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We are pleased to be able to distribute BJU Press curriculum to our customers. Most homeschoolers are already familiar with their materials. For those who are not, BJU is a Christian university located in South Carolina that produces and markets curriculum materials for Christian schools as well as home schools. Probably the most homeschool-friendly full-curriculum supplier, they have not only accommodated homeschoolers, but have continually worked to make their materials better suited to the homeschooling family. Many of their courses now contain manuals written specifically for the home school setting, and visuals and supplemental materials have been "pared down" from the bulkier visuals still used in classrooms. While other curriculum suppliers initially frowned on distributing teacher materials to homeschoolers, and provided only expensive classroom versions, Bob Jones quickly embraced homeschoolers, readily allowing them access to teachers editions and, eventually, producing less expensive spiral-bound or paperbound versions to save money for homeschooling families. Their materials are all top quality. They are professionally prepared, educationally sound, and Biblically-based. Used in Christian school classrooms across the country for years and constantly improved, they are courses you can trust in your homeschool as well. We have long been fans of Bob Jones curriculum materials, having used courses in almost every subject area for one child or another through the years. In our particular situation (seven children, Mom and Dad sharing in teaching as well as in running Rainbow Resource Center), a well-constructed, teacher-ready course can be a God-send. Although we have used a variety of methods and curriculums in our homeschool through the years (and continue to do so), we strongly feel that the Bob Jones materials we have used have helped to produce excellent, college-ready students. Unless you have a particularly strong aversion to textbooks of any kind, at any level, we highly recommend these materials to you.

Curriculum can be found by subject area in our catalog; see index for page numbers. A free scope and sequence is available below, with specific information by grade level.

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American Republic Stdnt Actvts Manual Key 3ED Item #: 252429
Grade: 8
Rainbow Price: $37.50

Live Butterfly Garden Item #: 003539
Grades: PreK-Adult
Retail: $24.99
Rainbow Price: $19.95

Classroom Collection of Rocks and Minerals Item #: 002263
Grades: PreK-8
Retail: $49.99
Rainbow Price: $42.50

Student Clocks - set of 2 Item #: 018731
Grades: PreK-3
Retail: $3.17
Rainbow Price: $3.00

Dissecting Lab Materials Item #: 008779
Grades: 9-10
Retail: $55.00
Rainbow Price: $52.25

World History Tests Answer Key 4th Edition Item #: 278739
Grade: 10
Rainbow Price: $12.22

Unifix Cubes, 100 (10 each of 10 colors) with Activity Booklet Item #: 000742
Grades: K-8
Retail: $13.99
Rainbow Price: $10.95

Unifix Cubes - No Frills (no box) Item #: 004087
Grades: K-8
Retail: $11.50
Rainbow Price: $9.95

Favorite Poems Old and New Item #: 002760
Grades: K-8
Retail: $26.99
Rainbow Price: $17.95

Phonics Review Student Item #: 228296
Grades: 2-4
Rainbow Price: $26.11

Children of the Storm Item #: 192401
Grades: 7-12
Retail: $6.99
Rainbow Price: $4.95

Scarlet Letter (Bantam Classic) Item #: 012404
Grades: 9-Adult
Retail: $4.95
Rainbow Price: $3.95

Multiply and Divide Three-Corner Flash Cards Item #: 002503
Grades: 3-5
Retail: $9.99
Rainbow Price: $7.75

Julius Caesar Thrift Edition Item #: 005953
Grades: 7-12
Retail: $3.00
Rainbow Price: $2.50

Biology Dissection Kit Item #: 048253
Grades: 9-Adult
Retail: $83.44
Rainbow Price: $69.50

Scarlet Letter Thrift Edition Item #: 001220
Grades: 7-Adult
Retail: $5.00
Rainbow Price: $3.95

Electric Motor Science Mini-lab Item #: 014738
Grades: 3-Adult
Retail: $12.00
Rainbow Price: $8.75

Protractor 6" Non-Flexible - Clear Plastic Item #: 039128
Grades: 4-Adult
Rainbow Price: $0.75

Bible Truths F Teacher Edition 2ED Item #: 043588
Grade: 12
Retail: $54.00
Rainbow Price: $35.43

Three Corner Flash Cards: Addition & Subtract Item #: 002398
Grades: 1-3
Retail: $9.99
Rainbow Price: $7.75

Spanish 1 Student Text 2ED Item #: 270892
Grades: 9-12
Rainbow Price: $55.28

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