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Almost everyone has heard of this gorgeous Bible felt set. We have had our set for many years. It was one of the first things we splurged on at the beginning of our homeschooling adventure back in 1986. Seemingly beyond our means, it was, in retrospect, a very worthwhile investment. We used our set to illustrate Bible stories at home and in our Sunday school classes at church. During summers, it was a staple in my VBS classes as well. As our own children grew, they "outgrew" the felts at Bible time. Now, with three younger children in the house, we'll be taking them out of "storage" again. This time, the older children can prepare the felts to illustrate the Bible chapters we're studying. It really makes such a difference to children to have a visual to help make the story come alive! Again, I'm amazed at the beautiful colors and texture of the felt pieces! The detailing on these air-brushed pieces is exquisite. And, after years, ours are still as vibrant as ever! Over 600 characters allow you to illustrate just about any Bible lesson. The accompanying black-and-white teacher's manual contains 175 lessons, each consisting of a narrative Bible story to be read aloud to the student, Scripture references, and illustrations of the completed felt board Bible scenes that correspond to the lesson being taught. This is most helpful, as it really saves you time as opposed to selecting and creating these scenes yourself. Felt pieces are all numbered for easy reference. These numbers are printed on the filing system sheets also, making it easy to quickly locate the pieces you'll need. The filing system is a work of art itself - it consists of velour sheets with outlines that felt pieces fit in. We don't even offer the felts without this system because it would be decidedly frustrating to organize and locate your felt pieces without it! There are 6 background scenes in all and a variety of other background pieces (trees, shrubs, etc.) to make pictures look realistic. We prefer the set below that contains pre-mounted boards because they allow you to change scenes more quickly, encouraging you to be more versatile in your presentations. But if you already own a flannelboard, you might opt for the unmounted set at a lower cost. Set includes the following:

  • 600 small Bible figures
  • Teacher's manual
  • Three mounted background felt boards (Each measuring 23" x 15"): water/sky, indoor, dark purple covered board
  • Four scenic overlays: meadow, desert, shoreline, throne room
  • Complete filing system
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