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Combining elements of Charlotte Mason-based curriculum, classical curriculum and unit studies, My Father's World offers complete curriculum packages that include easy-to-use, Biblically-based daily lesson plans along with popular curriculum resources. Curriculum packages for ages 2-3, PK, K and 1st grade are all-inclusive, offering all materials you need to teach that grade level. Packages for upper grades are "entry-level" packages for the first program at that grade range. (If you complete one of these packages and wish to move to the next level, you will need to purchase the more customized follow-up materials directly from My Father's World.) Curriculum packages for Grades 2 and up do not include language arts, math or foreign language, so you can either add your current favorite program or follow recommendations from MFW.

Curriculum packages for ages 2-3, PK, K and Grades 2-3 encompass the "Discover" phase. This level emphasizes skills typically taught in the grammar stage and focuses on learning about God, His world, reading and writing, and an overview of world history. Lesson plans and materials for ages 2-3, PK, K, and 1 cover basic early childhood skills, beginning language and math and lots of hands-on activities. Grades 3-8, entitled "Investigate," encompass the logic stage, where students learn to think analytically. At this level the curriculum covers Bible, history (chronological), geography, science, literature, music and art. The "Investigate" level is designed as a cycle appropriate for family use with students of varying grade levels between 2nd and 8th grade. (If you have a 2nd grader with older siblings, you may opt to use Exploring Countries and Cultures with them instead of Adventures in U.S. History. If there are no older siblings, however, you may prefer to use the stand-alone curriculum). The first unit, Exploring Countries & Cultures, lays the foundation for the next four units which cover world history from Creation to modern times. At the high school level, or "Declare," students emphasize skills typically stressed at the rhetoric stage, by applying logic and defending their reasoning through writing and speaking. Worldview, Bible, history and English are incorporated. The four courses for grades 9-12 are organized sequentially, begining with Ancient History and Literature.

The core of each package is the Teacher's Manual which holds the daily lesson plans. Lesson plans are written in a weekly format, with five days of daily plans per week. Each day's assignment in that subject has a check-box for completion. The books included in the package are scheduled in the Teacher's Manual while there is space for you to fill in your own lesson plans for the subject areas not included in the package. Please note that we no longer have Basic Packages or individual student materials for any level. Deluxe and Limited Edition packages include all basic resources for that level as well as art and music (package contents described below; please note that contents are subject to change).

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God's Creation from A to Z (My Father's World Kindergarten Limited Edition Package Item #: 066232
Grade: K
Retail: $467.00
Rainbow Price: $421.45

Learning God's Story (My Father's World 1st Grade) Deluxe Package Item #: 066233
Grade: 1
Retail: $434.00
Rainbow Price: $390.00

Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe Item #: 038010
Grades: 3-8
Retail: $556.00
Rainbow Price: $479.00

Bible Reader for Learning God's Story Item #: 005462
Grade: 1
Retail: $22.95
Rainbow Price: $19.25

Adventures in U.S. History Deluxe Item #: 037977
Grade: 2
Retail: $474.00
Rainbow Price: $419.00

A to Z Flashcard Set Item #: 011131
Grades: PreK-2
Retail: $12.95
Rainbow Price: $11.75

Voyage of Discovery Pre-K Limited Edition Package Item #: 038034
Grades: PreK-K
Retail: $422.00
Rainbow Price: $295.00

Lauri A to Z Lower Case Puzzle Item #: 003648
Grades: PreK-K
Retail: $9.99
Rainbow Price: $8.25

All Aboard the Animal Train Preschool Deluxe Item #: 037997
Grades: PreK-1
Retail: $470.00
Rainbow Price: $329.00

Ancient History and Literature Limited Edition High School Package Item #: 038006
Grades: 9-12
Retail: $561.00
Rainbow Price: $515.00

My Father's World First Grade Basic Curriculum Package 2nd Edition Item #: 010684
Grade: 1
Retail: $361.80
Rainbow Price: $224.00

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