Atelier Art Curriculum - Level 1

Atelier Art Curriculum - Level 1

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Category Description for Atelier Art Curriculum on DVD:

Looking back on my homeschooled years while Rainbow was still a primarily family-run endeavor, I am impressed and thankful that Mom made an effort to include art as a constant part of our curriculum. Not that it didn't occasionally take a backseat some weeks (or months, when we were traveling to conventions or working on the catalog!) but she never left it off the list as something we just "didn't have time for." As an adult, I can see that the constant exposure to the creative process and the ready availability of art supplies influenced the way I learn and work. When I was in biochemistry and had to memorize all of the amino acids, I didn't think twice about sitting down and creating my own set of illustrated flashcards. In one anatomy class we had to learn not only all of the muscles, but also the origins and insertions on the bones so I created my own color-coded poster. So when I started examining the Atelier (ah-teal'-yea' - yes, I had no idea how to pronounce it either!) program, I could appreciate the publisher's commitment to teaching art and their belief that a foundation in art enhances just about every other area in life, from academic performance to self-confidence. And because they are so dedicated to art education, they have designed this program to remove just about every art instruction "roadblock" imaginable.

The first thing you'll notice about Atelier is that it is video-based, which is about the next best thing to having an art teacher come into your home! This sets Atelier apart from other art programs which attempt to remedy the "I can't teach art" mindset by either being more student-directed or providing video instruction as an optional resource. Each level contains 18 lessons on three DVDs (Modules) and a Parent/Teacher Manual in a binder. I appreciate the completeness of the video lessons. Each one begins with a look at the actual materials used in the lesson, so you don't have to guess at what size paper to use, or how which colors of paint you'll need. The art concepts and related project are introduced by the art teacher, often followed by a short "warm-up" which gives the student some experience in using the chosen medium or lets them focus on a simpler exercise before they start their main project. The lesson's art project is then introduced, discussed, and viewers actually get to see it to completion between the art teacher demonstrating parts of it, and then seeing children in a classroom setting working on the project. Each lesson features examples of completed works from other students at that age level, which is encouraging and inspiring as far as making you want to pick up your own paintbrush and get started right away!

While the DVDs do most of the actual teaching, the Parent/Teacher Manual arms the parent with complementary instruction including lesson objectives, a list of materials, an outlined procedure and assessment information. This enables you to be the on-site supervisor and facilitator, even if you can't even draw a stick figure. You will want to read through the lesson in the manual beforehand, as there will be some art supply set-up and occasional additional visuals or resources to gather in advance. A substantial chunk of the manual that is common to all 8 levels. This provides you additional resources relevant to the program as a whole including an overview, background information, art concepts introduced in the program, a list of the artists studied, tips on visiting an art museum, how to hold an art show, evaluation guidelines, objectives for all levels, a master list of materials, a glossary and a bibliography.

The lesson content and progression are well-rounded and seem well thought out. Lesson progression was designed to first lay a foundation in the core art concepts and media, then to provide more open-ended lessons that allow students to use what they've learned to develop their own style. Core art concepts (line, color, shape, pattern, texture, space and composition) are emphasized or reinforced in every lesson, along with experience in using different media and techniques. When you also consider the tie-ins to children's literature, cross-curricular connections and art appreciation, it's impressive how everything has been carefully "packaged" into very manageable lessons! The years of classroom testing in developing the program seem well-used as far as keeping "the best of the best." Each lesson stands on its own and taken as a whole, is a refreshing mix that probably wouldn't get old even if you repeated a level's lessons a second year. The lessons also strike a great balance between being structured and open-ended. For instance, the first lesson in Level 1 explores lines. Students then create a large caterpillar made up of round segments and fill in those segments with all kinds of lines. Although everyone is drawing a caterpillar, no two will look alike!

One other appealing aspect of the program is its flexibility in terms of use with students of different ages. Although there are eight levels, these are targeted to students in overlapping age ranges. If you have multiple children similar in age, you can pick a level that fits their age range best and everyone can do art together. In fact, because it was designed originally as a classroom program, some lessons will work better or will be more engaging as a family or small group. Suggested ages are listed with each level, and you can also visit the publisher's website at for a chart which shows the progression much better.

