Discovering Design with Earth Science Lab Kit

Discovering Design with Earth Science Lab Kit

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Product Description:

Teaching science just got easier! Providing the harder to find items at an affordable price, parents and students will appreciate the quality components and convenience of this lab kit from Cornerstone Educational Supply. Kit includes: 50 ml. graduated cylinder, pipettes (2), dropper bottles (2), funnel, magnifying glass, iron nail, penny, white streak plate, black streak plate, glass tile, magnet, pH paper, digital mass scale, plaster, 10% hydrochloric acid solution, tea bags (4), antacid tablets (4), Epsom salt, and the following specimens. Mineral specimens: quartz (transparent and opaque), muscovite mica, potassium, feldspar, calcite, and hematite. Rock specimens: granite, basalt, pumice, sandstone, limestone, siltstone, marble, slate, and gneiss. Fossil specimens: clam, brachiopod, shark tooth, petrified wood, and crinoid stem. Sediment specimens: sand, silt, clay, and plaster. Additional household items required but not included.

Publisher Description:

This earth science kit is designed to work with Berean Builders' Discovering Design with Earth Science. Each kit includes: Geology Basics Kit; Geology Testing Kit; 3 bags of sediment including sand, silt and clay; one bag of plaster; a piece of limestone; 2 density test rocks; a mass activity rock; pH paper book; digital scale; 50ml graduated cylinder; 2 pipettes; funnel; 4 tea bags; 4 antacid tablets; bottle of epsom salt.

Category Description for Discovering Design with Earth Science:

This exciting new course from Dr. Wile explores the design and complexity of the Earth, leading students to discover truths about its design and the One who designed it. Begin with the basic concepts necessary to study Earth Science, including a brief look at chemistry, the metric system, temperature, volume, density, and concentration. Once students understand this foundational information, they will thoroughly learn about the geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. This course dives deep into these topics. For example, as students learn about the geosphere (core, mantle, crust, etc.), each area is studied in great detail. As they study the earth’s crust, they learn about minerals, rocks, and the rock cycle. Plate tectonics is then covered, which leads to a discussion of seismic waves, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Students then learn about fossils and how both uniformitarians and catastrophists interpret those fossils as well as the sedimentary rocks in which they are found. A discussion that compares uniformitarianism and catastrophism follows, in which the strengths and weaknesses of each view are covered. Once these are firmly understood, the hydrosphere is studied beginning with the properties of water (polarity, hydrogen bonding, and heat capacity). The hydrologic cycle and residence time are then explored, leading students into a study of waves, currents, and tides in the ocean, along with ice and freshwater reservoirs. Students then learn about the atmosphere, including the composition and sections of air, temperature gradients, and pollutants, and weather. The final chapters focus on the solar system and the universe. Dr. Wile takes the student on an intellectual journey through evolutionary and young earth creation hypotheses and evidence through comparing the core beliefs of uniformitarianism and catastrophism. He stresses that all scientists approach science with a bias, including him, but he strives to explain both perspectives in a balanced manner, encouraging students to think through their own beliefs.

This a lab-based science program that provides 50+ hours of lab instruction. A Lab Kit containing specific minerals, rocks, and fossils is required. Contact us regarding availability. It will be impossible to do many of the experiments without the specific kit created for this course.

The hardcover Textbook contains 16 chapters. Chapters contain the student readings, experiments, and comprehension check questions (and answers). Each chapter concludes with a chapter review that prepares students for the chapter test. In lieu of lesson plans, the daily lessons end with the comprehension check. Following this path, each chapter will take 7 days to complete, allowing 2 days for the chapter review and one day for the chapter test. There is a bit of flexibility built in for students who may need a little more time to complete a chapter. The course is written in a narrative fashion and assumes there is no teacher present, and the information is new to the student. While this may seem more text heavy compared to other courses, the narration does a great job of explaining information in a way students can grasp. Colorful graphics and illustrations are scattered throughout the text with numerous full color illustrations in the appendix. Also included is a supply list by chapter and index. The softcover Answer Key and Tests provides a brief course introduction, recommended grading scale, and answers to the chapter reviews and tests. Tests are also included. Tests are reproducible for family use.

