Getting Started With Latin

Getting Started With Latin

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Grades: 4-AD

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Subtitled "Beginning Latin for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students of Any Age," I could see this book serving as a great introduction to Latin for the family who is not sure they want to jump right into a full-fledged Latin course. Of course, it would be just as useful for an older student (or even Mom and Dad), if they have never studied Latin but want to learn it on their own. The course was designed out of necessity by author William E. Linney, after he was asked by a relative to teach Latin to her children. He set out looking for a course that would not require a Latin teacher, was self-paced, self-explanatory, offered lots of practice exercises, was non-threatening, and inexpensive. When he couldn't find a course that suited his needs, he designed his own. The book contains 134 lessons, which are short (usually less than a page in length), un-fluffy, and incremental in progression. Lessons strike a nice balance between introducing new vocabulary, explaining simple grammatical concepts, and memorization of noun and verb forms. No lesson covers all of these tasks, but instead focuses on one objective and covers it well. Lessons that introduce new Latin vocabulary feature a new Latin word, its English meaning, and sometimes a pronunciation tip. This is usually followed by about ten sentences to translate. Lessons on grammar are also bite-sized, and different forms and cases are introduced gradually. As they are introduced, they are added to a chart, and students will translate sentences that use the forms and cases that they have learned. As charts are filled with endings or forms, students may be asked to memorize them, to aid in future lessons. Just for fun, "Latin Expressions" are scattered throughout the book. In each one, the author takes a common Latin phrase like "caveat emptor," or "etc." and explains the Latin history behind each phrase. Don't underestimate how these little "sparks" of knowledge whet your appetite to learn more! By the end of the book, students will have stockpiled basic vocabulary of around 100 words, be comfortable translating simple sentences in Latin, and have a grasp of basic Latin grammar.

There are a couple of aspects of this course worth noting. First of all, because the book is more of a text than a worktext it is not designed to be consumable. For translation purposes, the author recommends translating the sentences in a separate notebook. If extra practice is desired, you may wish to translate the sentences back to the form given in the lesson. Secondly, while we all realize that pronunciation is very difficult to teach "out of a book", the author has considered this, and has come up with an ingenious solution. He has provided MP3 audio files free of charge on his website, which can be downloaded and used with the lessons. As an added bonus, you can choose from either classical pronunciation or ecclesiastical pronunciation. Audio commentary on the lessons and a host of other helpful resources is also included on the website. Lastly, this course would be excellent prep for an older student who will be studying Latin in high school or college who hasn't had the benefit of laying a basic Latin foundation earlier in life. ~Jess

