Chemistry 101 DVD

Chemistry 101 DVD

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This course is for your visual learners who need high school credit in Chemistry. Wes Olson, the host of Biology 101, will take you on a journey through the history of chemistry along with what the study of chemistry is all about. This course is divided into nineteen 20-45 minute segments and examines the world of chemistry, the periodic table, important characters in the field of chemistry, the essentials of chemistry such as neutrons, isotopes, ions, compounds, molecules, and balancing chemical equations, an explanation of the elements non-metals, poor metals, transition metals, rare earth & radioactive metals, and the future of chemistry. This is a 4 DVD set that has a running time of 10 hours, 55 minutes along with PDF files for the guidebook, accreditation booklet, and an extended periodic table.

To get started with this program, you will want to print off the PDF files for the guidebook, periodic table and accreditation schedule, or take them somewhere to have them printed (the guidebook is over 120 pages). Students will be starting a chemistry notebook for this program in which they will write their research and reports. You will want to read ahead in the guidebook so you can gather and prepare needed items for the next lesson, mini-labs, and reports. The guidebook also allows the student to review information covered in the lessons along with quizzes and discussions questions. Mini-labs are demonstrated in the lessons and are performed with items from around your house or are easily accessible. I think the labs are much better and meatier than those found in Biology 101 and would do a much better job of meeting the high school credit. ~ Donna

Category Description for The 101 Series DVDs:
Offering engaging visual content, hands-on labs and activities, and printable files, these courses may be the perfect option for your learner. Each course includes four DVDs and PDF files. Videos are well done, with a little humor thrown in to keep the content interesting. Biblical Worldview is woven throughout the course. Along with the instructional DVDs, courses include a printable “Course Accreditation Program” (CAP) and Guidebook . The CAP provides the syllabus for high school credit, field trip suggestions, student notebook directions, and mini-lab instructions. Labs use easily found items. The Guidebook includes the table of contents, segment outlines, discussion questions, quizzes, quiz answers, and an alphabetic index. Guidebook pages follow the points of the video presentation along with black/white illustrations and interesting tidbits of information printed in the margins. Each section includes a multiple-choice quiz and discussion questions. An excellent alternative to the traditional textbook.

Items listed in this section tend to be complete science programs with a teacher and student component, requiring few supplements besides science supplies.

