Principles of Algebra 2 Solutions Manual

Principles of Algebra 2 Solutions Manual

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Publisher Description:

Ever wished for a solutions manual that not only showed you the steps used to obtain an answer, but also included explanations of steps that are hard to follow?

This solutions manual is designed with homeschool families in mind and is filled with notes, step-by-step explanations on many problems, and other features to help make grading easier.

Get ready to see algebra like you’ve never seen it before! This complete Algebra 2 program not only teaches algebra concepts students need; it also shows them why they’re learning those concepts and how algebra’s very existence points us to a Creator. They’ll see algebra in action, and find their biblical worldview built every step along the way.

Category Description for Principles of Algebra 2:

Written from a Biblical worldview, this new Master Books course offers a homeschool friendly, comprehensive program to prepare students for Pre-Calculus or college level Algebra. Beginning with an Algebra review, students will master complex concepts like exponents, rational and irrational numbers, complex and imaginary numbers, roots, inequalities, functions, logarithms and more, all with a focus on application. Concluding the program is a review of all lessons. The full-color Student Textbook provides the lesson instruction, while the Teacher Guide offers general teaching information, objectives, supply lists, student instruction, a suggested daily schedule (60-90 minutes/5 days per week), and reproducible student worksheets, quizzes, and tests. The Solution Manual provides grading information, solutions to all problems, along with numerous explanatory notes. Successful completion of Algebra 1 is required. Geometry is recommended but not required. Requires a TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus (or online) calculator, graphing paper, and notebooks/paper. Available individually or as a set with all 3 components. Softcover.

Category Description for Principles of Mathematics:

We don't often think of math in terms of being presented with a Christian Worldview, but Master Books has done just that. Using a Biblical lens, the comprehensive, two-year, junior high math course covers the basics of arithmetic and pre-algebra and thoroughly prepare your student for algebra.

See the product description for the Algebra 2 course in this series.

The middle school curriculum is intended to be used for two years for 7th and 8th grades, although advanced 6th graders could also complete it. It is designed to be used before the student starts Algebra (in the curriculum of your choice). This curriculum would also work well for high schoolers who need a review of basic concepts and beginning algebra. The table of contents topical format allows you to use this text as a reference or extra practice for someone who might be struggling.

There are two books for each level of the program: a student text and a teacher guide. The teacher guide also holds student worksheets. Book 1 reviews basic arithmetic and teaches problem-solving skills and mental math through a Biblical lens. Book 2 is considered the pre-algebra portion of the program, so students need to be competent in basic functions of fractions, decimals, percent, and basic geometry. Book 2 assumes the knowledge of content presented in Book 1; so if you arent sure where to begin, have your student take the placement tests available on our website.

The Student Book (textbook) is the instruction, divided into chapters, then into lessons. Important notes about the curriculum and its use are found in the front of the book. Students will read the lesson in the Student Book and complete the activity page found in the Teacher Guide (more about that in a bit). Thats how easy it is to use this curriculum. Dont confuse easy-to-use with over-simplified content. After comparing the content of this course with that of Bob Jones, Saxon, Alpha Omega etc., Principles of Mathematics stays with the pack. It covers all pertinent topics for algebra preparation. While there is quite a bit of reading, the language is fairly easy to read and comprehend (conversational). The text is black and white with examples and illustrations, so may not appeal to your more visual learner. Calculator instruction is included, beginning with lesson 4.5, but parent/teacher can discern the amount of calculator use allowed. Lessons that have recommended calculator use are marked with a calculator symbol.

The Teacher Guide is a very important part of this program. You will find a course schedule, student worksheets for each lesson, answer keys (a mix of answers and solutions), quizzes, and tests. Also included in the worksheets are math problems from historical text books, such as Applied Mathematics for Junior High Schools and High Schools and Secondary Arithmetic: Commercial and Industrial for High, Industrial, Commercial, Normal Schools, and Academics and Practical Algebra: First Year Course. These problems help students understand the role of math throughout history, but they are also good thinking math problems. There are two versions of the schedule two-year and one-year. The two-year schedule is basically one lesson per day using both books to equal two years of junior high math. If you have a student who is really motivated and wants to finish both books in one year, there is a schedule for that. In this option, students complete about 2 to 3 lessons per day depending on the length. The Student Workbook is consumable (not reproducible); pages are perforated with plenty of space for students to show their work and answer questions.

The Principles of Mathematics Sets include a student text and the teacher guide. Note: If you feel you need additional support, pre-recorded videos to accompany the lessons are available for a fee (18 month subscription) at

Supplies suggested for this course are the student textbook and workbook, binder with notebook paper, abacus, blank index cards, calculator, graph paper, compass, measuring tape with Metric and US measure, ruler with Metric and US measure, and a protractor.

There is no separation of math and God: this text strives to teach students math and its connection to God and the Bible. The first 3 sections of chapter one are full of information to debunk misconceptions about math; explain math from a Biblical foundation; and expose the spiritual battle in math: all to lay a solid foundation for studying math with a Biblical Worldview. I have read a lot of articles and books on the relationship of math and God, but have never seen an actual curriculum that incorporates the two. ~ Donna


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Math as a real-life tool
I used to love math in high school, but no math teacher could ever explain how to use Algebra in real life situations. This course shows the student that math is a real-life tool and not meaningless and boring equations and problems. The student will explore the blood pressure of giraffes and see how amazing God created giraffes. Also, the math behind hot air balloons and how men have utilized the consistencies God created to develop a useful device like hot air balloons. The special arrangement of seeds in a sunflower testifies God’s wisdom and care. This course makes math come alive. There are a lot of finance application examples guiding the student to be good stewards of money but above all to avoid the love of money and rather focus on investing in eternity.

The student text is colourful and lessons are presented very well with detailed explanations and illustrations. It all points to our Creator God, His consistent universe and how He consistently governs all things.

The student needs the following to complete this course: Principles of Algebra 2 Student Text which contains the presentations and explanations of concepts; Principles of Algebra 2 Teacher Guide which contains the worksheets, quizzes, and tests; and the Principles of Algebra 2 Solutions manual which contains step-by-step solutions and notes for the worksheets, quizzes and tests. There is an optional eCourse available through which provides more guidance and is helpful for visual and auditory learners (and Mom!).

I highly recommend this self-taught course for students who already completed an Algebra 1 course.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.
June 25, 2022

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