Sequential Spelling Level 2 Teacher Revised

Sequential Spelling Level 2 Teacher Revised

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Grades: 2-4

This well-organized program that teaches spelling by word families has a very satisfying appeal. Imagine lists of words that are organized by word families but that go well beyond a simple vowel family (i.e. c-at; b-at; etc.) right from the start. Although the first day's word list includes only four words - in, pin, sin, spin; by the third day, the "in" list has expanded to pinned, skins, twins (and other "in" words) and started on the "e" (i.e. b-e; sh-e) family and even includes a crossover word (begin). By building from the easier words of a family to important power words, the program builds self-confidence. Traditional spelling programs introduce words "vocabularily" - in other words, when the child is likely to encounter the word in reading, or based on a chosen theme. As a result, word sequences are odd and incomplete. In Sequential Spelling (Revised), the phonics necessary for decoding is being presented through the back door, so to speak.

Every learning channel is employed with this program. Here's the process: a word is given verbally and used in a sentence (audio); the student attempts to spell the word (kinesthetic); the correct spelling is given using colored markers on a white board to differentiate between family and other letters (oral interaction & visual); students correct their own spelling (kinesthetic). Eager learners and definitive results are produced by utilizing the simple educational techniques of having students correct their own mistakes when they make them - not hours, days, or even weeks later - and creating a positive learning environment by maintaining that mistakes are opportunities to learn. Tests are used as learning devices, not as a method of evaluation. If you feel compelled to give grades, written tests (reproducible) are available after the 40th, 80th, 120th, 160th, and 180th days.

The Teacher Books (Revised) for each Level hold introductory teaching information, and an overview of the approach. Next follows the 180 word lists which include sentences for the homophones (same pronunciation, different spelling; i.e. bare and bear) and heteronyms (same spelling, different word and different pronunciation; i.e. bow your head, bow and arrow). The first several days of lessons are laid out in detail - completely scripted. In addition to the teaching process, a positive can-do attitude is modeled in these lessons. After the eighth day, the process is continued as established. In the lists, common words appear in bold typing. Homophones , heteronyms , and words that do not follow the normal pattern (like "gyp") are all marked. Review and repetition is built in as you progress through the days (lists). Reproducible test forms are provided along with an answer key. The teacher book includes answers to the tests and student activities in levels 1-4, and only the test answers in levels 5-7.

Volume Levels are progressive but do not really conform to grade levels. For instance, the ending lessons of Level 1 include words like breathless, hedging, horrifying, and basically which would never be seen in a first or second-grade spelling book. Because they are introduced as parts of word families, they become doable for the early grades. This also means that an older child starting at Level 1 doesn't feel like he's way behind. (By the way, the parent is given complete freedom to drop some words from the lists if they feel it will be preferable for their child.) So, the bottom line is that you can start any grade level child at Level 1 and proceed through the books in order. It is recommended that children are reading at a second-grade level before beginning Level 1, so children in first grade may or may not be ready to begin, depending on their reading skill. Older children may or may not need to start with Level 1 so you may want to check out the placement test available on our website.

The Student Workbooks (Revised) hold pages with blank spaces for each day's spelling lesson and an additional activity on the following page that uses words from the lesson. Activities vary, including using words from the lesson in a sentence, unscrambling words, filling in blanks, writing the definition of words the student is not familiar with, and listing words that contain a particular word family (like 'ake'). Student Workbooks are available for Levels 1-5.

The Student Response Book provides the writing space for the daily word lists and can be used with any level of the program although the Student Activity Books at the early levels provide more review and repetition. To look at these books, you would scratch your head. The column for the 1st day words is in the middle of page 3 (with the 61st day on the left and the 121st day on the right). We don't see the 2nd day column until page 5. This peculiar arrangement is designed to prevent the child from copying words and/or word family parts from one day to the next, a tendency which gets in the way of truly learning the pattern. Once you figure out the system, it makes perfect sense. Although a student will need one book per level, the response book is not level-specific.

We offer Level Sets that include both Teacher Book and Student Book for each level and also sets which include the Teacher Book and the Student Response Book.

