Megawords 1 Student Book 2ED

Megawords 1 Student Book 2ED

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Grades: 4-5

Category Description for Megawords 1:

Compound words plus open, closed, silent-e, r-controlled, consonant -le, double-vowel words, five syllabication rules (VC/CV, V/CV, VC/V, /cle and V/V) 762 words.

Category Description for Megawords:

Megawords uses multiple approaches to help students learn, understand, and spell mega (large or multi-syllabic) words. The series is sequential, with words building in complexity on both phonic and structural elements. Its goal is "to teach students word attack strategies that they can apply to sounding out any unfamiliar word." This is accomplished by having them start with the basic building block of language, the syllable. These are then combined into whole words, used in context, and practiced in a variety of multi-sensory activities. Between 431-781 words are learned in each book, grouped by phonetic structure. Worksheets explain and practice the rules or patterns found in the word list. Varied exercises focus on reading, spelling, and vocabulary. The word lists by construct can be fairly extensive, so many worksheets follow in order to use each word at least once in an exercise. Second edition changes are minimal in terms of actual content. Word lists are mostly identical, although I noted a few changes that seem to be related to word familiarity and usage (i.e. cannibal not in the new list; testimony added). Activities are mostly the same, though there are shifts in order and some changes in wording (i.e. Mr. Collier is now Mr. Spero; a radio is now a "machine that could do all homework"). There is enough movement in activity placement that using an old answer key with a new edition is likely to be frustrating. A review lesson has been added after the first three lessons in each book. A few types of exercises have been eliminated (unscramble and crosswords). Other changes include fonts (slightly larger), more writing space, and graphics/shading. The worktexts are still black and white. The Teacher Guide/Answer Keys (now in lay-flat spiral binding) have been expanded and contain more specific information about the approach, a six-step teaching strategy, "soft scripted" lesson-by-lesson plans and a complete, reduced page answer key as well as reproducible assessment and recording forms along with the reproducible versions of the reference material from the Student Book.

A spiral-bound Assessment Book is now also available, intended for all levels of Megawords. It provides a full diagnostic measure of the decoding and encoding skills taught at each level, and the test format is great for appropriate placement in the series, accurate diagnosis of skills in certain areas, easy and complete error analysis, pre- and post-test comparisons for documentation of progress, accountability of instructional practices, and development of individual goals and objectives. The Assessment Book is reproducible, so it can be used repeatedly as students work through the series.