Although art appreciation is tied into several lessons per level, you can flesh out this component further with the addition of the optional "Great Art Appreciation Program." There are three levels of this program, one designed for Levels 1-3, one for Levels 4-5 and one for Levels 6-8. Each program consists of a pack of 8" x 10" art reproductions and loose-leaf cardstock informational pages (designed to be added to the Parent/Teacher manual). The first several sheets outline objectives, provide background on the program, describe art criticism, offer teaching suggestions and include LOTS of general questions for discussing, analyzing, interpreting and judging an artwork. The rest of the packet provides background information on each masterpiece and artist featured in the pack, as well as discussion questions and activities/extension opportunities for each one.

Now that we've covered the basics of the program, let's talk materials. If you're guessing you'd have to amass a mountain of art supplies each year to use the program, you'll be pleasantly surprised that the core materials used in all levels are pretty basic! In fact, there is ONE art supply kit designed to be used with all levels of the program. While this kit doesn't include everything needed at each level, it includes the main art supplies that are used at all levels. You will need to provide a few additional materials and household items for some lessons, especially for Level 8 projects and extension activities.

The program's pacing is up to you. Ultimately, the 18 lessons are designed for a year's worth of art. The Parent/Teacher Manual suggests spending one hour per lesson at Levels 1-4, and 1¼ hours at Levels 5-8. While some lessons are naturally divided into parts, other projects may just take longer to complete, demanding more lesson time. If you incorporate the art appreciation program, you may also end up spending some days focusing more on art appreciation or pursuing extension activities. All in all, you're looking at spending about one hour per week on art, with some flexibility on how much you cover at a time.

While there are a lot of potential roadblocks for including art as a part of your curriculum, I feel this program successfully eliminates quite a few of them. Parents or co-op teachers don't need any art experience to use the program, the lessons are effective but don't require a huge time commitment, you can use it with children of multiple ages and you don't need to acquire a mountain of art supplies. The program is also non-consumable, so you can reuse it again and again. And to cap it all off, the lessons are engaging, fun, and children will be exposed to many different artists and techniques even if you don't pursue the art appreciation option. You can easily use this program at home or in a small co-op and I can almost guarantee that students will enjoy the projects and be proud of their work. Now I understand why we've had customers ask us repeatedly for Atelier! - Jess

Basic Art Supplies needed for all courses.

  • White Drawing Paper - 12" x 18" - 30 sheet sketchpad
  • Colored Construction Paper - 12" x 18" - 50 sheets of assorted color
  • Newsprint (Warm-up Paper) - 9" x 12" - 100 sheets
  • Tempera Paint - 12-Pack - 2 each of red, green, blue, yellow, black & white
  • Colored & Black Marking Pens
  • Watercolors - Prang 8-color pan with brush
  • Colored Drawing Chalk - Crayola box of 12 colors
  • Wax Crayons - Box of 16 colors
  • Paint Brush - 3/4" easel brush
  • Paint Brush - #10 general purpose camel hair
  • Sponge - 4" x 5"
  • Drawing Pencil
  • Pink Pearl Eraser
  • Elmer's School Glue