This is a well-organized program that offers a multi-sensory approach making it perfect for many students. ~ Janice

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My older child needs a different program for spelling. I thought Spelling You See was working but it seems that he learns in a different way.
Danielle B on Aug 14, 2023
Product was recommended
Rosanne C on Aug 24, 2022
My older child needs a different program for spelling. I thought Spelling You See was working but it seems that he learns in a different way.
Danielle B on Aug 14, 2023
My daughter has a very tough time with spelling. Since we began Sequential Spelling 1, I have noticed a significant improvement. Plus, it is quick and painless. I prefer all schoolwork to be as efficient as possible.
Crystal J on Jul 6, 2023
Product was recommended
Rosanne C on Aug 24, 2022
The first level worked well for my son, so I wanted the others as well.
User on Apr 23, 2022
a friend referred this spelling curriculum to me because she has had so much success with it already with her daughter.
Keri M on Apr 5, 2022
Book 1 worked really well for my daughter. I noticed a huge improvement in her spelling after going through the entire book. I love the patterns of words. Very helpful.
Sarah S on Sep 8, 2021
I found the student work book on amazon but did not know there was a website to order from directly nor that I needed a teacher guide until I read the back of the book and looked inside
Frances Z on Feb 1, 2021
Need for school text book.
Stephanie W on Aug 27, 2020
Fantastic spelling curriculum.
Leslie N on Jul 19, 2020
Easy to use. Works with multiple grade levels at once.
Jessica T on Aug 29, 2019
continuing with level 2
Brendan L on Jul 13, 2019
I saw reviews
Melissa H on Aug 23, 2018
Finishing up Level 1 with an older child. He likes getting immediate feedback with each word. He's enjoying this series.
Georgia K on Jun 4, 2018
Sequential Spelling 1 has been such a wonderful and easy tool for our homeschool. It takes minutes a day, but I see my kids learning the patterns of spelling through writing the words and learning them in a logical way. I'm anxious to get started with level 2.
Leah K on Apr 11, 2018
Used it before and love it!
Johnathan W on Nov 14, 2017
to learn proper spelling
amanda j on Oct 6, 2017
We needed to supplement our program.
Denise W on Sep 5, 2017
My son (8, 3rd Grade) LOVES this spelling program!
Autumn S on Aug 9, 2017
Used Level 1 and liked it. Would like to continue with the next level.
Teresa B on Jun 23, 2017
Recommended by a friend
Linda F on Apr 14, 2017
Because it simply works
Charles W on Feb 19, 2017
Lost my Teacher book for level 2, hoping it will work for my 'un-revised' student workbook
Amy K on Nov 30, 2016
next in series. Good repetition and reinforcement for a non-natural speller.
Lydia F on Nov 21, 2016
I started with Sequential Spelling, level 1 and just loved it for our homeschool. It is an easy, stress-free way to naturally learn to spell.
Laura H on Nov 11, 2016
Great and gentle way to teach kids spelling while building their confidence!
Javiera S on Nov 2, 2016
Our Daughter was Dyslexic, and this helped like a miracle.
Heribert E on Nov 1, 2016
I have the DVD and wanted the Teacher's Guide.
Amber B on Sep 29, 2016
My son is Dyslexic & the repetition of words and re-enforcement of common spelling rules throughout the daily lists of words have really been beneficial to learning without so much frustration!
User on Sep 26, 2016
a friend loaned me Level 4 Sequential Speller to use with my older children and they loved it! I'm will be using Level 2 now with my youngest who is a reluctant reader and weak speller. Looking forward to great results once again.
Linda S on Sep 6, 2016
Easy and straightforward program.
Casie B on Jul 7, 2016
Sonlight recommendation, but I prefer the Revised Edition
User on Jul 2, 2016
Sequential Spelling has given our son much more confidence in his spelling abilities. The formulaic approach to spelling is a logical method which appeals to his learning style.
Donnita D on Apr 15, 2016
My daughter has a very tough time with spelling. Since we began Sequential Spelling 1, I have noticed a significant improvement. Plus, it is quick and painless. I prefer all schoolwork to be as efficient as possible.
Crystal J on Jul 6, 2023
The first level worked well for my son, so I wanted the others as well.
User on Apr 23, 2022
Is the student book of Sequential Spelling revised edition necessary? From the one sample page it looks like only the teacher book is needed and the student could simple use lined paper. Is that accurate?
User on Apr 27, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It is not necessary, strictly speaking. You can effectively give the daily "tests" without the student book. There are two advantages to having the book:
1) It saves time and creates some structure to have each page already laid out and bound together. If my 7 year old had been tasked with organizing a blank lined paper himself, each line would have been a different size and going in a different direction, with a third of the words missing. And it would have taken 5 times as long with lots of frustration. An older, or more orderly, kid might not need it.
2) There are simple worksheets on the back side of each numbered "test" page. Fill in the blanks, word scrambles, crosswords...things like that. If you want that supplemental material, it's worth it to buy the book.
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