Breaking the Spanish Barrier Level 1 (Beginner) Student Book

Breaking the Spanish Barrier Level 1 (Beginner) Student Book

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Grades: 4-AD

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The level 1 book assumes no prior knowledge of Spanish. It starts from the very beginning by introducing simple words and phrases that can be used right away.

  • The “First Steps” lesson also presents all the sounds of the Spanish language so that students can develop an authentic accent. Theme-based vocabulary offers students opportunities to learn words relevant to their daily lives at home, school, and beyond.
  • An action-packed dialogue series appears throughout the book offering students reading and listening comprehension practice.
  • Throughout the chapters, easy-to-understand explanations unravel these essential building blocks of language:
    1. nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositions
    2. the present, preterite, imperfect, and progressive tenses
    3. formal commands

Category Description for Breaking the Spanish Barrier Level 1:
Level 1 (Beginner) requires no prior language experience but getting used to new sounds and spellings can take practice. This level, therefore, spends a lot of time on pronunciation.
Category Description for Breaking the Spanish Barrier:

Category Description for Breaking the Language Barrier Programs:

The Breaking the Language Barrier (BLB) program provides a core text/workbook/reference (aka the worktext) all in a one-on-one conversational format for the student. While other programs focus on listening and speaking alone, BLB provides in-depth grammar, writing and culture. Start out with conversation right away as part of Level 1’s Ten Steps. This section provides the student time to get familiar with the sounds of the language without any stress of grammar. All grammar will be explained in the lessons that follow. Your student will write directly in the non-reproducible worktext. Parents, don’t worry as you won’t need to know the language.

New for ‘20-21 is the Online Instruction for the student (1-year access). The online access code provides 12 months of access to the online version of the print textbook, with integrated audio, video, cultural articles, answers, beautiful pictures of sites of interest, and notable people from the country being studied. The exercises are interactive. A student can click on any single answer, see immediately if he/she is right or wrong, and view the correction. There are also responsive flashcards with sound files, oral questions, and video instructional capsules. But the content -- explanations, exercises, and dialogues are the same as the print book. Activities closely follow the worktext, but the online does not replace the worktext, rather they work together to create a complete learning experience. New for 2022 in the online access: answers now autosave and track student progress, composition prompts can be emailed to a teacher for review, and each student receives 90 minutes of coaching time for oral practice with Time2Talk!

Level 1 (Beginner) requires no prior language experience, but getting used to new sounds and spellings can take practice. This level, therefore, spends a lot of time on pronunciation. Level 2 (Intermediate) starts with good review of Level 1 before presenting new material. Level 3 (Advanced) reviews the first two years, adding more advanced grammar concepts, expressions, and geography.

Each course is one year in length and should qualify for a high school credit. The Homeschool Package is required to successfully use the program. Digital Access Homeschool packages include the aforementioned website access, and the following print resources: Student Worktext, Answer Key, Test Packet, and a small pocket, laminated pocket guide (Oasis). Worktext and Tests are consumable, but not reproducible. Access Codes can be purchased separately for 12 months. Online access has replaced the audio component formerly on a CD, however, there is so much more content here! ~Sara

