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What value do you put on your time and energy? Homeschooling is a full-time job, on top of everything else that demands your time. When you have several kids in school already, it can be easy to put your young preschooler on the back burner or at least, minimize their schooling foregoing all those fun projects you were able to do with your first! Now, the younger siblings can have the benefit of those engaging learning activities, without the strain on your shrinking time and energy! Called Ready-Made Preschool for a reason, this program contains everything you need for a full preschool year, conveniently at your fingertips. You don't have to search your pantry for paper plates or plastic cups, scrounge for stickers, glue or crayons, no cutting shapes out of construction paper, everything is here and ready for use. This way you can spend your time WITH your preschooler, completing the learning activities that are already laid out beautifully for you. Just pick up and go. This program would also be great for new homeschoolers; you can make sure all your bases are covered and have lots of fun teaching your preschooler without the stress of wondering what all you need to buy, borrow, or collect!

The program is based on a 4-day week, with 30 weeks of lessons in the manual that coordinate with the seasons, from September through May. Each month contains 3 weeks of lesson plans, with the fourth week being devoted to catch-up or review. Lessons take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. Each week focuses on a letter of the alphabet. The program uses a lot of children's books (an aspect I love), has lots of hands-on activities (another aspect I love), and is taught from a Christian perspective (yet one more aspect that I love). Each week starts with an overview chart that shows each day, the book you are reading with your child, the activity for the day, and the materials required both provided and needed (needed materials are VERY basic as almost everything is included!). Then the weeks are broken down with a detailed explanation of what you are doing day by day. It usually begins with the story, and may have some things to point out to your child, some questions to ask, some explanations to give, etc. Then it goes on to the activities which may include songs to sing, games to play, art and craft activities, recipes to bake, nature walks, and more.

Additional literature resources are listed at the end of each week if you'd like to read more books on any subject. The books used in the program are not included in the package, so you may choose to either check them out of the library or purchase them. The titles included are listed below and are available separately or as a package. Several of the titles are OOP so you will have to substitute or find them at your local library. They also recommend that you have a preschool-age children's Bible.

To make this program easier to use, a packet is included for each month with the bits and pieces that you need to complete the activities. These include items like shapes cut out of heavy paper, workbook-type pages, stickers, marbles, etc. basically everything you need to do the month's activities. The other more general supplies included in the package are items such as flash cards, watercolors, paint, crayons, scissors, glue, markers, brushes, glitter, wiggle eyes, tape and much, much more. While this program is on the expensive side, I can't stress enough the convenience and the user-friendly, well-laid out approach.

If you use this program with one child, and wish to use it with a subsequent child, a sibling pack is available. While not a whole lot cheaper than the complete kit (most of the cost of this program is in the packets and all the time spent getting all the small pieces ready and easy to use), it will save you some money, while including everything needed to take another child through this wonderful program. I think that when you calculate the cost of all the materials, and the time spent to plan and get ready to actually do preschool to the level that you can do it with this program, you will be money ahead to buy this and save yourself the frustration. ~ Megan

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Ready-Made Preschool Level 1 Package Item #: RMPPKG
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Grade: PreK
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