Beyond Five in a Row Volume 1

Beyond Five in a Row Volume 1

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Using outstanding chapter books, Beyond is for children who have "outgrown" the Five in a Row unit studies. Activities and lesson ideas incorporate history, geography, science, language arts, fine arts, and human relationships into the study of the selected literature for a full semester. Books needed for this study are listed below. A Christian Character and Bible Supplement is available separately to integrate scriptural selections and character study.

Category Description for Five in a Row Literature Unit Studies:

This series provides a wonderful way to nurture your relationship with your children and foster a lifelong adventure of learning. The Five in a Row title comes from reading the same classic children’s book five days in a row as a literature-based unit study to cover social studies, character, language arts, math, science and art. Use as a stand-alone program for preschool, or supplement with phonics and math and use it with older children. Literature selections contain positive moral stories that reflect Biblical values. Choose from many possible activities for each day.

The original Five in a Row series was written three decades ago for the previous generation of homeschoolers. Now, the author’s children have undertaken the task of modernizing the series and updating the literature lists. All books in the series will eventually be revised; however, at this writing, Beyond Five in a Row series are still in the previous edition.

Before Five in a Row has much the same content as the original book, but with three additional stories included. There are also updated illustrations, Animal Classification Cards that help children develop simple classification skills, and StoryDisks and a Storybook Map (an enjoyable way to teach where the story takes place). This book is a collection of discussion and play-based lessons to do for 10-15 minutes 2 or 3 days a week. It doesn’t follow the typical 5 day a week schedule. The first of two parts list the 24 stories, along with creative activity suggestions such as examining the stars or using colored tissue paper to make a simple collage. The second part is filled with ideas to build a foundation of readiness – talking and listening skills, coordination skills, activities in the kitchen and other primary skills.

More Before Five in a Row is the new addition to the series and includes 14 new books. It has been specifically written as a preschool curriculum (ages 3-5) and follows the typical format of the Five in a Row books. New to this book, however, is an encouraging Bible lesson before each story written specifically for the parent. Many lessons are built around six early literacy skills: vocabulary, narrative, print awareness, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, and print motivation. The gentle activities are not meant to teach in-depth concepts, but to enhance your child’s awareness of the world around them. Centered around play and discussion, the program provides a wide variety of activities involving science, social studies, Bible, language arts, health and much more. An Animal Classification game, StoryDisks and a Storybook Map are included in the back. The activities are a bit more detailed than in Before FIAR.

Completely redesigned and updated, the second edition of the Five in a Row Volumes 1-4 still have the same goal of providing elementary students with a quality educational foundation through well written and illustrated books. All you will need to complete the curriculum for 5-and-6-year-olds is a good phonics program and a simple introduction to math. For children who are reading successfully, you will want to supplement with math, spelling, penmanship, and grammar material if you desire to teach those as individual subjects. Volume 4 is designed for older elementary (9 years and up). The activities related to the different subjects in this volume are more involved; therefore, plan on spending 2 weeks on Volume 4 books instead of one. For ages 9 and 10, it is recommended adding math, spelling, and grammar. This volume prepares students for Level 5 as students transition to reading chapter books.

The new editions include special teaching tips from the author (including step-by-step guidance for each day of the week), along with an explanation of the philosophy behind the program. There is also a “Teacher’s Note” page and activity sheets following each book lesson. The “Teacher’s Note” page is handy to record relevant information such as activities done, library resources or videos used, and any field trip opportunities taken. The three or four activity sheets for each book title correlate with some of the activities and really add to the program. These sheets are reproducible for family use only. The books in each program remain the same with a couple of exceptions. They Were Strong and Good was taken out of Volume 2 and The Old Woman Who Named Things was added to Volume 3. Literature packages contain all available books for each volume. Note: literature packages do not contain the FIAR guides. Check out our website for the most current literature package updates! Christian Character and Bible content also available separately. ~ Gina

Category Description for UNIT STUDIES:

What is a "unit study"? Briefly, it's a thematic or topical approach to teaching as opposed to the traditional by-subject approach. Rather than teach each subject separately, a unit study attempts to integrate many or all subject areas into a unified study - usually centered around a particular subject or event. Obviously History (the study of events) and Science (the study of "things") are well-suited to unit studies, and usually form the "core" around which other subjects are integrated. Subjects like Bible, Geography, Government, English (writing), and Reading/Literature, Music, Home Economics, Life Skills, and Art, are usually easy to integrate around a core topics. Remaining subjects (Math, Phonics, Grammar, Spelling) can be integrated to some extent via related activities. Each, however, has its own "system" (progression of skills, mastery of "rules") which must be followed to some degree. Since one of the additional advantages of a unit study curriculum is the ability to use it with students of varying ages and skill levels, these subjects are generally taught apart from the core curriculum. This may be as simple as assigning pages in a grammar or spelling book, or using a separate "program" for Phonics and Math. Unit studies also tend to be more activity-oriented than the traditional approach, a real boon to kinesthetic learners. Advocates of the unit study approach site studies showing that children learn best when learning is unified rather than fragmented and when learning is more participatory than passive.

