Managers of Their Homes

Managers of Their Homes

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Most homeschooling families would agree that scheduling is essential to fit school, work, chores and family time into the day, but many have not found a system that works for them. Steve and Teri Maxwell have faced the same challenges over the years. They've been homeschooling their eight children for fourteen years and had to find ways to make it work. Managers of Their Homes incorporates solutions that worked for them and for other families as well. The book goes into greater depth than most planning books, and includes sections on scheduling children’s days, school, chores, kitchen work, priorities, and school year vs summer. Since we do not live in the ideal world, sections on interruptions, challenges, and babies are also included. How-to’s include putting a schedule together and implementing the schedule.

The real question is, “Does it work?” Twenty-four families (many of them large families) tested the book before it was published to see if it helped them. Their comments include “I had read almost every organizational book there was, and I still couldn’t get to where I wanted to be until I applied this method!”, and “My schedule has given me back my sanity!! I can’t believe the way my life has changed since implementing a schedule.” Their encouraging comments are sprinkled throughout the book. 40 pages of sample schedules from these families are included in the appendix. In the back of the book is a “Scheduling Kit” to aid you in getting your own schedule up and running. There are still just 24 hours in a day, but this book can help you get the most out of them.

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i need help!
Sandra B on Aug 15, 2020
To manage home better
Angela B on Apr 27, 2020
i need help!
Sandra B on Aug 15, 2020
I've been greatly encouraged by Teri Maxwell's book, "Homeschooling With A Meek And Quiet Spirit." I feel hopeless when it comes to managing my home and organizing belongings and activities...I need supernatural power from God and practical help from a mom like Teri to cultivate linear thinking. What a blessing that would be to my husband and my 4 kids. I'd really like it, too!
Jill Q on Jul 21, 2020
To manage home better
Angela B on Apr 27, 2020
I believe this is going to be a great "Home Management 101 course" for me! :)
Jeanette F on Sep 17, 2019
I need help with household management and this book seems to come with good rapport.
maria l on Jul 31, 2019
I have 8 children just like the author and I love to learn more about how large families organize their days.
Ryan H on Jul 20, 2019
I need help scheduling my day
Dayami F on Feb 20, 2019
I have used this resource for managing my household of 12 people for 20 years now and it has helped me immensely to run our household smoothly.
Jennifer L on Nov 27, 2018
Friend recommendation
Laura P on Nov 13, 2017
I always wanted this. I had prevaricated about ordering for a long time. I believe this will not only organize me better, but will transfer to my children as well.
Mary B on Sep 19, 2016
Recommended from a friend for organizing homeschool schedule
Denise G on Sep 3, 2016
Hoping this will help us make a schedule plan that actually works!
User on Sep 2, 2016
I need help organizing my home and homeschool!! Praying this is an answer from the Lord!
Stephanie V on May 13, 2016
I need help scheduling my day and managing my time
Traci G on May 12, 2016
I really enjoyed the book "Managers of their Chores" and felt these authors could help me with homeschool management as well.
Tammy P on Feb 23, 2016
I've been greatly encouraged by Teri Maxwell's book, "Homeschooling With A Meek And Quiet Spirit." I feel hopeless when it comes to managing my home and organizing belongings and activities...I need supernatural power from God and practical help from a mom like Teri to cultivate linear thinking. What a blessing that would be to my husband and my 4 kids. I'd really like it, too!
Jill Q on Jul 21, 2020
I believe this is going to be a great "Home Management 101 course" for me! :)
Jeanette F on Sep 17, 2019
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Immensely valuable!
I have used Managers of Their Homes for many years now and it has proved to be one of the most valuable tools I have ever used to manage my large household (11 children). The program helped me to schedule individual needs and then organize these into a framework for our family to live well with one another. I recommend it so highly that I have bought additional copies for other young mothers, too.
December 28, 2018
over 2 years ago
If you want to live by the Bible it may be worth noting that NO Biblical mother would have scheduled her baby Mary didn't Hannah didn't- nobody did! Schedules were invented alongside formula to prevent bottle-feeding mothers from stuffing or starving their babies So to me a system that hinges on my ability to schedule my baby doesn't jive with my faith my heart let alone my babies' personalities! (Also some moms will not get enough stimulation to produce enough milk nursing on a schedule) Beyond that I found it shocking that the authors of this book think kids can't handle much unscheduled time since their own kids seem to just fight and get into trouble if they have too much of it Maybe that is a byproduct of their not having enough practice structuring their own time ?!? If this system works for you then great But don't feel that you are doing something wrong if this system is a dismal failure for you and your family It just means your family's style is different than the authors' Do what works for you and toss the rest out the window!
