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Providing a tactile, hands-on approach to handwriting, this approach works well for many types of students. It is particularly helpful for children who are left-handed children or those who need a more interactive approach to learning. Children who struggle with motor skills or experience cognitive difficulties will also reap great benefits from this program. Unique to this program, practice pages use a two-horizontal-line format rather than the three-horizontal-line format typically found in writing programs, cursive has no slant and letters are formed using a very simple single-stroke, and it uses a multisensory approach to teach. Teaching and practice sessions are short (10-15 minutes), without a lot of meaningless busy work. Each level of the program consists of a workbook and teacher guide. Consumable Student workbooks have horizontal pages in Kindergarten through Grade 2. Grade 3 and up offers vertical pages. Workbooks may be used separately, although at the early levels parents of struggling writers may find the Teacher Guides extremely valuable.

Newly revised in 2018, the Teacher Guides provide additional teaching instruction and support, while the Student Books provide more writing practice for each lesson. While some of the content is the same from the 2013 version, the expanded content means the two editions are not compatible without considerable parental/teacher modification (depending on lesson and level). Please note, the Spanish Student Books are in the process of being updated to the 2018 editions.Contact us for availability.There are no Spanish Teacher Guides available. English Teacher Guides provide the overall teaching philosophy, techniques and applicable multi-sensory activities, but do not provide the daily lesson plans.

Teacher Guides include an overview of the program, handwriting instruction, the stages of learning and scope and sequence, teaching guidelines including weekly and daily schedules for each unit and instructions on proper posture, paper and pencil skills. Following these helpful "how to" sections are lessons corresponding to each page in the student book. Each lesson includes a reduced student page, lesson objective and introduction, lesson plans and enrichment, ELL (English Language Learner) support and Cross Curricular suggestions. The back of each teacher guide includes multisensory activities suggestions, remediation tips, additional strategies for English Language Learners and Children with Special Needs, handwriting standards, references and index. Inside the back cover is a letter formation template for that grade level. Please note, many of the online interactive resources require an additional purchase and appear to be limited to schools. There is a 30-day trial of the publishers HITT (Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tools) with purchase of the Teacher Guide. While this online support may be helpful, it is certainly not necessary to use this excellent program effectively. Suggested manipulatives are listed with the recommended grade level and the grade level Teacher Guide effectively explains the manipulatives. sc. ~ Deanne

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Wood Pieces Set for Capital Letters Item #: 059123
Grades: PreK-K
Rainbow Price: $41.50

Capital Letter Cards for Wood Pieces Item #: 006532
Grades: PreK-K
Rainbow Price: $13.00

Rock, Rap, Tap & Learn CD Item #: 016579
Grades: PreK-2
Rainbow Price: $18.25

Draw and Write Notebook with Double Wide Lines Item #: 003301
Grades: PreK-Adult
Rainbow Price: $4.25

Gray Block Paper Item #: 006541
Grades: K-1
Rainbow Price: $7.95

Roll-A-Dough Letters Item #: 024997
Grade: PreK
Rainbow Price: $24.95

Writing Notebook - Regular Double Lines Item #: 003300
Grades: PreK-Adult
Rainbow Price: $4.35

Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K Readiness & Writing Basic Kit Item #: HWTPKB
Grade: PreK
Rainbow Price: $204.95

Can-Do Print Workbook Item #: 038943
Grades: 5-8
Rainbow Price: $12.25

Stamp and See Screen Item #: 024998
Grade: PreK
Rainbow Price: $18.75

Mat for Wood Pieces Item #: 010963
Grades: PreK-1
Rainbow Price: $5.95

Regular Double Line Notebook Paper - 100 Sheets Item #: 010603
Grades: 3-8
Rainbow Price: $4.75

Handwriting Without Tears Grade 3 Kit Item #: HWOTG3
Grade: 3
Rainbow Price: $43.95

Blackboard with Double Lines Item #: 038942
Grades: K-4
Rainbow Price: $11.50

Handwriting Without Tears Grade 1 Kit Item #: HWOTG1
Grade: 1
Rainbow Price: $87.95

My Book Activity Book Item #: 027009
Grade: PreK
Rainbow Price: $4.95

Wide Double Line Notebook Paper - 100 sheets Item #: 010602
Grades: PreK-2
Rainbow Price: $4.75

Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K Readiness & Writing Deluxe Kit Item #: HWTPKD
Grade: PreK
Rainbow Price: $270.95

Mat Man Hands Item #: 060940
Grades: PreK-K
Rainbow Price: $5.75

Big Sheet Draw & Write Paper (100 sheets) Item #: 035574
Grades: K-1
Rainbow Price: $9.95

Kick Start Kindergarten Teacher's Guide Item #: 065609
Grades: PreK-K
Retail: $15.00
Rainbow Price: $14.75

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