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These unique cubes provide a tactile and visual way to learn dimensional math area, symmetry, volume, and patterns. They are also a great manipulative for older students to work on fractions, cubed numbers, place value, tessellations, spatial relationships, and other mathematical concepts.

Omnifix® cubes come in flat configurations that fold easily to make cubes, and they attach together from any side, allowing students to create shapes of all forms and sizes. Take them apart and reposition them to help in understanding. The set includes cubes in four different colors and the accompanying booklet provides activity suggestions.

Omnifix® Activity Cards expand the use of your cubes. 16 activities (1 per card) cover topics such as recording patterns, regular and irregular shapes, pyramids, frames, blocks, and factors. While some of these activities seem a bit rudimentary, they might be helpful for a more visual or kinesthetic learner.

3D Problem Solving provides a complete "how to" for Omnifix® Cubes. It provides an explanation of how to assemble the cubes (not too difficult), how to use the activities in this book, extensions and cross-curricular activities, and a correlation to the NCTM standards covered by the activities measurement, geometry, probability, statistics, algebra, patterns and functions, computation and estimation, number systems/theory, number relationships, and math as reasoning, communication, and problem solving. These standards are met through activities that introduce students to 2D and 3D views, problem solving from isometric, 3D views, drawing and building from 2D views, and problem solving with spatial relationships. Reproducible for classroom use.

Omnifix® Cubes provide a new way to learn some concepts that might be more difficult for some. Visual and kinesthetic learners will find a new avenue for understanding with this new math tool.

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3D Problem Solving With Omnifix Cubes Item #: 031463
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Omnifix Activity Cards Item #: 031475
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Omnifix Cubes - Set of 100 Item #: 031486
Grades: 6-12
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