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Memoria Press has incorporated this hearty geometry course at the 10th grade level. College prep and comparable content to Prentice Hall and Bob Jones geometry courses with plenty of additional resources. This comprehensive course has 14 chapters - Points/Lines/Planes/Angles, Deductive Reasoning, Parallel Lines and Planes, Congruent Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Inequalities in Geometry, Similar Polygons, Right Triangles, Circles, Constructions and Loci, Areas of Plane Figures, Areas and Volumes of Solids, Coordinate Geometry, and Transformations. The course emphasizes logic and offers a good amount of worked-out examples, hands-on activities, real-world applications, exercises, chapter and mixed reviews, and a technology strand that includes calculator and computer applications for geometry.

The Student Edition begins with an explanation of the book and its content and a reference page for customary and metric measures. Each chapter begins by a statement of objectives, explanation of the concept being covered with examples, classroom exercises and written exercises. Self-tests are found mid-chapter, and algebra and mixed reviews prepare you for the next lesson or chapter. A chapter review and chapter test are found at the end of each chapter; these are different from those found in the Teacher Edition and are not reproducible. The chapter reviews have reference numbers for each section, for the lesson in which that concept was presented. Even numbered chapters are followed by a section titled, Preparing for College Entrance Exams, which is a multiple-choice test with questions like those found in some college entrance exams. Answers are provided for all mixed reviews, self-tests, Preparing for College Entrance Exams, odd-numbered problems for written exercises, chapter reviews, and cumulative reviews. A section of reference pages is also found at the back of the book that includes multiple-choice chapter examinations, lists of postulates, theorems, constructions, glossary, Handbook for Integrating Coordinate and Transformational Geometry, and more. 740 pg, hc.

The Teacher Edition includes an explanation of course content and it mentions some optional support materials that may or may not be available from the publisher (the Houghton Mifflin components sold by Rainbow are those necessary to do the course); organization of the text, and how to use the Teacher Edition. Diagnostic Test, Chapter Tests, and Cumulative Reviews are also included in the Teacher Edition and are reproducible for classroom or family use. You will also find answer keys for the tests and reviews, scheduling suggestions for minimum, average, and maximum course content (broken down into 160 days), strategies for teaching, and lesson commentary with teaching suggestions for each lesson. Notes for the teacher are included in the margins of small-format student pages with printed answers for all pages. 732 pgs, hc.

The Solution Key offers worked problems (where necessary) for all exercises, algebra reviews, self-tests, challenge questions, chapter reviews, chapter tests, and examinations. Also included are the solutions for additional sections found in the back of the student book and solutions for the Handbook for Integrating Coordinate and Transformational Geometry. 422 pgs, pb.

I think the plus with this geometry curriculum is the flexibility. The scheduling allows the course to be used with average students and those who need a challenge. The explanations are clear with plenty of examples and practice to cement the concepts. ~ Donna

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