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Learnables on Computer software is available for Level 1 of German, Hebrew, Russian, and Grammar Enhancement for Spanish and French. French and Spanish Level 1 are only available in software at this point (see second paragraph). The lessons are the same on the CD-ROM as in the books, with the same pictures and content. In the Learnables CD-ROMs, a speaker reads the words as the pictures come on the screen. Ten questions follow, with the student choosing the picture that matches a given spoken word. A supplemental game or activity follows every lesson, to provide motivation and practice. These include slide shows, funny movies, a balloon game, a tic-tac-toe game, and more. Like the books, these lessons include 100 pictures and take about 20 minutes to complete, with each Learnables course containing over 3 hours of instructional material. The Grammar Enhancement software contains five programs, covering prepositions, plurals, colors, pronouns and verbs. These lessons show six pictures per page, and as the word for the picture is spoken, a sentence is displayed. After repeating the lessons several times, students can attempt the corresponding identification exercise. PC system requirements: Windows XP or newer. MAC system requirements: up to 9.0, but NOT OSX or newer (including 10.7 - Lion).

Level 1 and Basic Structures of Spanish and French have completely transitioned to a 5-Disc Software set. There are 5 CD-ROMs in each set; choose from PC or Mac format. This program still uses a full immersion approach to language acquisition (no English is used). System requirements: PC version: Windows XP or newer and MAC version: 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.6 Lion or newer.

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Spanish Grammar Enhancement CD-ROM (Learnables on Computer) Item #: 045488
Grades: 3-Adult
Rainbow Price: $75.00

Learnables Spanish Level 2 Combo with Basic Structures & Grammar Enhancement CD Item #: SP2CCD
Grades: 2-Adult
Retail: $225.00
Rainbow Price: $191.00

Learnables on Computer French for PC Item #: 036008
Grades: 2-Adult
Retail: $60.00
Rainbow Price: $58.95

Learnables on Computer German for PC Item #: 003556
Grades: 2-Adult
Rainbow Price: $65.00

Learnables on Computer Hebrew for PC Item #: 048753
Grades: 2-Adult
Retail: $65.00
Rainbow Price: $63.95

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