Reason for Handwriting D Student Workbook

Reason for Handwriting D Student Workbook

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Grades: 4

Publisher Description:

A Reason for Handwriting Level D Student Worktext includes 32 weekly lessons, which each provide 10-15 minutes of daily practice. On days 1 - 3, students write letters and words from the week's Scripture verse. On day 4, students transcribe the entire verse on a sheet of practice paper. On the final day, students select a Border Sheet from the back of the book, and write the week's Scripture verse in their best cursive handwriting, then use their creativity to color the design on their Border Sheet.

Note: The weekly verse in A Reason For Handwriting Level D corresponds with the same week's theme verse in A Reason For Spelling Level D, thus reinforcing the Scripture content of each lesson.

Category Description for A Reason for Handwriting:

An appealing, full-color Christian handwriting program that provides instruction and practice in handwriting (traditional style) with about 30 lessons per level (except for K which has 49). Each level has a letter designation, with a whole book for transition from manuscript to cursive in between B and C. The Transition book contains content from both Book B (print) and Book C (cursive) and you can use in place of either Book B or Book C, depending on your student's needs (see PDF sample for more information on using the Transition Book). Starting in Book C, all handwriting is cursive. In the more advanced levels, discussion questions accompany the weekly Bible verse. One more change to note is the height of the lines; they are smaller in the cursive section of the Transition Book or Book C (3/8") than in the previous books (manuscript books have 5/8" lines). The manuscript and cursive border sheets are also revised, and are now included with the workbooks. These nicely bordered lined papers challenge students to write their scripture verses on them "in their best handwriting." (Scripture verses are taken from the Living Bible.) The student desk card shows manuscript and cursive letters on a personal-sized card, or you can put the big letters up on the wall using the alphabet wall sheets. One comprehensive teacher's guide covers the whole series. Please note that sets are also available, which include the student book and teacher guide at a discount. ~ Melissa

These materials are graded specifically and include both instruction and practice.

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We have used this in the past and my kids like the short lessons.
Misti on Jul 24, 2022
I already enjoy this line of work books and I am just buying the next levels.
Dawn H on Jan 10, 2022
We have used this in the past and my kids like the short lessons.
Misti on Jul 24, 2022
Have use this before needed for a younger child.
Paula H on Jun 7, 2022
I already enjoy this line of work books and I am just buying the next levels.
Dawn H on Jan 10, 2022
My kids love writing the scripture each week and mailing it to someone they know.
Rachael D on Sep 27, 2021
Prior experience with series
Ildiko T on Aug 23, 2021
Cost Effective
Heather M on Aug 23, 2021
I wanted to try a different handwriting curriculum. I liked that it used scripture.
Laura P on Jul 15, 2021
For handwriting practice
User on Jul 13, 2021
for my daughter for this school year
Jessica H on Jun 28, 2021
We loved this curriculum this year and look forward to using it next year. Writing Scripture all year is a wonderful focus.
Garrison T on Jun 15, 2021
So far I have used Reason for Handwriting with my seven oldest children. It is a motivating way to practice handwriting, and every week my students have a Scripture page to share with a friend, neighbor, or extended family member.
Andrea W on Apr 21, 2021
My kids love A Reason for Handwriting, plenty of extra practice sheets for the kid who keep forgetting how to write certain letters. I love it because it's open and go, you don't even need the teachers manual. we use it 4 days a week could be stretched to 5 and the last day of the week they get to pick a sheet to write their verse on and color
Marie H on Jan 21, 2021
Best handwriting curriculum we've found!
Parker D on Nov 29, 2020
Simple, straight forward, no prep. We have used these for years for all of our children.
User on Sep 23, 2020
Short daily handwriting practice that is effective in learning cursive but not burdensome. My kids display the end-of-the-week framed scripture verse that they complete.
Michelle H on Aug 31, 2020
Good experience with Reason Handwriting :)
Rebecca M on Aug 19, 2020
We're using the whole series
KAREN S. on Aug 10, 2020
The end goal of a nice page to give away is wonderful!
Douglas and Andr H on Jul 30, 2020
Freedom Project Academy required book
Evelyn L on Jul 25, 2020
I wanted my son to get more practice with cursive handwriting, and instead of just requiring him to do his work in cursive, I think it would be helpful for him to have the guide lines for him to use.
Tracy S on Jul 13, 2020
I've always used this. I love the Bible scriptures. We use them as memory versus as well.
Tabitha M on Jul 2, 2020
part of our homeschool co-op curriculum
Barbara S on May 20, 2020
I like the short daily assignments.
Jennie on May 1, 2020
This program is working well for my kiddos and I prefer this style to others. I'm going to stick with it.
Melisa L on Mar 29, 2020
My daughter loves this handwriting series
Tina S on Mar 23, 2020
all of my children use ARFH for their daily handwriting. We LOVE it!
Trisha H on Jan 31, 2020
I have used these with all my kids and love to send the kids Bible verses/coloring to friends and family as a blessing!
Cristie C on Oct 5, 2019
great addition to help handwriting improve and have some busy work while I work with my other kids
Caroline E V on Aug 25, 2019
additional for our classroom
Travis J on Aug 25, 2019
I have been using this curriculum for several years now. My kids and I both like it a lot!
Emily M on Aug 20, 2019
we love ARFH! The final sheets are great as gifts to family from the kids.
Meghan on Aug 19, 2019
love it
pam w on Aug 6, 2019
We love to send verses to those we know and this program has been wonderful for scripture and handwriting.
Rachael D on Jul 31, 2019
For use in Elementary school class
Laura E on Jul 15, 2019
My 4th grade daughter needed some more cursive handwriting practice and wanted to focus on scripture from the gospels.
User on Jul 13, 2019
Bible themed handwriting - have used them for years.
Virle G on Jun 12, 2019
I really like the outreach aspect of this curriculum!
Meredith B on May 26, 2019
I like the scripure memory with Handwriting practice
User on May 21, 2019
For my children to get more practice in writing cursive.
Elaine S on Apr 1, 2019
truly my children learn cursive without a struggle
Kristie M on Apr 1, 2019
We have been using A Reason for Handwriting, and my son is nearly done with Book C. I want to have this ready for him when he needs it.
MELISSA O on Feb 22, 2019
Teaches beautiful cursive handwriting while learning Bible verses and allows child to make a gift out of their work.
Tamsey B on Oct 23, 2018
cursive practice for 6th grader that started cursive in 5th grade.
andrew w on Sep 20, 2018
I like neat, tidy books with realistic illustrations and clear handwriting practice sections. I also like individual letter practice, along with full sentences as well. Furthermore, my children love the opportunity to complete the illustrated letters in the back and send them in the mail often with a response!
Daniel D on Sep 11, 2018
It is enough to get the job done but not too much to overwhelm them.
Amy J on Sep 10, 2018
Simple and effective.
Charmaine S on Aug 17, 2018
I liked that this is focused on scripture.
Jacque R on Aug 4, 2018
The Reason for Handwriting books offer a thorough, solid scope for both manuscript and cursive writing all while allowing children to meditate on Scripture as they learn.
Krista D on Jul 31, 2018
the way I learned
Donna R on Jul 8, 2018
Continuing on from level C. I love this series! Great for kids!
Michelle J on Jul 4, 2018
Have use this before needed for a younger child.
Paula H on Jun 7, 2022
My kids love writing the scripture each week and mailing it to someone they know.
Rachael D on Sep 27, 2021
How different are books D and E. My children are older, but used C this year. I am wondering if I can skip to E since they will be middle school. Thoughts?
A shopper on May 21, 2018
Reason for Handwriting D Student Workbook
Reason for Handwriting D Student Workbook
Reason for Handwriting 5 Set (Teacher & Student)
Reason for Handwriting 5 Set (Teacher & Student)
BEST ANSWER: My understanding was that the cursive books do not change in skills, but address different books of the bible. My 4th grader is starting with D without having used any other books in this series. (She learned cursive with a different curriculum last year).
Is there a description telling what is added in each book for someone starting out homeschooling?
Mo1567 on Jun 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I have used this from K - 4 with my child. The beginning books are basic manuscript and then the "T" book transitions to cursive. After that each book is cursive throughout the series. I believe the verses used may progressively get longer in each book. If you check out the publisher website you maybe be able to find more information about the series. Hope this helps!

