Building Spelling Skills 1 Worktext 2ED

Building Spelling Skills 1 Worktext 2ED

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Item #: 012255
ISBN: 9781935796015
Grades: 1

Publisher Description:

This workbook develops a student's spelling ability by using phonics rules to form its word lists. These rules include: short and long vowel sounds, double consonants, special blends, digraphs "oo" and "or," diphthongs, word endings, prefixes, suffixes, and compound words. Word bank exercises, crosswords, fill-in-the-blank, writing practice, rhyming exercises, and other fun activities are used to provide variety while helping the student gain familiarity with how words and sentences are constructed.

Test sheets are included at the back of the book. With 36 units and 5 lessons per unit, the text is designed to be used daily over a 36 week period.

Category Description for Building Spelling Skills:

Based on two fundamental premises of developing excellent spelling skills, this worktext series incorporates spelling/phonics rules but likewise utilizes exercises that employ word writing repetition. Our English language has many spelling irregularities so developing skill in recognizing the arrangement of letters and/or syllables in selected list words is targeted by various word games and puzzles. Since this series is from Christian Liberty, you can also count on two things: the content is biblically based, and the books are a good value for the money.

Weekly lists of twenty words are covered in a series of daily lessons. Lesson activities are varied but include writing/identifying list words in sentences, reinforcing phonics rules, supplying endings, beginnings, etc., writing list words, taking pre and final tests. There is plenty of room to write answers and books are pleasing in appearance with occasional graphics and an accent color. Books 1 & 2 are primarily concerned with phonetic concepts and simple prefixes and suffixes. Starting in Book 3 there is an increased emphasis on vocabulary development with activities involving the identifying and/or supplying list word definitions. Book 5 is more than a spelling book; it's a mini-encyclopedia of spelling. The first six units feature the names of major countries and cities of the world. The next two units focus on American states and capitals. Then follows units featuring the terms used in a wide variety of favorite subjects such as health, food, trees, arts, entertainment, travel, and transportation, etc. Lessons in this book also require the alphabetizing of the list words. Book 6 is an examination of the great diversity and variety in spelling the rich sounds of the English language. Book 7 & 8 are basic studies in etymology with Book 7 devoted to word-building with prefixes and suffixes while Book 8 is dedicated to word roots. Both books require considerable dictionary work and are designed to help the student develop an ability to recognize meaning and spellings, based on word analysis techniques. The series is gradually being revised with second editions featuring nicer page layout and type, but very similar content. ~ Janice