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to educate my kid
Shiloh K on Nov 28, 2022
This is an excellent series after children have learned the basics of reading words. I have used it for both of my boys and I love it.
Jennifer B on Jan 26, 2022
to educate my kid
Shiloh K on Nov 28, 2022
Did this program with my other kids and now it's my next child's turn. My other kids liked it and it helped improve my kids' spelling.
stacy k on Feb 24, 2022
This is an excellent series after children have learned the basics of reading words. I have used it for both of my boys and I love it.
Jennifer B on Jan 26, 2022
a good resource to reinforce decoding of multi-syllable words
Jennifer C on Aug 29, 2021
Kathy G on Aug 13, 2021
Recommended program to supplement spelling for child in 3rd grade.
Philip P on Jun 18, 2021
Great program for middle school students with reading challenges.
Evie V on Jan 14, 2021
This product was recommended by another long time tutor. We have similar training (SOR) and approaches to teaching reading. I initially bought level 1 & 2 student and teacher books for review. I love them and just ordered one (various levels) for each of my students. There are a lot of practice activity pages with each word list . I give my own pretest from each list rather than the one suggested based on each child's weak area, then use the missed words as spelling lists.
Helen C on Dec 16, 2020
Great resource and student workbook.
Elizabeth C on Sep 24, 2020
summer work for student
Stacy F on May 18, 2020
Megawords is a great resource to teach students who struggle with spelling multi-syllable words.
Maria C on Feb 1, 2020
My 11 year old needs help with spelling
Amanda K on Jan 15, 2020
words to decode
Sharon R on Oct 1, 2019
Kevin T on Sep 30, 2019
Comprehensive spelling/phonics program. Will use for tutoring.
AMELIA A. on Apr 10, 2019
Love this for remediating Spelling with older kids. The syllable strategy works!
Wendy P on Feb 10, 2019
We use this for our spelling curriculum.
Susan S on Jan 15, 2019
It is a good product for older students to learn how to decode multisyabic words.
Jenny M on Oct 24, 2018
This book can be used by students in various grades and it includes instruction explaining rules applied to spelling. The exercises seem like pleasant puzzle work for some students.
Jennifer I on Oct 12, 2018
Love this curriculum. Used with 2 children.
Tracy B on Jul 31, 2018
needed to complete my set
carolyn z on Jul 8, 2018
recommended by fellow teacher
Brook M G on Jul 2, 2018
My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia and this was recommended by the school psychologist to help her spell better.
Erica M on Apr 18, 2018
It had good reviews online
Lauren T on Oct 18, 2017
older child uses the series and enjoys it and now we are using it again with our 2nd child
Laura D on Sep 2, 2017
previous use & success
Luciana L on Aug 31, 2017
My child is dyslexic and has a very strong desire to work on her own. Megawords has great reviews for kids struggling with reading and it looks like there is little interaction with teacher.
Jennifer O on Aug 18, 2017
Great program that forces kids to slow down and pay attention to each syllable of a word.
Steven W on Aug 12, 2017
spelling instruction
Melissa B on May 2, 2017
to help my struggling reader. I wish I'd bought this years ago!
Jennifer F on Apr 12, 2017
My mom chose to have us work through Megawords along with Wordly Wise when she was homeschooling us. I loved learning from them. They were quite breezy and enjoyable while also challenging enough to be very interesting and fun to learn from. I'm glad I can still purchase these for my own crew of kiddos. Enjoy!
Kirstin G on Mar 9, 2017
To use for my 4th grader in spelling.
Susan S on Oct 15, 2016
To use for instructional purposes
Diane S on Oct 2, 2016
required for son's 5th grade class
Stephanie N on Aug 26, 2016
Great book in many areas.
Tina P on Aug 16, 2016
have been using this system for all my kids
Michelle N on Aug 16, 2016
This product looked like a perfect match for improving spelling ability for a student who struggles with spelling.
Holly C on Aug 15, 2016
Great reviews! Hoping it will help my not-so-good spellers!
Tracy K on Jul 31, 2016
This came highly recommended from a veteran homeshooler.
Kellie W on Jun 4, 2016
This spelling/vocabulary comes highly recommended by other teachers and I wanted to check it out.
Ellen P on May 2, 2016
to help my child improve her spelling
Stephanie C on Jan 15, 2016
Reading a blog called Homeschool Reviews, I ran across a review by a woman who gave specific reasons why she preferred this program over others. There were several other reviews as well that lead me to believe that this program will help my right brained daughter.
Jeffrey B on Dec 2, 2015
Recommended for my dyslexic son.
Lisa B on Oct 12, 2015
We have had great success with this curriculum with our oldest. Now our daughter will get to try it.
Carissa C on Sep 30, 2015
Did this program with my other kids and now it's my next child's turn. My other kids liked it and it helped improve my kids' spelling.
stacy k on Feb 24, 2022
a good resource to reinforce decoding of multi-syllable words
Jennifer C on Aug 29, 2021
If I want to use this program for remedial spelling for a 9th grader would I start with book 1?
A shopper on May 8, 2017
Do you feel like the teacher's guide is necessary/helpful for level 1?
User on Dec 28, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Unless you need to have it for spelling list practice, I didn't feel that it was needed. I have not purchased it for subsequent books and didn't miss it. It gave predetermined lists for some exercises, but those were easy to add as everything is in the student book.
4.9 / 5.0
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Rated 5 out of 5
Mega words
Good for use with special needs students.
November 6, 2022
3 months ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Pages don't coincide
If you were buying all new products, this is fine. But I already had 2 books (of 2 different years) and needed a third. When I am on page 3J in one book, it is 3K in the others, and some of the sentences are randomly different. But the page numbering is not consistent so has to be checked each time which is confusing.Content is 5 stars.
October 20, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Awesome workbook!
February 13, 2021
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
This is our first time using Megawords. I had a couple of girls that had been through some intense spelling years. I thought a vocabulary like program might be a fun break. We love it! Interesting and well-paced. I have a super aversion to Teacher Manuals, I almost never buy them in the primary grades. I have been able to modify it slightly without the teacher manual. However, if you are squeamish at that idea, order the teacher manual. Overall very happy with megawords!
September 18, 2020
over 2 years ago
Rated 4 out of 5
good program
This has been some help to my son in the area of spelling. I like that he is learning spelling rules instead of a list of words each week that all have the same pattern. He can do the lessons with minimal help from me.
January 7, 2019
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Megawords Series--all books
This series is the genius answer to teaching reading, comprehension, and pronunciation to older elementary or middle school age kids. Each lesson in each book builds on a previous concept or rule, with dozens of sample words and interesting and ingenious workbook pages. The student can do some pages alone and while other pages can be taught line by line to be sure the information is being processed. I use this series when a student comes to me whose reading level, ability, and interest began to fade at about 4th grade. By sixth or seventh, the student is ready for this series and actually learns the inner workings of words in a really creative unfolding of phonics and vocabulary. After ten years, no student of mine has hated the book--they actually all like it. Too bad it isn't in public schools, especially now with so many older elementary and junior high kids who don't read well. It is a teaching tool--not good just to hand out for independent work, though there are plenty of independent pages so the teacher can walk away and come back later. I always buy one copy for myself so I can teach from my copy--don't get just one for your child. This book is worth serious use, and one book five times cheaper than the $50 you would pay a reading tutor for your 13 year old. I strongly advise going through the entire series in the order presented. Getting to the end of one workbook is also a great time to present a reward. Positive outcomes at all levels. I should add that this summer I am using it with a 23 year old who never really learned to read well but now wants to attempt college and an 8th grade boy who dislikes school and doesn't look forward to highschool. And why would he? He can't read well--for now. Megawords will cure that problem this summer.
May 26, 2017
Rated 5 out of 5
This curriculum really helped my daughter who was a struggling speller, and behind in grade level. She caught up and got ahead of grade level thanks to these workbooks. She worked through all levels at her own pace, she started level one in the middle of fourth grade and finished book eight in high school, but she had already significantly improved by the time she reached the last two levels. I tried other programs with my younger two children, and regret it. I recently ordered more of these to begin with my younger two. I should have known to stick with what works. :)
November 10, 2015
over 7 years ago

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