ShillerLearning Math Songs Volume II

ShillerLearning Math Songs Volume II

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Grades: 4-7

Product Description:

Publisher Description:

25 catchy math tunes written and performed by Ron Brown of IntelliTunes for ShillerLearning. Play them in your car, play them anywhere you are! Your kids will sing and dance along while learning - and cementing - important math concepts. An excellent value. CD included in Kit II and the song files in the Kit II Virtual Download.

ShillerMath Songs Volume II includes:

  • Fractions
  • Least Common Multiple
  • The Axiom Commutativity
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Percentages
  • Triangle Properties
  • Solving Word Problems
  • Negative Numbers
  • Powers
  • Divisors
  • Decimals
  • Long Division
  • Area
  • Solving the Unknown
  • 3-D Geometry
  • Angles
  • Prime Numbers
  • Charts
  • Theorems
  • Greatest Common Divisor/Greatest Common Factor
  • Probability Universe
  • Linear Equations
  • Rational Numbers
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Square Roots

Used with Lesson Books 4, 5, and 6.

Category Description for ShillerMath:

Montessori-based Multisensory program ShillerMath

Not just another math program; this one is different. ShillerMath is a Montessori-based, multisensory curriculum for grades PreK to 7th which meets all NCTM standards. "What is Montessori?" you may be asking yourself. It is a method of educating children that stresses development of a childs own initiative and natural abilities, and the role of physical activity in absorbing abstract concepts and practical skills. But dont panic, no Montessori or math knowledge is required to use this curriculum, and there is little to no preparation for the lessons.

ShillerMath incorporates an incremental spiral approach (which guarantees plenty of practice) into their math program along with a 3-step presentation of concepts. The three steps are: "This is" "Show me" and "What is" Parents use this process developed by Dr. Maria Montessori to ensure that the child understands each concept. The example given for this in the Parent Guide is for teaching two-digit numbers:

Step 1: The parent says while pointing to the numbers, "This is 10, this is 11, this is 12."

Step 2: The parent leaves all three numbers out and says without pointing, "Show me 12; show me 11; show me 10."

Step 3: The parent points to one of the numbers and says, "What is this?"

The Lesson Books provide lessons which are colorful, easy to implement, and take an age-appropriate amount of time: 15 minutes for four year-olds, 20 minutes for 5 year-olds, 25 minutes for 6 year-olds, 30 minutes for 7 and 8 year-olds, and 30-45 minutes for children 9 to 12 years old. Each lesson begins by stating the objective, manipulatives needed, the learning style to which the lesson appeals, and whether the page is consumable.

Student Paced Math Instruction

Instruction is scripted and diagrams, drawings, and illustrations are provided for clear teaching of concepts. There is no set time per lesson or for the number of lessons per day. Each child is different and the child should set the pace according to their learning ability and skills. A Quick Start Guide is printed in the front of the Lesson Book which gives options for use and tips to reduce frustration for the student and the parent.

The Answer Guides include the pages from the Lesson Book with the answers printed in color. A Completed Work Sheet chart provides space for tracking completed lessons, lessons to revisit, and minutes worked on each lesson. This is found in books 1-3. A Review Test Scoresheet allows space at the back of the ShllerMath Answer Guide in Books 1-3 to track test scores and lessons to be revisited and is provided separately for books 4 and up. Additional sheets can be purchased for additional students or they are included with the consumable downloads available with each kit.

ShillerMath Teacher Guide

A 15-page Parent Guide tells you how to get started with ShillerMath, how the program works, how to build confidence in your child, and much more. This booklet even offers an explanation of parent responsibilities within the parent-child relationship.

Math songs available

ShillerMath songs are included in each kit or can be purchased separately. Each cd includes 25 original math tunes by Ron Brown of IntelliTunes. Listen to the songs in conjunction with the lesson while riding in your car, or while the kids are playing. I will say that the tunes are catchy, lively and upbeat and I caught myself singing them later in the day. They teach concepts such as the power of ten, counting by 2s, 4s, 5s, and mass on Volume I and fractions, negative numbers and square roots on the Volume II CD.

Shiller Math is the perfect place to begin math instruction for a child

The Beginner Base 10 Workbook is for the young child who wants to begin math, but isnt quite ready for Book 1 in this program. This book provides children with a complete and solid understanding of the decimal system. It introduces them to numbers in a very concrete manner using a multisensory approach, yet there are no manipulatives to purchase.

Power Solids Activity Guide and Fractions Quick Study Guide arent required to complete the ShillerMath program; however they are an excellent supplement to be used as a reference or for the student who loves the geoshapes and/or fractions and wants a little extra practice.

Help your student master math concepts

The goal of this math program is for students to speak and write mathematics clearly, accurately and concisely, and to achieve a solid understanding of math concepts. It seems Mr. Shiller had the right idea as he thought about how children learn and the best way for them to understand math concepts. As children hear the lessons and songs, play with manipulatives, and see the concepts applied, they can truly learn math in a way which would make Dr. Montessori smile.


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