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So, you've been asked to teach Latin in your co-op, but you've never done that before - AHHH! Latin for Teachers is the answer to your Latin fright. This course provides over 16 hours of professional Latin training. Karen Moore is a Latin professional and she uses her expertise to break down Latin for you. She takes you through all the content found in Latin for Children Primers - all three levels!

The DVD Course includes 12 DVDs, 1 CD-ROM of supplemental materials (pdf files of the notebook pages), and a Course Notebook, which is 110 pages of information and worksheets (the same pages as those found on the CD-ROM). The DVD lessons are taught by Karen Moore in a seminar fashion. She presents information and then answers questions from the DVD audience. Follow along using the pages in your notebook and complete the included worksheets.

The sequence of topics for the course is: introduction to verbs, irregular verbs, introduction to Latin nouns, sentence structure, genitive case and personal pronouns, numerals, 3rd declension nouns, demonstrative pronoun, 3rd declension adjectives, verb conjugations, 3rd and 4th verb conjugation, perfect system, and 4th and 5th declension nouns. Parsing practice is found throughout the course along with practice sheets and review. Latin question and answer flow is found on page 85 of the notebook, followed by fun projects that can be used to enhance Latin class for upper elementary students - Valentine Latin Poem, U.S. Seal Project, Solar System, and U.S. Mottoes. Language Trees for Romanian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Italian will help teachers and students understand the role of Latin in the Romance Languages.

The Course Notebook is a 3-ring binder that contains the course notes and worksheets (110 pages), and each person taking the course needs their own Course Notebook. The publisher states that spouses can share the notebook.

Latin for Teachers is for beginning or intermediate adult learners. Prepare yourself to teach Latin, to get new ideas for teaching, or just study it for self-enrichment. Karen Moore definitely makes the content easier to understand and apply. ~ Donna

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