June 24, 2014
Managers of Their Homes or MOTH as it's sometimes referred to is a spiral-bound 180 page manual on the why and how-to of scheduling a large (or small) Christian homeschooling family Many books are written from a Christian worldview that can be read enjoyed and used by non-Christians MOTH however is not After convincing you why scheduling is important the Maxwells give you "The Key to Successful Scheduling" (drum roll): it is for mom to have daily quiet time with the Lord Everything in the entire manual is from a Christian viewpoint and it is evident that Steve and Teri Maxwell live what they preach They are homeschool veterans and they understand that homeschoolers have needs that are different from "regular" families I think other scheduling methods don't adequately address such differences With this in mind they have 5 chapters that address topics like interruptions and challenges to a schedule; they account for how a homeschool family's schedule changes from school-time to summer-time; and they have a unique view on how to schedule in "Priorities" This is one thing I had never considered that I am grateful for the Maxwells for pointing out What qualifies as a "priority " you wonder it is sewing scrapbooking and such Their philosophy is this: If you always wait for a four-hour child-free block of time to do a task you must do (such as taxes) or what you think is fun then you may never get around to it But if each day you schedule a half-hour dedicated to that task you will do it much sooner Such time is well-spent if it helps a housebound (sorry homeschooling) mother do things that rejuvenate her spiritAnother thing that the Maxwells emphasize is scheduling time for everyone who is involved in an activity If Jackson has swimming at 5 pm what am I doing? What are the other kids doing? This system makes you account for everyone each hour It helps you consciously decide to do math with your fourth-grader while the baby napsOne totally new idea to me was having older siblings watch the younger siblings while you work one-on-one with a school-age child It fosters sibling relationships independence care-taking and responsibility!Features that I found to be helpful included a Q & A section at the back in which Teri Maxwell gives advice based on her family's successful use of the system Also encouraging were letters at the front of each chapter from one of the 24 families that "tested" MOTH before it was publishedOn the down side this book has 40 pages of sample schedules of the "test families" I found these to be of very little value when I made my own schedule In addition on every page of instruction there are two-inch sidebars which are filled up with comments from the families who did the "testing" of the scheduling system I found them to be distracting unless I focused on them only at the end of each chapter otherwise they broke up my train of thought too muchIt did take some effort and time to create the schedule Also there is a lot of focus on the final presentation of the schedule: cutting up different colors of paper for each child or parent using sticky-tac to adhere the squares to the final paper I think it's a lot less work and mess to just write each person in a different color penWell after using the scheduling system for about a month all I have to say (ha!) is one word: discipline Let me rephrase that: DISCIPLINE!!Like any other scheduling system it falls onto the shoulders of one person: the discipline of the mother to follow it If you slack off the kids wander off to the tv and the work doesn't get done I felt at times exhausted just thinking of following my schedule for another 10 hours It can be overwhelming to see all you have to do and are responsible for in one place! It is important to leave time to transition from activity to activity and to schedule free time But free time is so much sweeter after you've had a day of productivity!
September 29, 2009
Managers of Their Homes has been the greatest investment for our home school and family! I�m not well skilled at the art and tasks of managing my home so keeping the house orderly and training my children in their chores has seemed to be an illusive goal for me I had previously purchased a couple of chore programs but I just couldn�t get my son to get all his tasks and school work completed regardless of how detailed or simple I made the program for him I have also read nearly every organizing and decluttering book and watched every video on the topics that I could They all dealt with the physical surroundings saying that one should save the more abstract of time until the physical environment is in order if they mentioned time at all! And they weren�t necessarily geared to the challenges of raising and training the children in these tasks especially while attempting to educate them! However I had hit a wall and I wasn�t getting anything more organized and we were not getting any more done in our dayThen we (my husband and I) met the Maxwell�s at our state homeschool convention Hesitantly (as I was already defeated from all the other books I had read and the lack of progress they seemed