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Learning new things is easier for young students when tied in to a commontheme. That's why unit studies are so popular and successful. So what aboutGalloping the Globe? It's a unit study centered around geography. Itencourages a detailed look at a selection of countries from the six populatedcontinents as well as the North and South Poles and Christmas around the world.Using the countries being studied geographically as the basic platform, theauthors have included ideas and references, projects and activities forintegrating Bible, people/history, science, literature, vocabulary, internetsources, maps & flags, cooking, music/art, games, puzzles, and crafts intothe curriculum. An aspect to this unit study which is similar to the TrailGuide to series is the student notebook approach, where the child willactually produce a notebook full of art projects, reports, biographies,geographic dictionary pages, and much more. This is intended to be somethingthey can show to other people, reinforcing and reviewing what they have learnedas they explain various facts to friends and family. This is a fairly flexiblecourse, with a full study of every topic listed taking between two and threeyears to complete. You can also pick and choose projects to simply make this ayear long course. While geography is the main focus of this unit study, it doesa good job of including the resources needed to study the other subjects, too.Answers are included and the consumable work pages are reproducible (and are also now found on the included CD-ROM in PDF format, which makes it even easier to use with multiple children). There are several recommended resources which are used multiple times throughout the course. If you are interested in purchasing these, please see below. Items without prices are those that we do not currently carry. Please note that the resource list has been recently revised to accommodate for items that were going out of print, and several new resources have been added. This is the newest version, which was revised in 2010 and includes a CD-ROM of printable forms, activity sheets, maps and flags. CD is Win/Mac compatible; requires Adobe Reader (a free download). 266 pgs, pb. ~ Zach

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Science Encyclopedia (2015 Ed / Usborne) Item #: 000980
Grades: 4-10
Retail: $39.99
Rainbow Price: $37.99

Galloping the Globe with CD Item #: 026489
Grades: K-4
Retail: $29.95
Rainbow Price: $24.25

Eat Your Way Around the World Item #: 038930
Grades: K-12
Retail: $14.95
Rainbow Price: $12.25

Geography From A to Z (Picture Glossary) Item #: 000817
Grades: 2-5
Retail: $7.99
Rainbow Price: $5.95

Science Encyclopedia Small-format (Usborne 2015 Edition) Item #: 018008
Grades: 4-Adult
Retail: $19.99
Rainbow Price: $18.99

Children Just Like Me Item #: 013765
Grades: 1-5
Retail: $19.99
Rainbow Price: $13.95

Missionary Stories with the Millers paperback Item #: 001799
Grades: PreK-Adult
Retail: $7.00
Rainbow Price: $6.75

Around the World in a Hundred Years (Fritz) Item #: 001470
Grades: 2-6
Retail: $8.99
Rainbow Price: $6.75

Magnificent Mammals Item #: 037743
Grades: 1-Adult
Retail: $12.99
Rainbow Price: $9.75

Great for God Item #: 006372
Grades: 7-Adult
Retail: $10.99
Rainbow Price: $7.12

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