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Breaking the Barrier
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I really like this program and need another book.
Michele R on Sep 12, 2022
My son needs to earn a Spanish credit for our homeschool
Christie D. on Aug 30, 2022
I really like this program and need another book.
Michele R on Sep 12, 2022
homeschooling this year
Christina E on Sep 3, 2022
My son needs to earn a Spanish credit for our homeschool
Christie D. on Aug 30, 2022
school co op
Jill R on Aug 20, 2022
needed for school
Tanja E on Aug 16, 2022
Required book at homeschool co-op.
Missy D on Aug 15, 2022
We have been using it for older children and have liked the program.
Carrie R on Aug 1, 2022
Sherri G on Jul 29, 2022
Required for school
Erin M on Jul 19, 2022
required text for co-op
Jimmy F on Jun 30, 2022
This is a very comprehensive and advanced Spanish Curriculum. It is laid out well and is a self teaching program.
Tara S on Jun 2, 2022
Georgina C on Sep 28, 2021
Our co op is using it
User on Aug 31, 2021
Our co-op required it.
Jennifer H on Aug 30, 2021
My granddaughter is going to start to teach me Spanish and this is the book she used for her first year of Spanish.
Jean S on Apr 16, 2021
For second child.
Heather M on Oct 19, 2020
Recommended by Spanish Student
Ken T on Aug 29, 2020
My oldest is taking a class that is using this curriculum and the teacher recommended the CD for at home practice.
April B on Aug 7, 2020
Was told to get it from the teacher at our Co-op.
Carrie F on Jul 11, 2020
Needed additional workbook for 2nd child
Candra B on Jun 15, 2020
required for homeschool class.
Sandra S on Oct 7, 2019
I wanted to have tests included in the order packet. Many language packets only have workbooks. Also, I noticed that it was endorsed by Cathy Duffy.
Annie U on Sep 30, 2019
NICKI K on Aug 27, 2019
Our coop is using it this year
Diane K F on Aug 17, 2019
Greta A on Aug 16, 2019
Needed for a homeschool co-op class for my high school student. The teacher recommended this curriculum.
SYDNEY on Aug 15, 2019
Required for school
Pam S on Aug 12, 2019
Our teacher requested it!
jennifer S on Aug 7, 2019
Listed as textbook by Co-op teacher.
Martha C on Aug 1, 2019
Required by tutor
Becky G on Jul 20, 2019
Spanish class
Karen L on Jul 19, 2019
for our homeschooling Spanish 1 high school class
Jennifer S on May 20, 2019
required for tutorial
Elisa K on May 9, 2019
Best prices, good service!
Patricia B on Sep 6, 2018
needed for curriculum.
Rachel B on Aug 27, 2018
Lots cheaper than the home-school package.
Jason M on Aug 8, 2018
need for spanish coop class
Lawrence B on Jul 31, 2018
needed for school
Alisa D on Jul 31, 2018
Homeschooling text and best price.
Susan O on May 18, 2018
need it for a class my child is taking
Carol Ann S on Mar 9, 2018
I purchased this because the Cathy Duffy review was good, the customer review was good, and it looks more user friendly than others I've seen.
Christy J on Feb 9, 2018
I need it for school.
V M on Feb 8, 2018
Required for a class
Alex V on Sep 17, 2017
my daughter needed it for a class
Kristen S on Sep 12, 2017
Cheapest Price
Saman R on Sep 12, 2017
for school
Terrell G on Sep 7, 2017
Book being used by spanish teacher in the classroom.
Kay B on Aug 29, 2017
Needed for a class.
Kimberly E on Aug 26, 2017
Homeschool Co op teacher choice.
Jessica H on Jul 3, 2017
Carol M on May 16, 2017
homeschooling this year
Christina E on Sep 3, 2022
school co op
Jill R on Aug 20, 2022
Is this teaching Catalan or Latin American Spanish?
A shopper on Jul 18, 2021
BEST ANSWER: The program uses Latin American, but where Spain is taught, they talk about the differences.
If this is being taught at a Co-Op with an instructor, are the CD's required?
Leslie on Apr 20, 2020
BEST ANSWER: No. I had two kids do this at home only and two do it with a co-op. Both ways worked great. We only used the CD's for the ones at home only.
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Rated 5 out of 5
Great Spanish Programs 2020
I used this curriculum for homeschool classes and I now teach it at a small, Christian school. I AM NOT Fluent in Spanish. I have taken Spanish in high school and college. This curriculum is the best I have used. (2015-2020)

PROS: It is grammar and vocabulary intensive, but that’s what I like about it because the students learn basic grammar skills and apply it to their work and oral practice. There is a good amount of practice in the book. The concepts are presented in bite size pieces with immediate practice afterwards. There is a review section at the end of each chapter. Tests are in a word document (download or cd) so you can edit it.

The online book is good. (It is the same as the printed book.) It has audio flash cards which is so good for hearing and verbally practicing the vocabulary, cultural articles (in Spanish), audio files so you can hear native speakers and embedded videos.

CONS: In the online book, the cultural information is in Spanish, which presents problems for teachers who are not fluent. You will have to spend some time translating them to use them.

It would benefit the curriculum to have printed versions of cultural articles with followup questions and answers. The teacher edition does not have guided teacher helps, it is only the answers key to the student book.

There is some helps on the website ( in the resource tab, but the .pdf files for the cultural articles are not available.

This really is a good curriculum. Some people may think it is too grammar intensive, especially in book two, but it does give students the foundations to speak well.
May 29, 2021
Rated 5 out of 5
My daughter uses this curriculum at our co-op. I don’t teach it, but the teacher, who is a fluent, thinks this is a great curriculum - levels 1-3. She supplements with Raz Kids and Senor Wooly.
April 20, 2020
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great Spanish program
I selected this curriculum because I wanted a textbook course for teaching Spanish. I have tried Abeka in the past and was not pleased. I like the layout and the progression of the subject matter. There is a CD that pronounces each selection in the textbook. I usually go over the lesson slowly while translating (the CD does not translate) and when we are done with the lesson I play the CD for them to listen to. Theoretically, you can teach and press play for the CD to hear the Spanish speaker.One draw back is the answer key. There are 4 student pages on one teacher page. If you have more than one student learning Spanish, there is a section in each chapter for 2 students to ask and answer questions. I also have them write out the answers. I discovered that this is offered as an ibook at a significantly lower price. I have purchased it and really like it. On the iBook version, there is a button to listen to the Spanish beside each word or phrase. All the workbook pages are included in the iBook version and it will check it for you. Also, there are flashcards for the vocabulary built in. The iBook version does not have the tests. Overall, I am pleased.
January 24, 2017

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