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Starting our new homeschool year in a few weeks!
Hillary F on Aug 13, 2021
I have a child who need to learn in a hands-on format. This curriculum allows that!
Jen D on Jul 16, 2021
Starting our new homeschool year in a few weeks!
Hillary F on Aug 13, 2021
My kids love reading and Five in a Row is a great curriculum for them
Alberto M on Jul 27, 2021
I have a child who need to learn in a hands-on format. This curriculum allows that!
Jen D on Jul 16, 2021
Highly recommended by a veteran homeschooler
Darin S on Jul 23, 2020
I am purchasing this to use as an example for the many families considering homeschooling this year. When I host an information meeting, I like to have examples on hand for parents to physically look at.
Krista W on Jul 18, 2020
Wang Chiew N on Jul 3, 2020
I have used the Before FIAR and FIAR curriculums. They are wonderful!!
Bethany E on Jun 18, 2020
Awesome resource
Kelly N on May 28, 2020
We have used Five in a Row since we started homeshooling and we love it. We have gone through FIAR Vol 1-3 and we are ordering Vol 4 and Vol 1 of Beyond FIAR so that we can move onto those next year. We are looking forward to moving onto Beyond and sharing some great chapter books!
Bethany S on May 21, 2020
I used Before Five in a Row when my daughter was pre-school age and we loved it. She will now be 4th grade level and we've decided to come back to a literature based program. Can't wait to get started!
Tara L on May 19, 2020
For my daughters 2nd and 4th grade homeschool curriculum
Tobi K on Sep 20, 2019
It was highly recommended.
Sheila C on Sep 13, 2019
because our co-op
AI on Sep 7, 2019
We have finished Five in a Row and want to continue using this program for the major portion of our homeschool curriculum.
Sherry D on Mar 31, 2019
Customer request
Allyn D on Mar 29, 2019
Our summer curriculum go to! Excited to read new literature this summer!
sarah p on Mar 15, 2019
Looking for a literature based unit study for my 12 year old that includes a lot of conversation.
Nadine T on Jul 17, 2018
Christian based, many subjects in one, great literature
Anita y on Jun 11, 2018
Wanting to look into the future as my son turns 9 towards the end of 2018.,
Elgene H on Jan 8, 2018
to go along with the literature package
Christine B on Nov 8, 2017
"WE LOVE way for us to learn AND actually REMEMBER what we have learned."
Celena D on Aug 15, 2017
We have enjoyed Five in a Row, I'm excited that we get to continue 'rowing' this year!
jason g on Jun 16, 2017
It was recommended to me as a jumping off point before starting another curriculum for for an older age group.
Lesley T on Feb 17, 2017
For ideas and knowledge with unit studies with my first year of homeschooling.
Monette G on Oct 4, 2016
I love introducing literature beyond just reading a story.
Lori T on Sep 19, 2016
It was highly recommended to me by a friend.
Sara G on Sep 12, 2016
I found this on the five in a row website
Carl R on Aug 8, 2016
To keep my daughter reading
Diane L on Jul 12, 2016
This purchase is to help my son with the literature package. We are hoping that it re-inspires his love of learning.
Shelly L on May 9, 2016
Our first year homeschooling and a newborn on the way. I wanted something familiar and exciting to get us started on the right foot. As a former early educator, unit studies are something I have experience with and after seeing the sample pages and reading reviews, this curriculum option looks like the best fit for our family
Janelle L on Apr 30, 2016
We feel that unit studies make learning more interesting and enjoyable.
Nicole R on Mar 3, 2016
I read about it on a blog!
nicole h on Oct 5, 2015
My kids love reading and Five in a Row is a great curriculum for them
Alberto M on Jul 27, 2021
Highly recommended by a veteran homeschooler
Darin S on Jul 23, 2020
Which volume is best for my kids going into 5th grade? Is volume 1 of beyond five in a row to easy for their grade level?
cassidy kottke on Sep 17, 2020
BEST ANSWER: This is what I ordered for my 5th grader last year and it worked well.
Is this a workbook or textbook? Do I need one for each child or one can be shared?
A shopper on Aug 9, 2020
BEST ANSWER: This is a curriculum guide more than anything. It gives several potential lessons for each book/set of chapters and you can tailor lesson to your child with their suggestions or use the suggestions to inspire your own.

