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Being a mom means being busy. Thankfully, there are calendars which go a long way towards keeping you organized. These handy 17-month calendars can be hung on the fridge or on the wall, thanks to a traditional and a magnetic hanger, and they offer lots of space each day of each month so you know where everyone's headed! Each month features large spaces for each day, with differently-shaded areas for Mom, Dad, and up to three other family members. Added bonuses include 442 stickers to mark special events like holidays, sleepovers, appointments and more, as well as a pocket at the bottom of the calendar to keep invitations, tickets, bills, etc. As if the calendar couldn't be more of a "central command center," each of these calendars also contains two tabbed sections at the end, one for parents' contacts (baby-sitters, emergency numbers, services and restaurants) and one for the kids' contacts. Despite the different titles, the format is the same between the calendars, with the only differences being in design.

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