The textbook and answer key are available separately or in a package.

Optional resources include the USB Audiobook with chapter readings (no comprehension questions or experiments), and the printed Student Workbook, which includes the comprehension questions and chapter review questions with space to write answers. It also provides guidance on creating a lab notebook, and blank pages for documenting labs.

Purchase of course includes access to a course website with helpful resources including direction on recording labs and samples of the first few labs, video clips, and other links. There is also a question-and-answer service available with Dr. Wile. Information for accessing these free resources is included in the text/answer key introduction.

This is an excellent course that meets the needs for a lab-based Earth Science credit in Jr High or High School. Students will appreciate the thorough, well-explained lessons, and parents will appreciate the focus on student independence.

Category Description for Discovering Design by Dr. Jay Wile:

Believing college preparatory, lab rich science should be a part of every homeschool student’s experience, Dr. Wile provides everything necessary for success. With his conversational approach, there is more reading and fewer pictures compared to other curricula. Rather than intimidating, this beautiful approach assumes there is no teacher present and gives students all they need to know about a subject in a clearly explained, user-friendly format.

The Hardcover Textbook offers textual reading, comprehension and review questions, lab instructions and answers to the comprehension questions. The softcover Answer Key & Tests Book includes reproducible tests and answers to the tests and chapter reviews. It also includes grading and testing tips. USB Audiobooks are chapter readings without comprehension questions or experiments. Set includes Textbook and Answer Key/Test Book. Optional Lab Kits or Student Workbooks are available.


Items listed in this section tend to be complete science programs with a teacher and student component, requiring few supplements besides science supplies.

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It’s need for my daughter to complete her science class
Jocelyn W on Aug 22, 2023
It is needed to teach Berean Builders Earth Science
Kristin H on Aug 5, 2023
It’s need for my daughter to complete her science class
Jocelyn W on Aug 22, 2023
Jen S on Aug 10, 2023
It is needed to teach Berean Builders Earth Science
Kristin H on Aug 5, 2023
because it was required when looking at the description on the textbook
Richard R on Aug 2, 2023
Needed the lab kit to go along with the experiments in the text. I was pleased with the price also.
Lori G on Jul 31, 2023
It is a required addition to the textbook.
Krystal V on Jul 28, 2023
Jennifer D on Jul 24, 2023
I need the lab kit for easy access to some rocks, minerals, and things to go along with the text.
Carolyn B on Jun 28, 2023
This science kit goes along with the science curriculum we are using next year.
akalten on Jun 21, 2023
it is a good deal for the lab kit needed for the course
Alexis P on Jun 20, 2023
Ease for student to locate science supplies.
Heather Y on Jan 28, 2023
It goes with the Earth Science I am purchasing.
Sharon B on Dec 19, 2022
Bought the book, need the lab kit.
User on Oct 3, 2022
to go with book
Jose S on Aug 20, 2022
I'm teaching this in a coop this year and the kit makes it much easier for labs
Nancy P on Aug 18, 2022
Lab kit to go with the science
Jennifer H on Jul 25, 2022
I have enjoyed using Berean Builders with my kids. Looking forward to using this course next year.
Jill W on Jul 1, 2022
It matched the homeschool curriculum that I am using.
Gena H on Jun 28, 2022
It was recommended as a required part of our curriculum per My Father's World
Angela J on Apr 26, 2022
My daughter is Home-Schooling her children. She told me these items were highly recommended to her by other Home-Schoolers.
Gregory S on Apr 16, 2022
Jen S on Aug 10, 2023
because it was required when looking at the description on the textbook
Richard R on Aug 2, 2023
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Thank God someone’s done kits for us!
Handy to hv it all in one place. So thankful I looked around, didn’t know these kits existed to match their books. No more skipping labs or punting. :)
September 2, 2022
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