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The arts are important so we are using multiple art curriculums and wanted to give this one a try too.
Gena O on Jan 6, 2019
Looks amazing from the Rainbow Catalog description. Exactly what I was looking for
Jasmine R on Aug 9, 2018
The arts are important so we are using multiple art curriculums and wanted to give this one a try too.
Gena O on Jan 6, 2019
The instructor was engaging, teaching the fundamentals of art, but not talking down using "baby" voices and words.
Rachel A on Aug 19, 2018
Looks amazing from the Rainbow Catalog description. Exactly what I was looking for
Jasmine R on Aug 9, 2018
Taught this curriculum in my K classroom and loved it! Now I'm going to homeschool with it. Excellent resource!
Sonya J on Jun 21, 2017
It was cheaper than in the original website. We want to give our homeschooled daughter a good arts curriculum. :)
Michael C on Jan 11, 2017
My daughter loves art!
Lisa F on Apr 20, 2016
daughter's request for Christmas
Jackie V on Dec 7, 2015
Seem an interesting curriculum
Setya I on Sep 29, 2015
The instructor was engaging, teaching the fundamentals of art, but not talking down using "baby" voices and words.
Rachel A on Aug 19, 2018
Taught this curriculum in my K classroom and loved it! Now I'm going to homeschool with it. Excellent resource!
Sonya J on Jun 21, 2017
Hello! Does this curriculum include the online subscription in addition to the DVDs? (I only ask because the Atelier store includes in with their DVDs.)
User on Jul 26, 2019
BEST ANSWER: No, not that we know of. The DVD version is "going away" and soon we will have only the online program.
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This is a homeschool mom's dream come true for an art curriculumif only it were all this easy! LOL All you do is get the supplies (easy-to-find everyday art stuff you'd find at Target Walmart etc) pop in the DVD and enjoy watching your kids produce beautiful artwork Even your not-so-artsy kids will learn and create The Atelier teacher thoroughly explains each step of the projects and incorporates all of the elements of art (line shape color texture etc) during the different lessons The lesson times vary in length but usually never more than 15 or 20 minutes (although we found that we paused sometimes as we watched in order to work on completing part of the project) In general from start to finish the kids worked 1 - 1 1/2 hours on each "masterpiece" :) The price may seem a little hefty but keep in mind that it does have a fairly high resale value or could be saved for younger kids to use later You can also have more than one student working on a level (if close in age/ability) and give yourself the priceless gifts of time and assurance that your kids are getting a high quality art education There is more information on level placement on Atelier website I highly recommend this curriculum (This review is based on Level 5) :)
January 28, 2014
My daughter age 6 is generally the sort who needs to direct her own learning ie she HATES sitting down for lessons unless it is something that she absolutely loves But Atelier is something she finds engaging and fun and she wants to follow the directions She loves the lessons because the tips are helpful geared toward her age she creates artwork that appeals to her and she can pause the DVD when she gets frustrated or needs more time The program is very expensive and I really hesitated buying it But I'm going to include the advanced levels in our homeschool budget I think the program is worth it for my finicky kid And I'm familiar with the costs for outside art lessons Atelier comes out cheaper in the end Gathering the supplies is easy The manual that comes with the DVDs gives me enough information to prepare the supplies It contains lesson overviews which are helpful but not necessary for the actual lessons on the DVDs
July 12, 2013
I wouldn't have considered buying Atelier Art due to the cost Since I was given a copy I have been convinced of its true value From now on I will consider the price an investment in my sanity and happy memories for our family! I have Atelier Art Level 1 to use with my 7 6 and 4 year olds The supplies were not hard to gather or expensive and I keep them separate from our general supplies so that they are always fresh and ready to go We've worked through the first DVD of the set so far which has taken us 7 sit-down periods for 6 final projects Here's how I've used it: Since the first lesson I haven't even bothered pre-viewing the DVD I just look in the teachers manual to find out what supplies and extras we need I find that even without props such as clown figurines the video shows enough that they are not necessary Whenever I am ready I pop the DVD into our laptop set up at the dining room table where we can all see and have room to work We watch pause and work watch pause and work I chose days that have particularly stressful mornings to do art because it is so relaxing and helps me reconnect with my kids Once the toddler goes down for his nap if I feel that this is the day of the week that needs a little help we do art together I don't have to instruct the kids since that's all on the video I don't have to think of little tips to give them like 'mix the darker paint into the lighter paint a little bit at a time ' so that they don't become frustrated It's all on the video! I can sit and enjoy doing the art with them without answering their questions telling them to wait trying to read or remember the directions or becoming stressed out in any way! I get a break from being teacher and I've really enjoyed the projects myself! The teacher speaking on the video is gentle and sweet I was concerned at first that my older boys might find her instructions childish but they actually asked if we'd ever get to meet her in person! The background music is peaceful We have fun viewing other children work on their projects and seeing their final pieces So far the kids and I have 6 beautiful finished projects which we are very proud of and my husband admires when he comes home from work I keep them in a special place so that in the future we can look back at them to see how we've grown as artists and remember the good times we had creating them Homeschooling is hard and I think that those curricula and other family activities that help bring peace on crazy days are totally worthwhile! That is what Atelier Art is for us
January 31, 2013

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