Sing, Spell, Read & Write Level 1 Kit with FREE Incentive Bag Homeschool Edition

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Item #: SSRWL1
Grades: 1-2

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Publisher: International Learning Systems
Pub. Date: 1998
Edition: 2nd. (Homeschool Edition)

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Not good for independent work
December 14, 2015
over 3 years ago
I have loved using this curriculum to teach my son to learn to read It has worked very well for both of my auditory learners thus far It is very thorough in coverage and doesn't require any extras to give a good foundation for phonics The only thing I dislike are the audio CDs or tapes that come with it The music is usually too fast and toward the end of the program the diction is lacking in the songs because of speed this makes it very challenging to understand Thankfully you can sing the songs without the tapes and slow it down Other than that this set is well worth the money and I will use it again with my other children when they are ready to learn to read also Highly recommend it!
November 18, 2013
I began using this program when my son who was approaching the end of 1st grade was just not reading He had all of the skills that he needed but was just not interested and we were both getting frustrated I knew others that had met with great success using this program and decided to give it a try I am so glad I did!!!! Now my 2nd grader and his sister (Kindergarten) are both reading well! This program was very easy to use and and we all have really enjoyed it My 3 year old enjoys particpating in the games and the songs too It has been a really great investment for us I know the price of this program seems a little high but it is so worth it! Especially if you will use it again for more children! The work books can be purchased from the publishers at a very reasonable price and you just reuse the delightful readers and games and song cds I would recommend this to anyone whether just starting out or trying to help a struggling reader My Kindergartener is now an avid reader ("I love reading Mom!") and reads above her grade level and my 2nd grader who started the program below his grade level in reading is now at or above his grade level I couldn't be more pleased with this program!
January 15, 2009
Used this with two of my children for K-2nd grade Son is a quick self-guided learner who just completed the program He just finished 2nd grade and is reading on a 7th grade level This program has been a wonderful phonics foundation for him Not only teaches phonics- but also grammar using dictionary letter writing alphabetizing vocabulary and introduces students to the format used in standardized testing which is helpful for many homeschoolers It is easy to keep track of progress as there is a assessment test and a couple achievement tests as well A couple issues with the program: As other reviewers mentioned the prize box is pretty lame I supplemented with other prizes and the completion of an achievement test earned the child a special date with dad Also ten spelling words a day was a little much for even a very hard worker This was our biggest qualm with the program The readers are great and son loved the satisfaction of reading a whole book However with daughter who has concentration issues this program was not such a success She is a very kinetic learner who needs more than her brother did We skipped the copy work and supplemented with BOB books the Abeka blue-back speller and Dr Seuss books She did love the songs (very catchy) and the games which are like go fish or bingo These were the best part of the program for her It was a very expensive program although our kit came with the Kindergarden readers which was also an added bonus I had also learned phonics with this program when I was younger so I was familiar with the layout The teacher's manual is a script to be followed and comes with a video explaining how to play the games and sing the songs etc This was especially great while I was teaching two grade levels Plus the kids could play the games together eventually I still think it was a great investment as I have two others who will use it when they are old enough Highly recommended though I do recommend not to be afraid to tailor it to your child's speed and ability
June 2, 2008
When my daughter turned four she wanted to learn how to read Sing Spell Read & Write was fun with games and songs that were actually educational and systematic which made it easy to learn The readers are colorful the teacher's manual and instructional video were easy to use We didn't do all of it I think four is too young to write on such small lines so I often wrote things for her and I didn't do the daily spelling tests because that seemed too much for a four year old The program is so complete and systematic that my daughter read her first chapter book before her fifth birthday! My second daughter who was only two when we started learned the letter sounds and all the songs along with us She would attempt to play the games with us too My oldest daughter is now five-and-a-half and reading on a fifth grade level and my second daughter is now four and reading on a first grade level and she isn't even halfway done with Sing Spell Read & Write yet! Even adapting the program slightly to fit our needs it is working well for usI like the way it's organized For example the program teaches kids that ar says "ar" as in car but then later it teaches all the rulebreakers and gives students a list of words that teaches the rule that ar=or after the letter w I knew how to read those words but I had never thought about the rule Having it laid out so simply made it easy to use and easy for my children to learn! I also like that it uses music games and a variety of other methods to incorporate all learning styles The only thing I would have done differently since my younger children wanted to start sooner than my oldest would have been to buy the combo pack (K-1) instead of just Level 1It was definitely worth the investment and I plan to use it with all four of my children!
November 15, 2007
