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More than a building set, the Zome system is designed to explore the worlds of mathematics, chemistry, biology, art, architecture, and more, allowing children to play with concepts in a tangible way. The system integrates the concepts of shape, number, and vector into a mathematical system designed to duplicate the basic molecules and growth proportions of cells, crystals and other natural forms. The basic parts of each Zome set are round connector nodes which allow the builder to build in any of 62 different directions. The bars or struts of different lengths that connect to the nodes are based on the numbers 2, 3, and 5 and each features that number of sides. Each of these bars features a different connector shape related to the shape of the bar, which corresponds to one of the three types of connecting holes on the node. These unique aspects allow the students to create 3-D models of DNA, geometrical forms, multi-carbon chemistry molecules and detailed architectural structures with accurate angles and scale. Don't be intimidated by all that though - the set can be enjoyed just as a fun construction set

The Creator set contains building instructions for suggested models. If you register your set online, you can also utilize their software, additional models to build and replacement for broken parts. The smaller ScienceZone project set contains enough pieces to build models of structures found in science, and some information on these structures as well. All in all, these versatile and diverse sets will come in handy not only to explore more "academic" concepts, but also for children to explore construction in a way similar to how natural forms are constructed. What a unique concept! - Jess

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DNA Kit Item #: 025786
Grades: 1-12
Retail: $30.00
Rainbow Price: $17.46

Zometool Creator 1 Item #: 025778
Grades: 1-12
Retail: $69.00
Rainbow Price: $47.79

Zometool Creator 3 Item #: 025787
Grades: 1-12
Retail: $169.00
Rainbow Price: $125.10

Zometool Creator Basic Kit Item #: 060643
Grades: 1-Adult
Retail: $30.00
Rainbow Price: $23.95

Crystallography Kit Item #: 044867
Grades: K-12
Retail: $59.00
Rainbow Price: $30.67

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