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My son needs an easier chemistry and this looks like a good option.
Rebekah R on Oct 3, 2022
Want the video course, but have worksheets and other supplements to go with course.
Jennifer M on Aug 17, 2022
My son needs an easier chemistry and this looks like a good option.
Rebekah R on Oct 3, 2022
Saw good reviews looking for Chemistry Homeschooling options.
Erin R on Aug 19, 2022
Want the video course, but have worksheets and other supplements to go with course.
Jennifer M on Aug 17, 2022
This is a great curriculum for students in HS that aren't headed into a science field but need the basics... plan to supplement with the chemistry of cooking to enhance and make it more HS level and interesting for a non-science major student.
David H on Aug 17, 2022
I'm hoping this will help explain things better than I am able.
Ann M on Aug 15, 2022
recommended by a friend for non-science loving students
Homeschool H on Aug 14, 2022
I have heard great things about this series, and am using it to fulfill a chemistry requirement for my visual learning 11th grader.
Dyan C on Aug 11, 2022
I was looking for a faith based Chemistry program that acknowledged God and the world He created, in addition to that, it is helpful for learners who occasionally struggle to read textbook level material. These DVD's restore the joy in learning. We've used several from this company.
Anna M F on Aug 9, 2022
Great series of science videos. Engaging and packed with learning.
Heidi V on Aug 6, 2022
We enjoyed the Biology 101 DVD set so much, that we decided to continue using this particular curriculum. Easy to understand videos, clear teaching, excellent notes and quizzes, and fun for the whole family.
Christina B on Jul 13, 2022
To supplement Chemistry with Classical Conversations
Hope J on Jul 4, 2022
I got each of the Westfield science and math videos so that my children can regularly watch them in order to learnt he concepts well.
Shannon S on May 4, 2022
recommended by homeschooler and i like the format
Jeanette U on Feb 21, 2022
we love the 101 series!
Melissa P on Jan 24, 2022
My child watched one of the other DVD's and really enjoyed it, so we decided to get this one as well.
KIRSTIE on Dec 4, 2021
I chose this curriculum because our son is dyslexic, and any visual instruction is of great benefit to him.
Karin M on Nov 16, 2021
Good, solid, practical, and engaging teaching
Fred W on Jul 8, 2021
Charlotte Mason-esque science program for high school students.
Brody C on May 29, 2021
This was recommended to me by a seasoned high school homeschooling mom. I'm ordering the Biology for my other child for the same reasons.
Jana K on May 10, 2021
We really liked Bio 101, so we're looking forward to these
William E on Apr 9, 2021
We just finished Biology 101 and liked the format enough to try Chemistry 101.
Linda J on Jan 25, 2021
Looking for non traditional way to teach chemistry
Kelly H on Sep 2, 2020
Our family thoroughly enjoyed the content of Biology 101 and decided to try this as well. God was given glory though each lesson of the biology course!
Jana R on Aug 20, 2020
Appears to be a great option for studying chemistry with our math struggling high schooler
Sandy T on Aug 18, 2020
We enjoyed Biology 101 very much so thought we would try the next ones in the series.
Lori O on Jul 29, 2020
We completed Biology 101 and loved the content and format.
Gina E on Jul 20, 2020
simple, meets requirements, needed this for a less motivated science student
Crystal R on Jul 9, 2020
Seems easy and sufficient for my junior that is also doing dual enrollment.
Tabitha M on Jul 2, 2020
We enjoyed the Biology 101 DVD so I ordered this as an introduction to chemistry for my senior. If it is as thorough as the Biology 101 we'll call it good and be done with chemistry. If I feel like he needs more we will follow up a little extra study. This curriculum is perfect for teaching kids of all ages so I can have my younger son watch the videos as well.
Melanie J on Jun 11, 2020
A friend told me that this was a great introduction to chemistry and that it really helps to simplify the periodic table.
Kristi S on May 6, 2020
My son enjoyed Biology 101
Jennilyn C on Apr 17, 2020
Came recommended from a mom whose son was not very interested in science. The videos were engaging and the video sessions informative.
Randall M on Aug 9, 2019
My daughter really enjoyed using Biology 101, so we decided to try the Chemistry. The videos are very well done.
Alan A on Aug 7, 2019
recommended to us
Sarah V on Aug 2, 2019
Biology 101 was great, all our children wanted to watch and all of us learned a lot.
User on Jul 3, 2019
The reviews all sounded good and I have struggling learners.
Connie B on Apr 8, 2019
The information sounds good but I have to view the dvd first.
anthony f on Mar 11, 2019
It works great for a visual learner.
Tia B on Feb 27, 2019
DVD format
Flo D on Dec 27, 2018
We love this series as a supplement to our high school science studies. Fun and infomative!
Patricia R on Aug 28, 2018
My child is a visual learner and I feel like this curriculum is best suited for her. Not all kids are classical learners like most assume. Even in high school, learning should be interactive, fun and creative. This curriculum sounds like it is exactly what she needs
Cynthia B on Aug 10, 2018
my nephew really enjoyed the physics version so we are going to try the chemistry one.
Suzanne C on Jul 25, 2018
I chose this for my non-science oriented 11th grader. It had good reviews and seemed like it will be interesting.
Melissa R on Jul 18, 2018
I was very impressed with the Biology 101 DVD course. I'm looking forward to trying this with my sophomore.
Heather S on Jun 27, 2018
Great high school program for "non Science" students. Easy to use and understand.
laurie F on May 15, 2018
recommended by Timberdoodle and it seems like it should work for finishing up from a curriculum that was not working
Melissa E on Apr 16, 2018
To help with the chemistry curriculum I have for homeschooling.
Kathy B on Mar 21, 2018