Karen in NC
Are all 26 letters covered in book D?
A shopper on Apr 29, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes. All the letters are reviewed one at a time. It does not go in order though. And there is only one line of practice for the letter on days 1-4. More emphasis is out on writing words. If they are just learning letters a lower level is better for that. For example, lesson 1, day one, letter is is practiced on one line. There is no direction on how to form the strokes. Day two, letter g practice is provided. Day three, letter u is practiced. Day four is the scripture practice with many words. In summary, this book is best for those who know how to form each letter already and just need further practice with words. Hope this helps!
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Rated 5 out of 5
Great program
I love the Bible quotes, and the amount of work each day is perfect.
March 22, 2021
1 year ago
Rated 5 out of 5
Keeps writing simple
A simple approach to keeping fluency of cursive with your childs writing. My child's penmanship is absolutely beautiful and I love watching him take the time to create each letter in its unique fashion. We will continue to use A Reason for Handwriting until we complete the series of books.
October 23, 2015
over 7 years ago
Rated 5 out of 5
I have used several of the "Reason for Handwriting" books with my children They love the simple layout and I love the Scriptures taught through writing None of my children have ever complained about doing handwriting while using these simple yet colorful and fun books
June 29, 2008
Rated 5 out of 5
We are using the Reason for Handwriting Level D workbook for my 3rd grader this year We chose Level D since she already had done one year of cursive writing At first I was a little unsure about her ability to write on such small lines (1 cm from top to bottom) but after a few lessons she transitioned quite painlessly to the smaller writing The layout of these workbooks is very straightforward and easy for children to follow Each week�s work is divided into small segments: �Day One � �Day Two � �Day Three � or �Day Four� On the fifth day the student is allowed to pick an attractive border sheet from the back of the book on which to write the full memory verse in cursive They can then color this and share it with someone I thought this was such a great idea�the students practice their best handwriting and share wonderful messages from the Bible at the same time This gives students a real motivation for putting forth their best effort We did not use the teacher�s manual for this program�we were rather busy already and knew we wouldn�t have time for the extra activities Besides my daughter just needed an uncomplicated way to practice her handwriting on a daily basis and this workbook fit our needs quite nicely She rarely complains about doing her handwriting�the daily work is not time consuming at all and it has really helped her self-confidence with her penmanship Since we just use the workbook the only teacher preparation required is providing the pencils and the workbook Occasionally she needs me to show her how to make a particularly tricky stroke but most of it she is able to do independently This book is great for visual learners�there is a colorful picture and a discussion question to complement each week�s memory verse These workbooks are a good value�for $10 you get a full school year�s worth of penmanship practice memory verses and opportunities for sharing compiled into one handy book
January 25, 2008

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