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Starting with the premise that preschoolers learn through movement and participation, this teacher guide walks you through tailored instruction and hands-on activities to get your kiddos ready for kindergarten. The focus is on 3 core learning areas: readiness & writing, language & literacy, and numbers & math, so you have 3 teacher guides altogether. If you are completely new to teaching this age group, the teacher guides are chock full of great information explaining why these methods are effective with early learners. The lessons are very clearly explained and easy to look at. You have an objective in plain language, activities, a check for understanding, materials to get ready and vocabulary words. I liked how there are also tips for working with ELL students and a more to learn extension idea for every lesson. The Teacher Guide, Get Set for School, is transitioning from the 6th to 7th edition. You will find the content to be nearly the same, although the 7th edition offers less teaching support for using Kick Start Kindergarten (which now offers a fully developed Teachers Guide-see item # 065609.)

I Know My Numbers is a set of 10 small horizontal booklets (14pp ea), each centered on a number 1-10 that a student methodically works through as they practice writing and understanding these numbers. They are full of charming black and white illustrations and clear instruction. Little Chalk Bits is a good sized box (about 6.5x4x2) full of 1 pieces of thin (1cm) white chalk. This will go a long way! Little Sponge Cubes is a set of 100 (50 yellow/50 blue) small cubes (1cm) of kitchen sponge. Just right for tiny fingers to erase with! ~ Sara

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Sing, Sound & Count With Me CD Item #: 060947
Grades: PreK-K
Rainbow Price: $18.95

1-2-3 Touch & Flip Cards Item #: 060928
Grades: PreK-K
Rainbow Price: $13.50

Print Letter & Number Poster Item #: 065610
Grades: PreK-2
Rainbow Price: $8.50

Pencil for Little Hands Item #: 060944
Grades: K-1
Rainbow Price: $0.25

Color Print & Number Wall Cards Item #: 060929
Grades: K-2
Rainbow Price: $27.95

Additional Tray for Roll-A-Dough Letters Item #: 065607
Grades: PreK-K
Rainbow Price: $7.25

Kick Start Kindergarten Item #: 010019
Grades: K-1
Rainbow Price: $12.95

Language & Literacy Pre-K Teacher's Guide Item #: 060935
Grades: PreK-K
Retail: $22.95
Rainbow Price: $18.85

Numbers & Math Pre-K Teacher's Guide Item #: 060943
Grades: PreK-K
Rainbow Price: $25.95

Show Me Magnetic Pieces for Capitals Item #: 060946
Grades: PreK-K
Rainbow Price: $34.61

Mi Primer Libro Escolar Student Workbook Pre-K (2013 Edition) Item #: 060942
Grade: PreK
Rainbow Price: $11.95

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