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Looking for a streamlined curriculum with targeted goals spanning from beginning math to High School Geometry? The title™s fast highlights this 7-volume 2nd edition curriculum™s goal: to develop students who can quickly produce automatic, confident responses to math problems. This mastery-based program presents math concepts in a sequential manner. Topically arranged, each of these un-graded levels handles multiple concepts and can be used by multiple ages as a supplement or stand-alone. More mastery-based, this program can help shore up multiple math skills or help struggling learners who are behind in levels. No matter your student™s grade, the author recommends starting at Level 1. However, placement tests are available. Level 1 contains 4 instruction pages for using the overall program with different aged learners. No teacher guide is available; answers and detailed solutions (which vary based on level) are included in the back of each book.

Each softcover book includes detailed lessons written in a conversationaland sometimes humorousstyleat a 3rd-4th grade reading level. At the lower levels, topics are introduced using a few different methods, with included tips and shortcuts, and using U.S. coins as manipulatives. Concepts are taught, a practice worksheet follows, and then a timed test. Students practice until they feel confident on the concept and complete the test before moving on to the next concept. At higher levels, students are taught the concept and complete a worksheet, with the possibility of repeated practice through free worksheets. All levels include chapter tests and a final review test. Geometry, Vol VII, requires a manipulative kit.

Students can write in the book but it is designed as a non-consumable and unlimited downloads of worksheets are available at the publisher™s web site with the included code.

Supplemental materials include a water- and tear-proof, 8.5x11 Big, Big Bookmark which serves as a reference guide of main math concepts for all books. For Geometry (2nd ed), the Smart Cards include four 3x 6 1/2 postulate cards; 5 smart cards to review rules for angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons and circles; a form to make a cube; and a pencil. The Geometry Kit (contained in a zippered vinyl pouch with 3-hole punch) is a simple, helpful set that includes 15 1-inch foam squares; a 1-inch plastic ball; protractor and two kinesthetic cards which help teach Pi; a square foot paper; a formula card; a square, rectangle, and one each of an equilateral, right triangle, and isosceles triangle cards with helpful reminders printed on one side. Books range from 148-348 pgs, pb. ~ Ruth

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Learn Math Fast System Volume I Item #: 068312
Grades: 1-3
Rainbow Price: $45.00

Learn Math Fast System Volume II Item #: 068313
Grades: 4-5
Rainbow Price: $45.00

Learn Math Fast System Volume VII 2nd ed. Item #: 068317
Grades: 11-12
Retail: $59.00
Rainbow Price: $55.00

Learn Math Fast System Volume III Item #: 068314
Grades: 6-8
Rainbow Price: $45.00

Learn Math Fast System Volume IV Item #: 068576
Grades: 1-8
Rainbow Price: $49.00

Learn Math Fast System Volume VI Item #: 068316
Grades: 11-12
Rainbow Price: $59.00

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Learn Math Fast Geometry Kit for Volume 4 Item #: 068310
Grades: 1-8
Retail: $19.00
Rainbow Price: $17.95

Learn Math Fast System Volume V Item #: 068315
Grades: 9-11
Rainbow Price: $49.00

Learn Math Fast Smart Cards for Volume 7 Item #: 068311
Grades: 10-12
Rainbow Price: $15.00

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