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Early in our nation's history, the primary reason for education was to allow each person to read the Bible for himself. In the same spirit comes this complete first grade curriculum. While it incorporates history, science, art, and even a light treatment of math, the heart of the program is phonics-based reading instruction with Biblical emphasis. This program has been revised for 2013 and now features a new title, quite a few changes to the teacher's manual, and new package resources.

Phonics instruction begins with a quick review of letter names and sounds using full-color alphabet flash cards, then follows with in-depth, step-by-step teaching of all phonics constructs. Phonics lesson plans teach new skills while reviewing previously-learned skills. The phonics teaching sequence has been revised with the new edition. New lessons have been added, with an emphasis on giving students time to master phonics concepts at the beginning of the program. The teacher's manual also now features grid-format lesson plan charts for each week, with math integrated into the charts. Student worksheets reinforce phonics, spelling, and handwriting and math including addition and graphs. By Lesson 31, students are able to read Bible stories in a special beginning Bible Reader. The reader uses a thematic approach to teach Bible history in chronological order from Genesis to Revelation. Students are expected to retell the Bible story, and then create a keepsake Bible notebook in which they summarize and illustrate Bible stories. (Linda used a similar approach years ago to teach Bible to our older children, and they enjoyed it very much.) Weekly memory verses selected from Proverbs help to develop character and handwriting at the same time. Hands-on projects are designed to help children understand the world of the Bible. These include creating time lines using the included figures, making Bible times costumes, and celebrating a Sabbath meal. More hands-on projects have been added with the 2nd edition.

Science focuses on the wonders of God's creation, and uses three Usborne books (Things Outdoors, Science with Water, and Science with Plants), which are included with the curriculum. As mentioned previously, a light treatment of math is also included although this has been expanded with the new edition. The teacher's manual now incorporates math into the weekly lesson plans and provides hands-on activities for math as well. If you prefer a more serious approach to math (as we do), you can add another math program.

The program comes with the teacher's manual, a complete set of materials for one student and other resources including My Big Book of 5-Minute Devotions, Unifix Cubes, a small geared clock, addition and subtraction flashcards, The Complete Book of Math, wood pattern blocks, Pattern Animals, Things Outdoors, Science with Water, and Science with Plants. If using it for a second student, student materials are also available separately. These include the Bible notebook, student phonics workbook, and student sheets (but not the Bible Reader). Please note that with the old and new editions are not interchangeable. New edition student materials will not work with the old edition teacher manual.

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