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Item #: 000205
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Grades: 1-8

Product Description:

Well known for her successful strategies to help struggling learners, Dianne Craft’s approach has been modified to equip parents at home to meet the processing and reading struggles of their hard-working, yet bright children. With a three-pronged approach her program targets processing issues, provides nutritional support and intervention, and integrates right brain teaching strategies. These are the most essential elements for success! Let’s take a peak at what is included.

First is the Reading Package (sold separately) which includes daily lesson plans for the struggling reader, writer and speller. The Package also includes the Brain Integration Manual, Right Brain Phonics Reading Book, Right Brain Phonics cards, Right Brain Dolch Sight Word Cards Sample set, Teaching the Right Child DVD, the Dyslexia and Other Reading Problems DVD, a colored reading transparency and a helpful “Quick Start Guide”. All of these resources provide parent educators with step-by-step instructions for becoming your child’s personal reading specialist. Also included are helpful articles, informal assessments and a reading placement test. Please note, the Right Brain Readers are not included, these are an additional purchase after identifying your child’s correct readiness level. You will also receive the following vital resources: Biology of Behavior CD set with study notes, which provides an overview of nutritional research and a step-by-step program of nutritional supplementation to help your child’s body heal; Smart Kids Who Hate to Write DVD; Identifying Your Child’s Processing Problem DVD; Right Brain Paragraph and Composition Writing DVD; Right Brain Math DVD; Right Brain Multiplication Cards; and the Visual Number Cards. See individual item descriptions for detailed information on each component. The Foundational Package also includes Quick Start Instructions with step-by-step getting started guidance. In addition, Mrs. Craft is available through email to answer specific concerns or questions that are specific to your child’s needs. One caveat I would make is regarding the time commitment necessary to gain the full benefit of the program. If using the full approach, this will replace most of your current curriculum, depending on your child’s level. The author acknowledges that a parent's willingness to devote a consistent and fairly intense effort is vital to success. You should plan on a consistent 9-12 months for results, although some children may need more time. Mrs. Craft’s techniques have consistently proven themselves to be effective over the course of many years for a wide variety of home educators. The Foundational Package provides parents with the necessary resources at a cost savings, and the included Quick Study Guides help you prepare a successful plan to meet your child’s needs. ~ Deanne

Publisher Description:

Many bright, hardworking children have to work too hard to learn because they have a processing problem, or one of their learning gates is blocked. Sometimes several learning gates are blocked. We offer the Foundational Package of Dianne Craft’s products for those parents who wish to gain an understanding of Dianne’s three-pronged approach – Brain Integration Therapy, Nutritional Strategies, and Right Brain Teaching Strategies – to help children learn.

Please note the Foundational Package does not contain Craft Right Brain Readers as each purchaser will not necessarily need the same Reader(s). You may purchase individual Craft Right Brain Readers or the Right Brain Reader Package separately.

Our Foundational Package contains all of the following nine products found in the Reading Package:

*Daily Lesson Plans for the Struggling Reader, Writer and Speller

*Brain Integration Therapy Program (2020 edition)

*Right Brain Phonics Reading Book

*Right Brain Phonics Cards

*Right Brain Dolch Sample Set Sight Words Cards

*Teaching the Right Brain Child DVD

*Dyslexia and Other Reading Problems DVD

*Colored Reading Transparencies

*Reading Package Quick Start Guide

Plus the following additional products:

* Biology of Behavior CD Set (with Study Notes)

* Smart Kids Who Hate to Write DVD

* Identifying Your Child’s Processing Problem DVD

*Right Brain Paragraph and Composition Writing

*Right Brain Math DVD

*Right Brain Multiplication Cards

*Visual Number Cards

Category Description for Right Brain Phonics:

Originally developed for children with dyslexia, this 30-45 minute-per-day phonics program may be exactly what your struggling reader needs. Popular "learning glitch" speaker and author, Dianne Craft, has created this valuable resource to enable struggling learners to become capable readers using right brain strategies. While left brain learners learn phonics best through a traditional program that uses black and white illustrations and multiple repetitious activities (including writing word lists and verbalizing sounds), right brain learners tend to learn best through color and visual stimuli. Color coding, pictures, emotion, and humor help them grasp concepts. They often "take a picture" in their mind, which allows them to quickly recall (and learn!) what is taught.

Recommended for children who are more than one year behind in reading, this book provides introductory pages that include an orientation to the program, a quick word recognition grade placement assessment, daily lesson plans (4 days per week with day 5 devoted to brain training activities found in the Brain Integration Therapy Manual), and word lists containing primary through intermediate words. While it is possible to use this without the above-mentioned manual, families will find valuable benefits from using both programs in tandem.

Also provided are phonetic sounds embedded in pictures to enhance learning for the right brain learner. Word lists are divided into two parts. The first part focuses on consonants/double consonants and blends with color-coded target sounds. Part two introduces multi-syllable words (2, 3 and 4 syllables). In the second part, students are expected to read the same word lists daily for 20 minutes to solidify learning. Each page is dedicated to one sound and provides ample white space to prevent an overload effect for struggling learners. This is a solid phonics program which will quickly become a favored resource for families of struggling learners.

Highly recommended to accompany the program are the Right Brain Phonics Flash Cards and the Right Brain Sight Word Flash Cards. Designed to be used with the program, they could also be a stand-alone resource for any child who struggles with learning their phonetic sounds or sight words. The Phonics Flash Card set contains 40 durable, 4" x 6" three-hole punched flash cards. Vowel, consonants and letter combinations sounds are superimposed upon a picture to represent the sound being learned. An instruction card is also included. The Sight Word Flash Cards set contains 36 sight words plus instructions. The glossy durable cards measure 8 ½" x 2 ½", are brightly illustrated, and most contain sentences on the back side which relate to the word illustrations. Words included are to, he, two, it's, use, she, say, are, was, all, one, any, put, city, what, here, tell, said, were, many, this, they, have, does, must, with, some, happy, which, their, there, after, about, through, little, and because. Three-hole punched for your convenience (see our colored book rings #35890). ~ Deanne

Category Description for Other Programs:

Programs in this section focus primarily on teaching children to read, and may not provide comprehensive instruction in reading comprehension, spelling, writing, or other language skills. Arranged roughly by grade.

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Help, and Encouragement for special needs Students and Parents!
My son Aaron purchase the foundational Package after reading about this program in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. This is the best phonics program to buy if you have a child with autism, Dyslexia,auditory processing, labored writing, poor memory. Watching the dvd's she gets it. She understands. Thankful for this program.
April 5, 2021

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