70 Basic Phonogram Cards

70 Basic Phonogram Cards

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Grades: PK-4

Product Description:

These cards link the most basic fixed combinations of letters in English with the sounds they make. The back of each card gives detailed information for presenting the phonogram. To avoid confusion, the author suggests you not use other phonogram cards. [Curious to know which two phonograms are in the 72 sets (used in other similar programs) but not in these 70 sets? The "missing" phonograms are "gu" and "our."]

Publisher Description:

By Wanda Sanseri. These cards link the most basic fixed combinations of letters in English with the sounds they make. The back of each card give detailed information for presenting the phonogram like a master teacher. To avoid confusion in working with the SWR program, do not substitute cards from other systems. Below is an example of the front and back side of the phonogram card for 'ti.' The front side of the card simply shows the phonogram as we would see it in a book. The teacher will write on the board the way that she wants the child to write the letter. We recommend that cursive is taught first, but someone can still use this program successfully by starting with manuscript. Notice that the card purposefully omits any picture clues or extra information. We want to establish the most direct connection between the symbol and the sound. On the back side of the card is information for the teacher. It includes what she should say for the student and side notes for her personal understanding.

Category Description for Spell to Write and Read:

What do The Writing Road to Reading, and this program, Spell to Write & Read have in common? Both have similar (and potentially confusing) names. Both would be labeled intensive phonics. And Both would claim a teaching progression something like this: sounds of speech - building words - developing a spelling vocabulary - writing original sentences - and then reading follows. If that sounds a little backwards to you, remember that these programs have very devoted followers who claim great success using this methodology and Spell to Write and Read is one of Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks for Homeschooling Curriculum.

Spell to Write and Read by Wanda Sanseri is an updated replacement for a previous program (Teaching Reading at Home and School) and is designed exclusively to work with the W.I.S.E. Guide for Spelling, also by Mrs. Sanseri. While SWR and the WISE Guide are considered a reading and spelling program, they could also be used as a stand-alone spelling program for a child who is already reading. SWR functions as a step-by-step teacher's guide to accompany the specific word lists in the WISE Guide. Covering preparation, philosophy, preschool pointers, reading aloud, evaluating achievement levels, and teaching penmanship with phonograms, it also illustrates in scripted detail the spelling dictation process and the spelling rule Reference Pages with instructions and examples. These spelling rule Reference Pages are central to the entire teaching/learning system. Ideas for reading assignments, ways to improve comprehension skills and refine composition skills round out the teacher's tools. In summary, this is the overall master book of a product combination that works together to teach the first four to five years of language arts or to remediate students of any age. The other components include the WISE Guide, 70 Basic Phonogram Cards, Spelling Rule Cards, 70 Basic Phonograms CD, the Primary Learning Log, and the Black Learning Log (more details on these below).

The W.I.S.E. Guide for Spelling (W.I.S.E. stands for Words, Instruction, and Spelling Enrichments) includes a core spelling list that is an updated version of the well-known Ayres List - a foundational vocabulary of 2000 spelling words. Words are divided into manageable daily lessons with 2 pages of teaching ideas for each set of 20 words. Each lesson has preliminary warm-up drills, motivational comments for introducing the lesson, and reminders to teach specific Reference Pages from SWR. Sample sentences are given to illustrate each word. Selections come from the Bible, literature, quotes from famous people, or instructive comments. Each word is divided into syllables and marked for spelling rules. Suggested teacher dialogue is provided. Optional enrichment activities involve a wide variety of subjects - art, literature, composition, grammar, etymology, alphabetizing, analogies, oxymorons, and many more.

This program, like other intensive phonics programs, is exceedingly detailed and painstakingly comprehensive and thorough. The extreme attention to detail would detract for many, but for those who want to follow a thoroughly researched and carefully implemented approach, this may be for you. ~ Janice

Category Description for Complete Programs - Phonics:

Programs in this section go beyond teaching children how to read, incorporating phonetic readers, spelling and writing as well. Arranged roughly by grade/age.