to bring) we bought this book I took two weeks just to read it before I began implementing the schedule When I started I only created the morning and nap schedule but we kept backsliding Finally I created three schedules that will work for our family We live in Minnesota and have three active boys (9 4 & 2) with a baby on the way so I had to make the schedules according to the seasons when we could go outside so they could burn some energy Before the schedule I tried (rather unsuccessfully) to get all our school work completed in the morning � like I had heard so many other families do But it just didn�t work for us It was frustrating for them and me to attempt to get school done in a three or four-hour block of time and then play in the afternoon The goal was too far away for them to envision the reward Once we implemented the Maxwell�s program we broke up our day and did some chores then some school work and quiet time and finally a break outside before lunch We do the same things in the afternoon What a difference that made! We now have to do school in the afternoon but everything is in a manageable time frame for my spirited boys! The oldest help hold Mom accountable to the schedule since they can read it; and the littlest start understanding what activity comes next in our dayNow I don�t have to constantly be on my children to get their chores and school work done! I also added my own little twist with something we call Chokitz or hot chocolate tickets They�re just tickets I made up on the computer Our sons like to indulge in hot chocolate when Mom and Dad are having a coffee or cappuccino so I started allowing the school-age children to earn a Chokitz ticket when they accomplish their school work in the allotted time Then they trade in the Chokitz for a hot chocolate � one per day or collect 10 for a hot chocolate date in which case we take them to the local SA for a hot chocolate and game to play with Mom or Dad So when they get their handwriting completed in 10 minutes or their Spelling in 30 minutes they have the opportunity to earn two Chokitz If they don�t finish in the allotted time they don�t get a ticket When displaying a bad attitude (arguing pouting whining etc) they lose a Chokitz For getting their chores done they receive another kind of ticket (that accompanies our chore program) they can use for playing with friends and other leisure activitiesOne more bonus to the Managers of Their Homes program is the MOTH board! In the back of your book is a form to send in to register your book and allow you access to the MOTH board so you can receive ongoing assistance when necessary The board has several forums and is monitored by Teri Maxwell All registered users can make use of this wonderful tool and the wisdom of other ladies who have been there before! That leads to one more reason that it makes sense to purchase this book new rather than trying to save a few cents and purchase used (as I often try to do) Registering your book entitles you to free access to the MOTH board and the liberty to copy the worksheets you need from your scheduling kit or order new pagesI still have far to go to have the order I would like in my home however Managers of Their Homes has allowed us to accomplish much more in our day than we ever did before And we can now rejoice in the small accomplishments that are coming through the use of this wonderful program!
March 31, 2009
I have used this system for 8 or 9 years now consistently I LOVE it I always thought I knew how to make a good schedule but MOTH is far and above The more children we had and the older they got more involved their schooling becomes etc the less I could see it all fitting into a 24 hour day Academic goals spiritual goals household needs relationship needs church needs all seemed to be competing This system has given us the freedom to really be effective in life and reach outside the walls of our own home and family to be intentional and consistent in encouraging others as well I highly recommend it
June 12, 2008
I was at my wit's end just having my sixth child Lack of sleep was depriving me of an ability to be patient with my 2-yr-old and school had fallen off the radar It just so happened that I had ordered this book and thought it might be a good time to peruse it What a God-send! It has a chapter devoted to scheduling baby While that might be a controversial subject to some it was manna from heaven for me! It changed the whole dynamic of my household From there I was able to grasp the other concepts in the book: meal planning toddler scheduling school schedules and chore lists Because it's not just a book of charts but includes the how and WHY of scheduling or creating lists for these various parts of life it is so much more palatable and "manageable" Instead of barely surviving the work I must do I am now eager to get to work managing my home successfully!
May 15, 2008
Whenever a Mom asks me for homeschooling advice I tell them first to GET THIS BOOK! It has been a huge help to me I am not a naturally organized person but this book helped me schedule my family It is helpful in explaining why scheduling is important and then it takes you through the process of making a schedule Of all the home organizing books I have tried this one helped me the most Definitely worth the money (just ask my husband)!
September 19, 2007

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