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Foreign Language
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William E. Linney
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Armfield Academic Press
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I have heard excellent reviews that it was fun, short lessons, and accomplished what it said it would do.
Cheryl B on Oct 9, 2021
Because if you understand Latin roots, you can figure out the rest:)
jesse d on Sep 2, 2021
I have heard excellent reviews that it was fun, short lessons, and accomplished what it said it would do.
Cheryl B on Oct 9, 2021
I wanted a good basis in grammar and intro to other languages such as Spanish and French
Carmen L on Sep 13, 2021
Because if you understand Latin roots, you can figure out the rest:)
jesse d on Sep 2, 2021
class recommended
Theresa C on Aug 29, 2021
This is a great introduction that will allow students to familiarize themselves with very basic Latin. A great jumping-off point for foreign languge studies!
emily l on Aug 12, 2021
Starting Latin with my 4th and 6th graders. Heard good things, can be done in minutes a day.
LeAnne on Jul 7, 2021
I liked the description and the price. Hope it is what we need.
Joyce S on May 26, 2021
Glowing amazon reviews
Sarah B on Mar 2, 2021
This book is a simple and easy introduction to Latin.
Suzanne R on Nov 6, 2020
It was recommended by Simply Charlotte Mason.
Beth A on Aug 28, 2020
needed for curriculum
Kelly S on Aug 5, 2020
Easy access to Latin in 10 minutes a day.
Hilary S on Jun 8, 2020
beautifully slow and gentle Charlotte Mason style learning
Alissa G on Jun 7, 2020
It was recommended as a Charlotte Mason type teaching tool.
Justin S on May 2, 2020
I read great reviews on Amazon about this particular book. I am excited to learn Latin along with my children!
Jeanette F on Sep 17, 2019
Looking forward to getting started with this curriculum.
Beverly B on Aug 7, 2019
It has great reviews, is easier than some and is recommended by Ambleside Online
Amanda Y on Jul 17, 2019
Recommended by homeschool agency
Dolhia P on Jul 14, 2019
All of the reviews of this book stated it was a good beginning book for latin. We want to start learning Latin this year (Grade 6), but I want it to be short and easily digestible bits so it doesn't seem overwhelming to my daughter. I took Latin in highschool and found it so helpful as I went through both highschool and college, especially as I decided to go into the medical field as my vocation.
Danielle S on Jun 6, 2019
Highly recommended by others.
Jan C on Sep 6, 2018
To extend my learning in the classics.
Diane L on Aug 24, 2018
Looked interesting and just what we needed to begin Latin.
Cheryl on Aug 5, 2018
Recommended highly by other homeschooling moms.
Azucena A on Aug 2, 2018
We have never done Latin before and this seems like a great easy intro to try it out.
Jennifer H on Jun 9, 2018
My son wants to do a little Latin and this looks like an easy intro.
Lara H on Jan 18, 2018
We wanted an introduction to Latin before jumping in and buying a full program. It helped wet our appetites for Latin and after going through the book we are ready for a comprehensive Latin program.
Daniel H on Dec 21, 2017
Resource for Simply Charlotte Mason
Elizabeth W on Aug 31, 2017
I read positive reviews of this book and am excited to attempt its' utilization.
Marae K on Jul 1, 2017
This was recommended by a friend.
User on Apr 4, 2017
I wanted something short, yet effective to give my 3rd grader a good view of Latin.
Marta B on Oct 3, 2016
help me teach latin
Kimberly S on Aug 19, 2016
This came highly recommended from a friend as a easy way to introduce my kids to Latin. I am looking forward to getting it.
Tiffany B on Aug 13, 2016
Easy gentle approach to learning Latin
Kari E on May 10, 2016
Teaching children Latin
Jody Y on Mar 13, 2016
Highly recommended for easy first study of Latin.
MARY H on Feb 28, 2016
Henle is so difficult and this book has great reviews to introductory Latin, whether as a supplement to Henle or just to do alone.
Gabrielle C on Dec 22, 2015
as a foreign language student, I am not daunted by intensive programs. For my 3rd grader though, a gentle and concise intro to foreign language seems to be the way to go. I also enjoyed the idea of engaging the whole family
Brandon C on Nov 2, 2015
I want an easy beginning Latin program for my kids.
Mary L on Oct 6, 2015
It looked like the right choice to introduce my 12 year old to Latin
Fletcher R on Oct 5, 2015
I wanted a good basis in grammar and intro to other languages such as Spanish and French
Carmen L on Sep 13, 2021
class recommended
Theresa C on Aug 29, 2021
We are loving this book. We are only about 40 lessons in so far, but we know that we want to do a couple years worth of Latin. I think we will move on with Visual Latin. Does anyone have any suggestions about how far into this book I should go first? Or, if I complete the book (since I hate to switch when things are going well), could I skip some (or all) of Visual Latin 1?
A shopper on Sep 10, 2018
Getting Started With Latin
Getting Started With Latin
Visual Latin Complete Package
Visual Latin Complete Package
BEST ANSWER: I was hoping that someone experienced with both programs might provide some insight but since that hasn't happened, just let me say this. I agree with you about continuing with Getting Started - since it is going well. Rather than skiping Visual Latin 1, you should be able to move more quickly through it. Visual Latin will be spending more time on formal grammar and vocabulary.
Is this a consumable workbook?
