECT)

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Category Description for Essentials in Writing:

Looking for a complete English course for all grade levels that is well organized, thorough in explanation, effective in teaching and easy to use in a homeschool or group setting? Then consider Essentials in Writing! Video instructor Matthew Stephens taught English at the elementary and high school levels for years, and he used his experience to good effect in authoring this course.

Video lessons (choose from DVD or online video subscription) featuring Mr. Stephens are the essence of the course, with supporting workbook activities as follow-up. Mr. Stephens is doing the heavy lifting of presenting and explaining the material, leaving only clarification and follow-up questions to the home instructor. Lessons are presented in bite-sized chunks, so each days lesson features one main point. The quality of the video and audio is good, showing Mr. Stephens teaching in front of a classroom on a white board. For younger grades, the teacher and student would watch the videos together, then discuss to make sure that the student grasps the main ideas of the presentation. Students at more advanced grades can watch the videos on their own (as the instruction is always directed to the student), leaving only follow-up discussion of the material and assignment to the teacher. Of course, the instructor should preview the video material to ensure knowledge of the material and consistency of approach in working with the student. 

Lesson lengths are age appropriate. Grades 1 and 2 average 15 to 20 minutes total, including about 3 minutes of video presentation. By grades 6 to 12, lesson length totals 20 to 40 minutes, with 7 minutes of video presentation. Material covered is also age appropriate and features a building block approach. While not a learning-to-read phonics program, Level 1 begins with reviewing letters and sounds and progresses to using letters to make words and words to make sentences. Grammar is taught in context, not in isolation, so the grammar instruction is more likely to stick. Mr. Stephens believes that the program covers grammar sufficiently, but if you want to cover sentence diagramming, a separate course would be necessary. Spelling is not covered in the course; All About Spelling is the recommended course. By Levels 8 to 12, the focus is sentence and paragraph structure as used in essays, research papers and personal and business letters.

The workbook coordinates with the video lessons. Ideally, the student and teacher would look at the worksheet before viewing the video for that days lesson. Worksheets are used sequentially with some lessons being completed in one day and some being split into multiple days (for instance, Lesson 1A, 1B, 1C). Grade 3 will take from 100 to 110 lessons to complete, while Grades 5 to 12 will take 125 to 140. Scheduling is simple. Just play the video for the next lesson in the workbook. Worksheet clarity is good; the examples and directions are clear and the assignment is focused on the topic at hand. Grading is made easier with checklists and scoring guides included right in the lesson and an answer key to specific exercises included in the back of the workbook.

For those wanting more comfort that their student is learning the material, an Assessment/Resource Booklet is now available for Levels 1 - 6. These consist of grammar assessments, composition assessments and comprehensive assessments. The resource part of the book consists of word choice lists for improving writing interest, writing checklists, writing organization tools and answer key to the assessments.

The 2nd Edition Combos (includes Levels 1-7 as of summer 2021) now include a Teacher Handbook which provides some useful materials: a teacher overview of the program, along with a brief overview of how to score compositions. Also included is a syllabus scheduling lessons and assessments. If you are also using Essentials in Literature (only available at certain grade levels) with Essentials in Writing, an included optional 34-week plan schedules both programs for you. Lastly, you’ll find a condensed-print Answer Key for short answer questions and also some short example writing assignment responses.

Mr. Stephens, a Christian, taught in the public schools, so he designed this course to be used in either a secular or Christian environment. The courses were put together before Common Core came along and no effort has been made to make them compatible with Common Core. I believe that Mr. Stephens has given us a course that is easy to implement, with an effective teaching style, at an affordable price. ~ Bob

Please note that if you purchase a bundle with online video access, you will receive the print Worktext in your order and online video access information will be sent via email directly from Essentials in Writing in 1-3 business days.

If you opt for DVD format, please note that the DVDs work best in a DVD player; some customers have had difficulty using the discs in a computer DVD-ROM drive.