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Garry J. Moes
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Christian Liberty Press
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Rainbow Resource Center Store
Required for our co-op.
Audrey R on Aug 12, 2021
A trusted friend recommended this book to me and I'm excited to try it out.
Lydia M on Feb 7, 2021
Required for our co-op.
Audrey R on Aug 12, 2021
This spelling method looks very simple and straightforward, with a focus on phonetic spelling rules.
Erica K on Apr 27, 2021
A trusted friend recommended this book to me and I'm excited to try it out.
Lydia M on Feb 7, 2021
cathy duffy reviews
Jessica V on May 4, 2020
I have used this successfully with other students.
User on Aug 31, 2019
Spelling reinforcement tool
Emmiiillllyyyyy on Aug 5, 2019
Suggested textbook from our homeschool co-op.
Deitra M on Jul 19, 2019
I wanted to have a spelling program for my 1st grader that also was Christian and I loved the previews of this one.
Ashley T on Jul 10, 2019
Simple, strong curriculum. I am not interested in letter tiles/white boards etc. Just need simple book.
Jane H on Jun 27, 2019
recommendations from a friend
Vicky C on Feb 19, 2019
Good reviews and inexpensive.
Wendy S on Oct 10, 2018
My ninety year old Dad had a stroke and can read but cannot spell. This book is a good book to help him relearn. Spelling books are rare. I also like the price.
Shelby R on Sep 10, 2018
Cathy Duffy
claudia H on Sep 1, 2018
I like the Phonics component of this program.
Alyce L on Aug 12, 2018
Cathy Duffy review
Lydia B on Jul 15, 2018
We started this program by using book 1 with all 6 of our boys no matter their actual reading level, in order to give them a solid spelling foundation. We. Love. It. It is very similar to the program I used in elementary school in the 80's, and with a few minor tweaks, has been the most effective of any system I have tried in 20 years of homeschooling.(We use the quotations at the beginning of each Unit for copywork, and we have them write each word 5 times per day.)
Denise H on Jun 5, 2018
I thought it would be good to try something new for spelling.
Petra F on Apr 22, 2018
It is one of Cathy Duffy's top 102 picks for spelling. Also the cost is low and manageable
Amanda Y on Feb 11, 2018
I wanted a spelling program that reinforced my sons phonics program.
Kimberly M on Aug 30, 2017
Used previously with good results.
Laura T on Jul 18, 2017
recommended by Cathy DUffy reviews
Robert Jason P on Mar 27, 2017
I have tried All About Spelling, Spelling Workout, Sequential Spelling, and SpellWell. I definitely like this the best! I don't like the cheap, pasty paper used in some programs. It makes writing a chore. Well laid out, organized, concise, and systematic with biblical content.
Sarah J on Jan 31, 2017
Online reviews. Student can work independently. Good price.
Susana M on Nov 1, 2016
We tried this book with our son and really enjoyed it. It even offers quotations that can be used for copywork. We plan to use this series with all of our children.
Denise H on Sep 8, 2016
3rd grade daughter who needs to start over with spelling - hopefully it will help!
Amy H on Jul 25, 2016
Recommended by Cathy Duffy. Saw it at Mardels. Was inexpensive.
Sharlayne P on Jul 8, 2016
Love these workbooks. Nice start for my middle daughter
Melanie S on Jun 7, 2016
Affordable simple spelling workbook
Kimberly R on Mar 1, 2016
This spelling method looks very simple and straightforward, with a focus on phonetic spelling rules.
Erica K on Apr 27, 2021
cathy duffy reviews
Jessica V on May 4, 2020
4.5 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
Good solid and straight to the point.
March 31, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 2 out of 5
Not for children who have a hard time with spelling.
Things started out well with this curriculum. I appreciated the way the words were grouped together by spelling rules. Each week, the word lists became progressively more difficult. For example: Unit 14 was words with the long a sound made with ai or ay. OK, fair enough, I felt my daughter was ready for that. Two weeks later it was the long o sound made with oa or ow, that was a tough week. Then the long u made with ew, another tough week. We are on Unit 27 this week and here is part of the word list: unfair, untrue, disobey, dishonor, displease, unscrew, unload. My 7 year old daughter is having a hard time with reading and spelling and this book has started to stress her out. We only have 9 weeks left so I'd like to finish, but looking at the word lists coming up, I think I might have to find a new curriculum to finish out the year.

If your child doesn't have a natural affinity for spelling, please look for another curriculum and save yourself a headache here.
April 7, 2020
Rated 5 out of 5
High quality workbook
I have tried many spelling curricula. It is a pet peeve of mine when the paper in the workbook is of poor quality. It causes writing to be laborious and it just feels bad. But these workbooks are fantastic! Nice high quality paper and very good content. Most spelling books do not provide enough practice but this one does. We have found a winner!
March 3, 2017
over 4 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I use this spelling book for my 7 year old who is willing to plow through assignments in an orderly fashion with little enforcing by mom The word lists are longer than most other grade 1 spelling books (20 words every week) and the daily assignments have no bells or whistles--just consistent daily practice at spelling The lists are organized by spelling patterns which makes mastering those long word lists possible A feature that I really like is that there are test pages at the back of the book--no need for me to file spelling tests in a notebook We do need extra paper for her to do all the copying that is required though I would never use this program for my child that struggles with writing and has a hard time completing tasks but this is a solid no-frills spelling program that works well for my child who likes order and likes writing
June 15, 2010
Rated 5 out of 5
We started homeschooling in August with another spelling workbook Halfway through the year we jumped ship! CLP's Building Spelling Skills was a real lifesaver This spelling series contains wordlists that make sense Phonics connections are clearer and more meaningful than in our discarded MCP workbook Also I really like the way Building Spelling Skills includes simple puzzles vocabulary building exercises AND word copying ("Word copying?" you say Don't groan! We all know it works) Overall these spelling lessons are proving to be very effective and age appropriate for my first and third graders I'm happy with the change and plan to continue with this series next year
February 1, 2007
Rated 5 out of 5
I LOVE this program! I used it a grade level behind the publisher's suggestion and it worked beautifully! I can't say enough good things about this spelling curriculum
November 22, 2004

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