Well-Ordered Language Level 2B Student Book

Well-Ordered Language Level 2B Student Book

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ISBN: 9781600513107
Grades: 4-5

Product Description:

Publisher Description:

A one-semester course for grades 4 or 5 and up

The previous level, Well-Ordered Language Level 1, helped students to master the eight parts of speech, along with object pronouns, prepositional and adverbial phrases, compound subjects, compound verbs, and compound objects. Any student who mastered these concepts should be prepared for Well-Ordered Language Level 2. In Book 2B, students will review and strengthen skills learned in Level 1 and Book 2A and be introduced to several new concepts. Student using this text will also learn to diagram sentences, visualizingthe grammatical relationships within sentences.

Well-Ordered Language Level 2B(WOL 2B) will introduce students to:

  • Sentence diagramming (visualizing grammatical relationships within sentences)
  • Four kinds of sentences (declarative, interrogatory, imperative, exclamatory) and principal elements
  • Prepositional phrases
  • Compound elements
  • Subject pronouns
  • Object pronouns
  • Possessive pronouns
  • Interrogative pronouns
  • Compound sentences
  • Relative pronouns and relative clauses
Category Description for Well-Ordered Language Level 2:

Level 2A covers declarative, interrogatory, imperative, exclamatory sentences and principal elements; adverbs, adjectives, predicate verbs with direct objects; predicate nominatives; predicate adjectives; predicate review; and possessive nouns. Level 2B covers declarative, interrogatory, imperative and exclamatory sentences with the principal elements; sentence diagramming; prepositional phrases; compound elements; subject, object, possessive and interrogative pronouns; compound sentences; and relative pronouns and relative clauses.

Category Description for Well-Ordered Language:

Subtitled The Curious Child’s Guide to Grammar, this full-bodied series teaches grammar by capitalizing on students’ inquisitiveness. Teacher and student actively work together in this semester-based, classical-approach program which emphasizes the ordering and analyzing of words and their functions in sentences. Believing that understanding language should bring joy and delight, the series analyzes excerpts from great literature and poetry using comprehension and grammar-related questions. In addition, each chapter employs a continuing story using the characters on the front cover. Lessons follow a recommended 30-40 minutes/day (your choice of 3, 4 or 5-day per week schedules). Start each week with singing/chanting to learn key terms or concepts. During the week, work through Lessons A-C, with modeling, practicing, diagramming, and reinforcement. At the week’s end, work through optional fables/tales and take a quiz. Components are sold individually, as semester sets (A or B for each level), or as Full Program sets to complete in one year.

The scripted Teacher’s Editions (240+ pgs) provide lesson planning suggestions, activities, all student book and practice sheet answers, notes and tips, and extensive explanation and helps for using the analytical approach. Duplicated from the student book is a glossary, song lyrics, and author bios. The publisher’s web site also provides teacher help such as suggested schedule options and video support (for some levels). An accelerated 5-day per week option (From the Sideline) is available if you wish to finish both A and B in one semester.

The consumable Student (250+ pgs) contains a glossary of terms (defined and includes the book level and chapter used), song lyrics, a few pages for notes, and short bios with photos of all authors referenced. Each weekly lesson follows a repeated format of review, learn, practice, learn, and analyze. Students analyze sentences and learn grammar in choral form (with movements and gestures) and make written notations. A To the Source section brings out Greek and Latin roots.

Level 1 (grades 3-4) will teach students to understand, analyze, and mark sentences using songs. Diagramming at this level uses a specially created WOL pre-diagramming notation system which involves the student in learning and labeling word functions, identifying each word’s role and why it functions the way it does and how it relates to others.

The following levels use classic diagramming. The publisher recommends always starting with Level 1, but if students are extremely comfortable with the eight parts of speech and their functions, they could begin with Level 2A.

Level 2 (grades 4-5) continues with sentence marking and analysis, using increasingly more complicated sentences. Though not specifically designed to be used together, the fables in Levels 1 and 2 of this series are also found in levels 1-3 of Writing and Rhetoric (also from Classical Academic Press), so students could use the levels of these two curricula in combination.

Level 3 (grades 5-6) and Level 4 (grades 6-7) continue using tools and diagramming to analyze more advanced grammatical concepts in even more complicated sentences. If your students have mastered the 8 parts of speech; prepositional phrases; compound subjects; objects; possessive, interrogative and relative pronouns; compound sentences; and relative clauses, your students are ready for level 3A.

These additional pieces are currently only available in digital download format directly from the publisher, Classical Academic Press: Songs/Chants and Extra Practice & Assessments. Extra Practice & Assessments are 160+ pg PDFs that provide practice sheets for lessons A, B, and C (also in the student/teacher books); additional practice sheets; fable sentences for analysis; and a quiz.

Category Description for Grammar:

These programs focus on grammar only and do not cover usage or mechanics.

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Our home school coop uses this. I've found it so helpful for my understanding of English as well as for kids.
Sharon S on Mar 24, 2022
Our home school coop uses this. I've found it so helpful for my understanding of English as well as for kids.
Sharon S on Mar 24, 2022
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