My son & daughter have strong phonic/spelling skills and are avid readers in part because of this program! It was fun and easy to use After we finished each lesson we rewarded ourselves with the fun readers and by moving our cars along the raceway chart My children eagerly completed even the most challenging lessons which did become cumbersome sometimes in order to reach a new reader I really appreciated the clear phonics instruction motivational strategies and especially the way these lessons address different ways that children learn My son and daughter each learn differently yet they both enjoyed this program My son was excited about the raceway theme moving his car along the track singing songs and games so he tolerated the writing which could be overwhelming without motivation My daughter shyer by nature sang the songs out loud but mostly enjoyed the writing drawing coloring creative writing activities etc She even asked to do another workbook when we finished the program! I am a certified teacher and taught the first several lessons without the teachers manual Big mistake!! I thought I had been doing a fine job until I finally read through the manual There were helpful activities to supplement the workbook and comprehension questions for each reader We went back to complete some of these and I used the teachers manual for every other lesson It was easy to understand and required little if any preperation I used all parts of this program and am glad I did Other people might choose not to use the readers which would be fine except part of the fun of this program is the way it incorporates reading comprehension and writing into one program The workbook sometimes refers to the readers or uses them in assignments but could mostly be completed without them Leaving the readers out though would mean trying to assess reading comprehension some other way and might make the workbooks less fun My children giggled at certain questions in the workbooks because a name of a story character was used They would probably have been able to answer most of the workbook without having read the stories but with less interest and perhaps more difficulty You might need to devise rewards of your own for each section completed if not using the readers As it was I appreciated bringing the reading in as a reward I would not attempt this program without the music or without a workbook for each child The songs go hand in hand with the workbook As for the workbooks I started out by trying to use one workbook for two students This became a hassle and I soon ordered the second workbook because the line spacing and tracing letters were cumbersome to recreate on additional paper and my children were frustrated not writing in the book The race car theme is fun We found additional race car foamies stickers and Disneys "Cars" activities to use in our math and art activities We attended the Cars movie as a reward and finished off the whole program with a raceway cake! Even my daughter pink to the core enjoyed the race car themeThe price for this program can be a bit high Finding used components was difficult since the program has been updated I have wished I could find additional components elsewhere besides Modern Curriculum Press The updates however are so much nicer than the original products my friend used The refrigerator racecar chart and cars are nicer the CD better than the cassettes and the workbooks are more colorful yet stay strong in writing repetition like the original Looking back I would have overlooked this program because of price when I was first shopping around but a friend who used it thought my son would like it and encouraged me to work through it I am grateful because both my children liked it and are both doing great in their studies
January 9, 2007
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I like kits that are all included
Kimberley B on May 9, 2019
RRC has the best prices that I have found! Pleased with the amount of great curriculum!
Callie R on Aug 1, 2018
I like kits that are all included
Kimberley B on May 9, 2019
My 8 year old son is a struggling reader. This program was used to help him during his tutoring sessions. We just started homeschooling, I believe it will continue to help him grow.
Bobbie Jo S on Dec 3, 2018
RRC has the best prices that I have found! Pleased with the amount of great curriculum!
Callie R on Aug 1, 2018
Recommended to me by Carole Joy Seid Homeschooling.
Sarah B on Sep 14, 2017
Recommended by Carole Joy Seid as it honors the child as a person by making learning fun, and it teaches true phonics.
Rebecca G on Aug 19, 2017
Recommended by friends
Maria M on Jun 24, 2017
I had a teacher recommend it
Toni B on Nov 16, 2016
Used in the past.
Olessia K on Aug 14, 2016
So successful with my older sons years ago. Trying with my daughter with autism and she is responding very well!
Darl H on Aug 11, 2016
My mom used this program to teach me to read.
Charlotte S on Jun 4, 2016
teaching reading -best curriculum for teaching reading
Cathy B on May 11, 2016
My 2nd grade son is struggling with reading and a teacher recommended the program.
Lizette G on Apr 13, 2016
My child struggles with phonics and she loves to sing. I liked the way the program was systematic and made learning fun! We will be using this to get ready for 2nd grade.
Kimberly H on Mar 31, 2016
Wonderful phonics program! Used with my children 25 years ago, now purchasing for my grandchildren!
Desiree S on Nov 28, 2015
I have used this program with my second graders years ago. I know how successful the program is with young children.
Cindy W on Nov 15, 2015
My 8 year old son is a struggling reader. This program was used to help him during his tutoring sessions. We just started homeschooling, I believe it will continue to help him grow.
Bobbie Jo S on Dec 3, 2018
Recommended to me by Carole Joy Seid Homeschooling.
Sarah B on Sep 14, 2017
Do you need the K/1 kit or would simply the level 1 suffice? My son knows letters and is starting to read cvc words.
A shopper on Mar 8, 2019
BEST ANSWER: You could use just the Level 1 kit. The Kindergarten program just goes over the first 15 steps in the racetrack at a slower pace. These are repeated in Level 1 as a review. These steps basically include letter and sound recognition and beginning CVC words so it sounds like your son is ready for Level 1.
how is this level 1 kit different form the k/1 combo kit?
A shopper on Jan 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The level 1 kit progresses more quickly. The combo kit has additional work for the kindergarten level.
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