We chose this based on reviews hoping my grandaughter will be able to understand Chemistry after taking this corse.
Janice H on Feb 18, 2018
The resource showed promise in teaching high school chemistry.
Kevin W on Jan 23, 2018
To aid my son in Chemistry
Michael W on Jan 8, 2018
Saw good reviews looking for Chemistry Homeschooling options.
Erin R on Aug 19, 2022
This is a great curriculum for students in HS that aren't headed into a science field but need the basics... plan to supplement with the chemistry of cooking to enhance and make it more HS level and interesting for a non-science major student.
David H on Aug 17, 2022
What level of math is required for this DVD pack Chemistry 101?
A shopper on Sep 6, 2017
BEST ANSWER: All it says is that it's for ages 15 and up. I used it for my two kids who at the time were 15 and 16 but my 13 year old watched the videos with them. My 16 year old was taking algebra 1 the same time as he did this course and averaged a B by the end of the course. We have also done the biology 101 and enjoyed it very much. Hope this helps.
Is this meaty enough for a college prep high school course?
A shopper on Sep 22, 2015
BEST ANSWER: We are only three weeks into this course, but I would say that this is a very fun engaging course that can be tailored to your child's learning type. Just doing the dvd and course booklet (in pdf form on the last cd) probably would not be meaty enough for collage prep.......But it would be a foundation to build on and certainly is laid out so it can be added to by internet research, field trips, etc......
If you have a child that isn't interested in science but has to do Chemistry to fulfill a credit, I think this is a great choice, very engaging, easy to follow and enjoyable to watch. I found myself walking away from my other tasks to watch this while my son was doing his lesson!
5.0 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
My 13 yr old son who loves Science loves these DVD’s. Great learning!
January 4, 2022
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
The Best Chemistry Class Ever
Chemistry can be hard, confusing, math-filled....but this DVD helps Chemistry be real, fun, and informative. It's easy to make it a 180 day/full year High School Chemistry course. The videos are awesome and enjoyable for the whole family to watch together. The printed information is concise (not long and difficult). There are quizzes for every unit. Labs aren't overwhelming. The only negative is that you have to print out your papers yourself from the included disc. About $30 at Office Depot for 1 copy of everything.
January 1, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
This is an excellent curriculum!
July 29, 2020
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
We love Chemistry 101!
Science has always been a dreaded subject for my kids. I searched a long time and chose this coarse for my 10th grade son who has struggled through other science curriculum. We are only three weeks into this coarse. Not only is he enjoying it, but his younger siblings are choosing on their own to sit down and watch the videos with us. I'm considering buying the other videos, as well,for my younger students.
October 7, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Chemistry 101
Great teacher and class. The whole family loves listening to this. Even my college students like it. Just know it does take time to print the whole syllabus. I do wish he had directions for the experiments, not just the materials needed., but engaging chem program!
October 1, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Highly recommend!! Our son loves these and we enjoy watching them as a family!
January 26, 2019
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Excellent product
I bought the Biology 101 DVD years ago and enjoyed it but had another Chemistry curriculum I was satisfied with. When I saw the Chemistry 101 DVD, I debated buying it and waited since I didn't have a child studying chem at the time. Now, having a son doing HS chem at home, I decided to give it a try, even though I still have the other curriculum. I am NOT disappointed. My son LOVES these classes and looks forward to doing science everyday. After he finishes these, we will have plenty of time to move into the other course I use (a Great Courses HS Chemistry DVD course), and he will be better prepared for it. I feel he will have a greater love for chemistry as well. Also, the other course does not have the review of history that led to development of the periodic table and such. It has been rewarding to learn about the 19th century scientists who have brought us to where we are. When my daughter begins Chemistry, she will start with Wes's DVD series as well.
August 18, 2018
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Chemistry for the history lover
Chemistry 101 is a great option for high schoolers who prefer viewing life from a history or literature point of view. Instead of teaching dry facts, Chemistry 101 introduces scientists, with interesting information about who they were and what they did, before diving into the chemistry that they discovered. This gives the student a connection with the concept, much more memorable than traditional chemistry textbooks. Explanations of difficult vocabulary are given, and repeated throughout the lesson, making memorization of terms and concepts much easier. Highly recommended.
June 8, 2017
over 5 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
The best high school science I have ever used
We enjoyed using biology 101. My 7th grader at the time we used biology 101 enjoyed watching and learning new things. So we are excited to get to use chemistry 101.
July 8, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Highly recommended high school chemistry core
Chemistry 101 provides a solid historical context & clear explanations of foundational concepts in chemistry. Although weaker in hands on experiments, this is an excellent core program with unusual depth and clarity.
April 10, 2016
over 6 years ago

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