CalcuLadder 5 Drill Masters With SuperSlate

CalcuLadder 5 Drill Masters With SuperSlate

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Grades: 5-7

Product Description:

CalcuLadder 5 includes basic and advanced fractions and mixed numbers. There are 16 drill masters for each level plus answer keys and an award certificate. Also included is the Super Slate which allows the student to insert a master sheet, cover it with a plastic overlay and complete the drill using a regular #2 pencil. Then the teacher can flip the master sheet and easily grade the drill sheet. The plastic overlay sheet is quickly cleaned with a small bit of petroleum jelly. The Slate has a bit of a homespun look and you could substitute a dry-erase pocket for the Slate.

Publisher Description:

Intermediate and Advanced Fractions

Turn Finger-Counters into Number-Crunchers with CalcuLadder! CalcuLadder has been Homeschoolers' favorite math drills for over 30 years! Amillion parents and kids have used CalcuLadder, written by homeschool dad and rocket scientist, Dr. Ed Myers Ph.D. From basic math through pre-algebra,CalcuLadder drills build speed and accuracy. CalcuLadder may be used as needed at any grade level along with any math curriculum.

CalcuLadder® 5 includes the masters of drill levels 65 through 80, which cover basic addition and subtraction. These CalcuLadder® drill master sheets are accompanied by the amazing SuperSlate, which allows you to use the drill sheets repeatedly. The SuperSlate features a plastic transparent overlay, on which the student writes his/her answers with a regular #2 pencil or mechanical pencil. Flip the drill worksheet over to see the QuicKey for immediate scoring. Simply wipe off the overlay with a tissue and petroleum jelly, so your students can use the drill sheets over and over without ever having to print or reproduce new drill sheets!

CalcuLadder® 5 serves as the heavy-duty fractions unit in the CalcuLadder series. To be sure of your student's readiness, Level 65 checks your student's mastery of long division. Subsequent Levels cover every aspect of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. Key skills are addressed, including reducing, cancelling, and finding common denominators. The treatment is systematic, thorough, and complete, with careful drill of all procedures involved. Use CalcuLadder 5 in Grades 5, 6, 7, or higher to enable your students to work fractions problems like a pro!

This CalcuLadder SuperSlate Package now includes a voucher certificate for you to request the complimentary pdf files of the drills and keys contained in this CalcuLadder, so you can print out more copies for your immediate family's use, if necessary! This is an additional $13.95 value - yours for free!

MasterPaks are more economical for those parents who know they are going to use multiple levels of the CalcuLadder® program. MasterPak 1 includes the masters of CalcuLadder® 1, 2, and 3 with ReadyWriter; MasterPak 2 includes the masters of CalcuLadder® 4, 5, and 6 with AlphaBetter. These sets also come with the SuperSlate. ReadyWriter covers basic penmanship (letter strokes) and AlphaBetter practices alphabetical order, alphabetizing skills, and dictionary skills.

Do you remember CalcuLadder® in their print version? Well, they're back!! Every level of CalcuLadder® is available again with the addition of a handy new feature that allows you to use the drill sheets repeatedly - the SuperSlate. The SuperSlate is a reusable, transparent overlay that fastens firmly over your drill sheet that has been placed on the base. Use only a #2 pencil or mechanical pencil with an HB lead to write answers to the drill problems. Flip the sheet over to check your answers, then clean the overlay with a bit of petroleum jelly and dry cloth or tissue. The drill pages are the same as those that used to be in print and are also found in the CalcuPak product. CalcuLadder 1 is basic addition and subtraction, 2 is advanced addition/subtraction and basic multiplication, 3 covers advanced multiplication and basic division, 4 includes advanced division, estimation, basic fractions, and decimals, 5 is intermediate and advanced fractions, and 6 includes percents, English and Metric units, geometric concepts, and review of fractions and decimals.

MasterPaks are more economical for those who know they are going to use multiple levels of the CalcuLadder® program. MasterPak 1 includes CalcuLadder® levels 1, 2, and 3 with ReadyWriter; MasterPak 2 includes CalcuLadder® 4, 5, and 6 with AlphaBetter. These sets also come with the SuperSlate feature. ReadyWriter covers basic letter strokes and AlphaBetter practices alphabetical order, alphabetizing skills, and dictionary skills.

Category Description for CalcuPaks / Calculadders:

These are great - painless, quick, easy to take and good for you - no wonder they're called "Learning Vitamins." These are designed to get the brain working quickly and automatically - a must before going into higher-level math! We have seen marked improvement in our children's computational speed and skill after using these. Advantages over other drill sheets we've seen (and used) are the sheer variety in the sheets and the incremental level of difficulty from one sheet to the next. Cute graphics "grow" up the margins of the page as students progress, adding to the visual appeal, and an appropriate scripture verse is a definite plus (if you're drilling several students, the ones who finish ahead can meditate on something worthwhile!).

Originally printed as a workbook with 12 copies of 16 individual master worksheets, students completed one page each day until they reached the target speed. Then, they moved on to the next worksheet and repeated the process. The target speed might be reached after completing two or three worksheets or it might take a student the entire 12 to reach the speed goal. Although the print versions of the Calculadders have gone out of print, the publisher has transitioned their successful drill program to either a computer-based option (CalcuPaks) or the Super-Slate (an interesting and somewhat uniquely designed re-mark system) that uses a single master copy of each drill sheet.

Calculadders have six levels which take the student through basic math - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, telling time, fractions, percents, and decimals. These roughly correspond to elementary grade levels but can be used whenever needed. ReadyWriter provides practice in basic letter strokes and would be used prior to a formal handwriting program. AlphaBetter helps students speed up their alphabitizing skills.

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For the multiplication facts, up to what numbers do they go to? I am looking for going up to at least 12s.
Debbie on Sep 22, 2021
CalcuLadder 5 Drill Masters With SuperSlate
CalcuLadder 5 Drill Masters With SuperSlate
CalcuPaks / Calculadders
CalcuPaks / Calculadders
CalcuPak 2 Home Edition 4.0
CalcuPak 2 Home Edition 4.0
BEST ANSWER: Yes, in the Calculadder sheets where they practice the multiplication facts (Calculadder 2 and 3), they go up to 12. The same for division facts.
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