User on Aug 22, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It can be. It is up to you. There is space to translate on the page, but it isn’t lined or anything. If you want to use it for several students, you would just need a notebook for them to write their translations. I have done it both ways.
I can not recommend this book highly enough. It is excellent. It prepares a student well for the further study of Latin. I read a review one time that said that a student should be ready for Henle 1 by about Lesson 100 in this book. My daughter found this to be true. Our family does Classical Conversations and this book is super to prepare your student for Challenge A.
What Latin program have people used after completing this book?
A shopper on Apr 25, 2018
BEST ANSWER: We went on to Henle. A review I read on another website said that by about Lesson 100 a student is ready for Henle. My daughter found that to be true. I am on my third student with this book and am learning alongside him. It is excellent.
I'd like to introduce my 2nd grader to Latin and am considering this book. Is 7/8 too young for this? Also, any suggestions for what to use after going through this book?
User on Apr 21, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I used it with a 1st grader and a 4th grader. It was absolutely great for my 4th grader, but definitely too much for a first grader. I didn't make her stick with it. I'll save it to use with her later. It might work for a second grader, but it wouldn't hurt to wait. You could always try it and put it on hold if it's too much right now.
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Rated 5 out of 5
So fun! Nice bite size lessons. I’m enjoying learning along side my son.
September 9, 2021
6 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great Resource
This is an excellent resource for a slow and gradual start to a language that neither the teacher nor the students has any previous experience. We are learning a lot and having fun too!
September 12, 2020
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
love it
This is our third Latin curriculum that I have tried, and the first one that we enjoy. Simple short lessons that keep building until you realize that you have learnt so much since the beginning of the book!
September 29, 2018
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
My kids love Latin because of this book. I recommend it to anyone just starting out.
September 9, 2018
over 5 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
A very simple and straightforward introduction to Latin. It's easy for me to teach and has been just right for my 9 year old and 8 year old to begin with.
March 16, 2016
Rated 5 out of 5
I was looking for a good starter Latin before jumping to buy an expensive program this fit the bill perfectly! We are using this program over the summer It's simple short lessons but really kid friendly and I can help my daughter even though I've had no previous experience with Latin The lessons give great information and I really love how it's only one book(answers are in the back) I feel like this is a great confidence booster as well our daughter was nervous to attempt Latin but all her fears went away when she opened this book the format is just so friendly and such a good first experience and exposure They also offer a free online mp3 file to listen to the pronunciations of Latin very helpful Glad we purchased and would highly recommend as a first introduction to Latin
June 25, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5
We have been homeschooling for years and I have bought just about every latin program out there They were all overwhelming for the kids Getting Started With Latin was so easy One word a day That's all The words get used in sentences for translation It seems so easy but they're learning! The kids beg to do latin every day They fight over who gets to translate the sentence My daughter substitutes latin words into her everyday writing just for fun As a result we'll be moving on to more traditional programs next year With the basis we're getting from Getting Started it should be easy
January 8, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5
Loved this book!! After trying multiple other Latin programs I tried this one in a last attempt to even try to teach Latin Wow! Very clear concise lessons that make Latin accessible to even non-Latin knowledgeable moms And after finishing up this book my son has easily transitioned into Henle Latin I highly recommend this book for beginning Latin as an affordable and highly effective First Start to Latin
May 27, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5
As a mom with no prior Latin experience I was looking for a program that would serve as an introduction to Latin but not break the bank This book really served our family well The pace is very manageable within our already busy homeschool schedule and it has been fun to learn along with my 4th grade son I anticipate looking for a Latin program that is more in depth when we finish this book but I have benefited greatly from this resource The added bonus of downloadable lessons has been very helpful when I need help with pronunciation or require further explanation of concepts I don't mind that the book is non-consumable b/c it is easy to have the children write out their translations in a separate notebook If you are looking for an inexpensive way to give Latin a "whirl" in your homeschool I would highly recommend it I think it has given our family a nice introduction to Latin Now that we have a modest foundation in latin I will be more comfortable paying more money for a Latin program that will go into greater depth Instead of being frustrated with a new and intimidating language our family was turned onto Latin!
March 28, 2011

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