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teach esl students phonics
Pamela C on Feb 28, 2022
I am teaching students who have difficulty reading because they have never been taught to sound out letters, blend into words. I have taught in a classical school and these phonograms work!!
Karen M on Oct 23, 2021
teach esl students phonics
Pamela C on Feb 28, 2022
Homeschool Curriculum
Ashley B on Feb 6, 2022
I am teaching students who have difficulty reading because they have never been taught to sound out letters, blend into words. I have taught in a classical school and these phonograms work!!
Karen M on Oct 23, 2021
best price
Jessica B on Jun 12, 2021
This reading phonogram program is the best I have used. I have been teaching reading with it for over 15 years with amazing success for all types of readers and difficulties.
Christine L on Feb 24, 2021
Heather L on Feb 7, 2021
Suggested by our homeschool co-op
Tamara M on Jan 13, 2021
It's old school, however foundations are foundations. And this one is awesome.
Nyree A on Dec 5, 2020
On our school required buy list.
Scott K on Aug 11, 2020
I needed a new set of cards as my old ones (12 years old) were getting tattered.
Leah T on Aug 5, 2020
Catherine P on Jul 8, 2020
required for homeschool class
Vasilia J on Jan 5, 2020
Pre made cards that I don't have to make.
Shirley W on Oct 14, 2019
required for class
The Salty Christian C on Sep 16, 2019
teacher recommend
Janel C. on Sep 12, 2019
Required for my daughter’s school.
S Michelle L on Aug 11, 2019
Low cost
Frederick R on Jun 9, 2019
My kids did the Spell to Write and Read program in their classical school. I now homeschool and I don't use Spell to Write and Read (I use Adventures in Phonics), but I still use these cards and the spelling cards as reinforcement for all my kids. They're basic, but they cover everything and make sure kids really get the phonics and spelling rules of English. Highly recommend with or without the whole system.
Kristine W on Mar 12, 2019
For School
Steluta M on Jan 31, 2019
Interesting and different approach to spelling.
Annie U on Jan 8, 2019
I'm tutoring a 4th grader who is struggling with reading. He has never been taught phonograms, and it shows in his word attack skills. I needed something simple to teach him with and send home with Mom. Especially since he lives in a bilingual family, he does not always hear the phonograms as typically pronounced in the U.S.
ALICE W. on Apr 30, 2018
Best learning tool for phonics
Rhonda W on Apr 20, 2018
best ever! very thorough!
kathleen c on Jan 19, 2018
Smaller kids having a hard time reading. Going to try phonics cards. A friend of mine introduced me to Rainbow Resource Center
Tracey F on Dec 1, 2017
I have the spelling cards and they are very useful. I have these cards already but I've found them so useful that I want more then one copy. One copy for my kids at home and one copy for my students at the school I work at part time.
Beth Y on Nov 15, 2017
My 3rd grader's teacher suggested these cards to help him with spelling.
Julie G on Nov 6, 2017
Using these with the SWR program
Heather H on Aug 29, 2017
I received the teacher and student book from a friend without the cards. It wasn't easy finding the cards to purchase alone and the RRC saved me a few dollars.
Lorena D on Aug 23, 2017
These are vital to the Spell to Write and Read program. Knowing these really really well sets up your student for spelling and reading success!
Lindsey E on Jun 22, 2017
School curriculum purchase
Elizabeth H on Jun 7, 2017
for our hybrid classical school/homeschool curriculum
Stephanie G on Jun 2, 2017
The Classical Christian school in town uses this curriculum.
Jill Y on Apr 23, 2017
This is used by the classical school my son will be attending.
Addie M on Oct 15, 2016
Needed cards
Marcia G on Sep 26, 2016
Need it with Spell to Write to Read Teacher's Manual
Chazz M on Aug 10, 2016
Needed for school.
AJ C on Jun 27, 2016
Friend recommended it!
Kelly C on May 26, 2016
To help teach my preschooler phonics and reading.
Heather N on Jan 7, 2016
I've previously had the Riggs cards but they are very expensive and get dirty easily. I laminated and cut these and are much better to use.
Patricia B on Oct 20, 2015
I have used these phonogram and rule cards before with my own children. Now, I am using them with students I am tutoring. I have found that my own spelling has improved due to this program.
Jill M on Oct 9, 2015
Homeschool Curriculum
Ashley B on Feb 6, 2022
best price
Jessica B on Jun 12, 2021
Are these perforated?
A shopper on Feb 13, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, they are perforated.
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Rated 5 out of 5
Best reading program I have used
I am a teacher who has taught first grade, tutored reading and been a reading specialist. Teaching children the 70 phonograms is the only foundational program I have used that gives any student the toolbox and reasonable explanation for how reading works. There are constants that can be taught and relied upon to master reading. Love this program. I have taught countless children to read with with it.
March 29, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Out starting and price is dead on thanks
Good job thanks
July 9, 2019
over 2 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Great value for money
I have bought several Riggs phonogram cards over the years and was about to buy another set when I came across these ones. I would recommend them. The fact that they are designed to be laminated is a plus. They will last much longer than the Riggs ones and these are much cheaper.
February 4, 2016
over 6 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I've used these phonogram cards for over 10 years with 6 different children I highly recommend them either alone or in conjunction with another compatible program such as Wanda Sanseri The Writing Road to Reading or America's Spelling and Reading with RiggsThe phonograms use a multi-sensory approach to teaching explicit phonics That means that the phonograms (written sounds) are taught all by themselves using sight sound and touch No key words or pictures are used and each phonogram is taught in isolation This program has worked extremely well with my "ADD" son as well as with my extremely focused daughter Both of them were reading at or above 2nd grade level 6 weeks after beginning with the phonogram cards at or near age 7 Five years later both read well above grade level and truly love reading As well as being a good starting point for young beginning readers I believe this is a good program for teaching reading to "non-traditional" students The fact that there are no "baby pictures" or childish workbooks makes these cards perfect for teens ESL students or adults I hope this review has been helpful I can't recommend this product highly enough!
March 4, 2004

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