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We liked Essentials in writing level 9
Laura S on Aug 14, 2021
Really like this product.
Kristi B on Aug 1, 2021
We liked Essentials in writing level 9
Laura S on Aug 14, 2021
This is a great curriculum for teaching writing in a clear and systematic way.
Ericka L on Aug 10, 2021
Really like this product.
Kristi B on Aug 1, 2021
We've been using the EIW program for years and it was the next level. We didn't buy from them because they charge 10 for shipping on every book purchased so instead of buying directly from the company we prefer the free shipping you offer.
Krishna B on Jun 10, 2021
Looking for a good writing program for my high school boys and this one was recommended.
Melissa B on Apr 2, 2021
Chose this curriculum to prepare our highschooler for dual enrollment next year.
Kassandra F on Mar 16, 2021
Kristy M on Feb 25, 2021
It was recommended to me as a good LA curriculum which can be used fairly independently by the student. Also I will be able to re-use the DVDs for my younger children, and the price is affordable, which is essential for us.
Alane W on Jul 7, 2020
Read good reviews and wanted to try it out for my advanced high schooler.
Cinnamon on Jun 9, 2020
We are using this as a part of Heart of Dakota's High School World History Language Arts program. It's our first year with a writing program, hopefully with the DVDs it will remove some of the burden on mom. Rainbow Resource had best price and free shipping.
Wendy S on May 28, 2020
This is an excellent writing curricula!!
Teresa P on Aug 12, 2019
We love Essentials in Writing. My 9th grade son tried it out last year. He not only enjoyed the short lessons and the systematic approach to writing, he also improved in his writing!!!
Travis W on Aug 1, 2019
I've read a lot of great reviews and I think it will work well for my son.
Susan W on Jun 17, 2019
Recommended for my dyslexic son. i like that it has short lessons and gradually builds so it is not overwhelming.
Catherine N on Jun 16, 2019
This appears organized and set out well. I am hoping this will be good for my reluctant writer.
Heather B on Nov 26, 2018
Heard good things about it
Holly M on Aug 28, 2018
Ease of use. Meets MLA requirements. Variety of exercises.
Tricia P on Aug 11, 2018
Looking for video based instruction to prepare highschool student for ACT or SAT. Also to insure they are ready to implement writing skills for college readiness.
Rebecca V on Aug 7, 2018
My child is a reluctant writer, and I liked how the author chunked the lessons and that there's a short writing assignment with each lesson.
Jonathon M on Aug 7, 2018
We did essentials in writing level 9 and it really improved my child's writing. I'm looking forward to even more improvements this year.
Lisa G on Aug 6, 2018
Needed for a class at our home school co-op.
Lynne S on Aug 3, 2018
We enjoyed level 9 last year
Melissa K on May 21, 2018
Effective and inexpensive, video lessons
Sarah W on Mar 16, 2018
We used this curriculum last year and really liked it. Its very independent which she really liked too. The videos are very helpful.
Debra C on Jul 31, 2017
needed for homeschooling, using hearts of dakota.<br />also paypal was accepted
Eloisa S on Oct 18, 2016
Saw it at the Florida Homeschool Conference and thought it looked like a great program and affordable too.
Christen W on Aug 1, 2016
Marykay O on Jun 11, 2016
This is a great curriculum for teaching writing in a clear and systematic way.
Ericka L on Aug 10, 2021
We've been using the EIW program for years and it was the next level. We didn't buy from them because they charge 10 for shipping on every book purchased so instead of buying directly from the company we prefer the free shipping you offer.
Krishna B on Jun 10, 2021
why does it not list the answer key as included with the older grades?
A shopper on Nov 14, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I'm a little confused by your question. Any needed answer keys are always included with the Essentials in Writing courses. However, in the upper levels, there is minimal grammar activities which would have objective answers. The writing activites typically won't have specific answers and if they did have any answers it would probably be something like: "answers will vary."
Can the DVD's be reused if I sell them or give them to another family?
A shopper on Aug 23, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Yes, you just have to buy an additional student workbook to reuse them. I've also have my child do their assignments on separate paper so that even the workbook can be reused.
Is the audio quality on all of the cds poor? I have read two reviews with comments about poor quality. Is buying the online option any better?
A shopper on Jul 28, 2019
BEST ANSWER: We did not at all experience poor sound quality on the DVD's that came with this writing program. It worked just fine. We paid extra for the scoring service and that was very helpful!
If you haven't used Essentials in Writing before, do you start at the grade level your student is in? Is there some type of placement test?
A shopper on Jun 23, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Definitely Grade level should be fine. We started using this curriculum in 2nd grade and we had no trouble at all. It's actually going over things we already had done but more into detail.
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Rated 5 out of 5
Great program!
We like the way the program is laid out. Very thorough. We also chose to purchase the "Grading" option via the publisher website - that was so worth it!
August 6, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 2 out of 5
Entered disk 1 on the first day of school—it’s Blank. The quality of the sound on the remaining disks is extremely poor.
August 8, 2018
over 3 years ago

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