Liberty Mathematics Level K

Liberty Mathematics Level K

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Grades: K

Publisher Description:

Liberty Mathematics: Level K introduces students to the primary concepts of mathematics. Starting with number basics, the workbook then progresses into simple addition and subtraction of 1-10 through the use of number families. Counting by ones, twos, fives, and tens; place value; ordinal numbers; money; telling time to the half-hour; measurement by inches; and fractions (halves and thirds) are also included. Two-color print and illustrations are used to minimize distraction, while repetition of concepts helps to ensure comprehension.

Category Description for Liberty Mathematics:

The purpose of Liberty Mathematics is to help parents communicate "a small part of God's knowledge and wisdom to children." Since formal lessons are new to the student at this age, it is important to move slowly and carefully. Understanding should be emphasized rather than quickly finishing workbook pages. Considerable importance is placed on math games and drills outside of the workbook lesson. Suggested activities for each unit are listed in the Teacher's Manual. Standard drills involve counting on hundred charts or working with flashcards. Typical games include making up oral story problems or using counting manipulatives to illustrate math facts.

The Kindergarten workbook contains 233 pages printed in shades of black and green. One lesson usually takes up both sides of a page. Time spent on games and drills should at least match the time spent on the workbook each day. Brief instructions are given to the teacher at the top of each workbook page, while more complete lesson plans and instructions are provided in the Teacher's Manual. Topics covered include identifying and printing 1-10, counting from 0-100, place value, addition and subtraction through the family of 10, counting by 1, 2, 5, and 10, time, and ordinal numbers. Measuring in inches, simple fractions (halves and thirds), and addition and subtraction story problems are also briefly covered. Continual review is integrated into subsequent workbook pages.

Compared to Horizons K, Liberty Mathematics makes more efficient use of space, generally fitting more practice problems on a page than Horizons. Horizons, however, has more workbook pages than Liberty. Liberty presents a solid math foundation, although Horizons covers more advanced material. Horizons K Book Two ends with problems like 72+5 or 69-5, whereas Liberty ends with problems like 4+5 or 10-6. Horizons covers time and measurement in short sections scattered over many lessons, while Liberty treats time and measurement as main topics concentrated in fewer lessons.

The 1-10 number line is an important aspect of every lesson. It is printed at the top of nearly every workbook page in the K and A workbooks. In the first few lessons, students use the number line to learn number recognition. Later on, the concept of "adding one" is equated with counting the "number that comes after." For instance, 2 comes after 1 is the same as adding one to 1. Eventually, addition and subtraction are modeled by moving up and down the number line. 1+2 = 3 is verbalized as going to 1 and adding 2 more. Working on games and drills outside the workbook may be especially important if the student becomes accustomed to referencing the number line and using it as a "crutch" when solving problems.

The 129-page drill book for Level A contains extra practice for your student as they seek to master the skills they have learned. Some drills test for accuracy and contain twenty-five problems while other drills test both accuracy and speed and contain fifty problems. The top of each drill page contains the workbook page number that your student should have completed before they can take the drill. The drills can be taken any time after that workbook page has been completed; they don't necessarily have to be done immediately following. The book is reproducible, so you can copy each drill several times to give to your student, and each page is perforated for easy removal.

Level B is the newest edition to this series (2010). The lessons each day should include certain components such as counting numbers, math facts, lesson goals, drills and tests, and the workbook assignment. The Student Workbook is done in shades of gray, black, and red with plenty of concept practice. Chapters build sequentially with a review found in each, and speed drills after the 4th chapter. Chapter 1 is a review of concepts learned in level A and continues to build on the foundation. Concepts covered in this level include addition and subtraction up to 4 columns with carrying and borrowing, place value, telling time, calendars, money, story problems, measuring, fractions, multiplying and dividing up to 5, shapes, balanced equations, and working with maps. Games are still used at this level and suggested items to have on hand are dominoes or dot cards, flashcards, coins and bills, ruler with inches and centimeters, teaching clock, and miscellaneous manipulatives for counting. The test packet includes one cumulative test for each chapter (8) and the answers.


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Trade Paper
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4 to 6
Florence Lindstrom
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Christian Liberty Press
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My wife told me to buy this.
Lucas H on Jul 31, 2022
Gretchen on Feb 2, 2021
My wife told me to buy this.
Lucas H on Jul 31, 2022
This math book appears to be a gread value.
Sharon B on Jul 13, 2022
Gretchen on Feb 2, 2021
Simple, solid, and easy to use
NAArah on Jul 22, 2020
Highly recommended by a friend for my Kindergartner. Simple instructions- my little one can ease into mathematics
Christine on Jul 15, 2020
Simply and inexpensive
Tabitha F on May 17, 2020
Looks simple to use and doesn't have too many concepts for this age to grasp?<br />!
William S on Apr 7, 2020
home school
Gretchen on Mar 31, 2020
simple, to-the-point, covers all bases
Crystal R on Sep 6, 2019
clayton z on Aug 24, 2017
I've used this with 3 of my 5-year olds.It covers well what other more expensive kindergarten math books do.
Jennifer H on Mar 9, 2017
Good, economical, no nonsense math program.
Jody L on Jan 25, 2017
I'm interested in the content of this program even though I bought Mcgruffy's color math as well for my kindergartener.
Angela on Sep 12, 2016
looked for k program to do prior to rod and staff level 1.
User on Jul 12, 2016
Content sample
Monica C on May 13, 2016
I'm excited to begin my 'formal' homeschooling experience with my 4.5 year old who will begin Kindergarten. I chose this instead of Horizons because of the cost as well as concerns of Horizons going too quickly. I want my daughter to enjoy the education process. As we finish this text, we will revisit Horizon Mathematics to see if it is a curriculum for us. But, right now we are going with Christian Liberty Press.
Tatana T on Apr 26, 2016
This math book appears to be a gread value.
Sharon B on Jul 13, 2022
Simple, solid, and easy to use
NAArah on Jul 22, 2020
My child's bright and already good with numbers without formal lessons--he's always asking questions--tells digital time, does some math in his head, and figured out how to count to 100 when he was a toddler, I'm worried he won't be challenged by this and I don't want him to be behind if we switch to something like Saxon or Singapore so I'm tempted to get Horizons but I also like this price and I want to make sure he's learning things age appropriate and not pressured to be all about math (like those in our STEM career-obsessed society are trying to force upon children). What would you do?
A shopper on Nov 28, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Your inquisitive and intuitive child sounds like a delight. Enjoy his quest to learn and explore.

Liberty has a solid pacing and an excellent teaching methodology. But switching is a concern since it is only available through 2nd grade. Your child should be fine switching from Liberty to Saxon. However, a switch to Singapore will be more challenging due to its fast pacing and its emphasis on problem-solving methodologies. Horizons is also faster-paced (than Saxon or Liberty) but with less emphasis on problem-solving.

One other, lesser expense option to consider is Essential Math which is a Singapore Approach K program.
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Rated 5 out of 5
I've used this for years!
I like the thoroughness of this workbook. I always use it for my kindergarten age children. It is simple to use. The pages are not colorful or overwhelming. It covers beginning math very well.
January 10, 2020
Rated 5 out of 5
When I began hs-ing 8 years ago I asked a friend what she had used with her children (now in high school) for math in Kindergarten She recommended Liberty Math I have now used it with two children and have been very pleased with it both times Upon completion both of them were able to skip Saxon 1 and move right into Saxon 2 All I have added is a set of home made flashcards to drill the facts The teachers manual did help me the first time through but I did not use it with the second child There is little to no preparation time required and the price is very reasonable
April 1, 2008

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