You only need one book ever.
How can I use Beyond FIAR chronologically?
A shopper on Jun 24, 2020
BEST ANSWER: I am not sure I understand your question, but I'll try and hopefully I'll be helpful. There are 4 volumes for Beyond Five in a Row. (The 4th being a christian volume.) You can use these after the younger children Five in a Row volumes or even if you have never used Five in a Row before. You can use any volumes of Beyond Five in a Row in any order and as you go through each volume, you can choose the 4 novels to read in any order. Sometimes there might be a mention of another book in that volume, but if you haven't read it yet, it's okay. If you are asking about chronologically ordering the novels themselves, you can easily do that and have your child read them in that order. It's a very wonderful and easy - going curriculum.
Beyond FIAR.... Is volume I meant to cover an entire school year?
A shopper on May 21, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No. Volume 1 will not cover an entire school year. It depends on how quickly you read through the books. A chapter a day is a quicker pace and you will complete books sooner. If you cover a chapter every other day and take your time on the lessons and projects the volume will last longer.
For example, if the average book is ten chapters you could spend 2-6 weeks on one book. Each volume covers 4 books. So you could complete a volume in 2-4 months depending on your depth, pace and interest.
on the five in a row website they show a more modern cover and I assume a newer addition. Is that one available?
A shopper on May 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, we are currently stocking the edition with the updated covers. I apologize for the incorrect graphic. We'll be working to get those updated.
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Rated 5 out of 5
Affordable and user-friendly.
As a veteran homeschool mom with varied curriculum experiences. I find myself gravitating back to our favorite unit studies. The Five in a Row curriculum is laid back and user-friendly. This is a great curriculum for multi-level ages and covers most areas of study. I give FIAR an A+.
July 7, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
We really enjoyed our year of Five In A Row. It was a bonding time to read and do the suggested activities together.
August 10, 2020
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Engaging and diverse
I am using this material as a summer bridge program but I am enjoying it and the kids are too. The reading is good and the activities and thinking are engaging. Also it covers a wide range of topics and issues.
July 1, 2020
over 3 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I love this book for our lit. studies. Fantastic ideas from crafting to history.
May 24, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
If you love FIAR you will love Beyond FIAR The same wonderful literature-based curriculum can be continued to use with your junior high schoolers! We have all 3 volumes of Beyond Five in a Row! They are filled with great literature (a lot of which is available at your local library) There are a variety of activities to choose from to keep every child engaged! If you are looking for a fun relaxed but still educationally sound curriculum this is the one!
June 4, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5
My nine year old daughter is loving it! And so am I! I am one of those that by the time we get through all our basic 3 R's I feel like the day is gone These studies make it so easy to do your 3 R's while doing Science History and Geography It also has Fine Arts which could be cooking Art Sewing They'll remember what they have read and talk about it over the dinner table Even my 5 year old is enjoying itThere are extra books suggested that go along with the storyline and you will love them allIt has language arts writing assignments vocabulary words If you already have an intensive Language instruction going you can skip it There is so much there you probably wouldn't miss itThe hardest part is deciding what not to do Sometimes we do them all Sometimes not For example in the book Homer Price Ch 3 somewhat of a long chapter you would probably spend about a week on Lessons are: Telephones and Operators in the Past The Red Cross- People Helping People in a Personal Way (Clara Barton) New Technology- Labor Saving Devices Today- Economics- Supply and Demand- Literary Enrichment- Thematic Stories Fine Arts- Design your own sandwich board- Cooking- Make your own doughnuts- Fine Arts- Illustrating Movement There is lots of good stuff in here If you have a child who bores easily wants something new and different to do Here you go This is what you need They can read the story Choose a lesson or two Give them the materials they need to discover and create They will learn a lot and so you will you Yes homeschooling can be enjoyable I don't know of a product that it compares with It works great with different learning styles even different levels If you have a child that needs harder books have them read one of the additional suggestions of books and study the same topics on each child's level It is a great value
August 9, 2007

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